Today, companies large and small are adding webinars to their business strategies to reach bigger audiences. Hence the abundance of webinar platform providers outbidding each other in their promises to prospective customers.

As a result, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose the right provider. What to look for? What qualities should you take into consideration? How to find your way through the marketing jungle?

Well, it’s simple. In the quest for the ideal webinar solution, you need to ask yourself only one question:

Does it offer tools that will help me every step of the way — before, during and after the webinar?

Here’s why it’s so important.


First impressions matter

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but it remains true: you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Indeed, first impressions are hard to dislodge. So don’t miss a chance to show your professionalism to the public from the beginning.

Look for features that allow you to keep your brand consistent,: webinar invitations, waiting room with agenda, the webinar room itself, or any other user-facing element. Avoid predesigned templates and color schemes that look artificial. You’ll want to add your company logo and adjust the color scheme to give your audience a familiar setting that feels comfortable. These elements help you look professional and trustworthy.


Keep it interactive – and real

The biggest mistake you can make while presenting your webinar is to treat it as a PowerPoint presentation. Showing slides and talking for 60 minutes won’t do. People hate it when it’s done offline and they hate it in an online environment.

Make sure the webinar service provides tools to turn your webinar into a truly interactive event. You’ll need to share your desktop during your presentation and illustrate your ideas with drawings.

Don’t focus only on your agenda, find out what your audience is most interested in. You’ll want the ability to run Q&A sessions. Allow moderated chat. Ask your attendees for opinions. Engage participants and make them a part of your webinar for a memorable event.

And don’t forget to be yourself throughout the show. Be natural and show your brand personality.


The end is only a beginning

Engaging the audience in your story and getting your message across is only the beginning of success. The hard part is prompting your attendees to take an action. After the webinar, you’ll want to redirect attendees to a custom thank-you page with additional calls to action and materials to download.

Show your audience you care. Make sure you get a feature that allows them to rate your event and leave feedback. Then take the time to analyze feedback and event statistics to learn more about your audience and their attendance. Use this knowledge to improve your presentation and get better results in your next webinar.


The bottom line

When researching webinar platforms, look for a complete solution that offers tools for every step of your webinar adventure. Make sure your audience has a smooth and coherent experience all the way through — before, during and after the event.

If you think it has to cost a fortune — think again. Start a ClickMeeting 30-day free trial and see for yourself. Or if you don’t need much convincing and are looking for a custom, scalable webinar solution, contact our salespeople for a free quote.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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