It does not matter which industry you belong to, it is undeniable that webinars have taken our current age of online communication by storm.

But a webinar could fall short of being a success if it is poorly planned and organized. So if you are training your sights on delivering a successful webinar, keep these processes in mind.


Plan Your Webinar Topic

Keep in mind that you need to set your agenda for your webinar. Identify your priorities and delimit the scope of your webinar to your preferred agenda.

There is a limit to you and your audience’s time and ability to grasp ideas and topics. Webinars ideally run for 45 mintues to an hour. Identify how far you can go with your discussion within that time frame and prepare your presentation outline accordingly.


Design the Format

Your webinar needs to be engaging. Restricting your webinar to slides that are heavy on textual content interspersed with the presenter’s speech could bore your audiences. Bring your presentation to life by using images, videos, polls and desktop sharing, depending on the topic. Design a format for your webinar that will tackle your agenda while keeping your audiences interested.


Enlist a Presentation Team

You may opt to have a host who will open your webinar and facilitate questions and other comments from your audience. You may also consider enlisting a team of presenters instead of just one. You also need to assign someone to manage technical issues from the time you start setting up your webinar down to the post-session phase of your webinar.


Set Up Technology and Space

Never let technology be a barrier before, during or even after your webinar. Choose a webinar platform based on features and functionality that matches your needs. Whatever tool you eventually choose, make sure that your provider walks you through its ins and outs of your tools so you will be well equipped to use it.

Make sure that you have access to all needed equipment, such as headsets, microphones, power cords, network cable (if you are not using wireless connection). Identify and reserve a quiet and well lighted space where you will set up your webinar, and make sure that your preferred space is receiving a strong internet signal, especially if you are using a wireless connection.


Choose Date and Time

Schedule your webinar event in advance so you are able to give ample notice to your invited audiences. Refrain from choosing a day that falls on a holiday or a weekend, as your audience may have other personal business to attend to. Also consider time zone differences when scheduling your event, especially if you are inviting attendees from different countries. You may also want to think against scheduling your event too close to the end of the day when your attendees could be hankering to wind down and go home to personal matters.


Practice Running the Webinar

You want the best possible synergy between your actual presentation and technological factors, so it is best to practice running your webinar days ahead of your actual event. This will give you enough time to tweak a few points here and there, and even bridge technical gaps so you are assured that you deliver the best possible webinar to your audience.


Publicize Early and Widely

Being able to gather as many attendees as practicable and allowable by your webinar tool would be your objective, and nothing could give you a head start to achieving this than sending out announcements and invitations as early as possible and to a widest possible reach.

Employ a registration or reply mechanism to your invitation so you are able to monitor the number of your expected attendees. Use social media platforms and your website to announce your event. Incorporate sending out several reminders to your invitees and registered attendees days ahead of your actual event to keep them hooked to your it.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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