The good news today is: You get to create your first webinar from the bottom to the top. The even happier news is this is your first one and people are going to know this. Hopefully, your audience will go easy on you.

Seriously, though, the cold reality is this: Your audience doesn’t care. They are going to be judgmental no matter what and you don’t have to be perfect. Due to the nature of the learning process, mistakes are simply learning opportunities handed to you for free, so be sure and note any mistakes to perfect the process for next time.

The first step is to have a clear idea of what your presentation is about and let this be your guideline through the process.

If you are a blogger or have any type of online business, you are going to discover how strongly webinars will help you reach out to and connect with your readers. Essentially, webinars, when used efficiently, can greatly increase reader traffic to your blog and business sites and this will start to build a foundation for you to make more money. You might even become famous.

However, please don’t concentrate on fame or money. Focus on constructing excellent webinars, which allow your readers to see you in action, so they will think of your business and thus your products and services, more frequently than before. You might even manage to pull a few people out of their “closets” and get them to interact with life. Remember, you are setting a sort of example. Moreover, when people are impressed they will tell their friends. Word of mouth is some of the best marketing promotion you will ever get.v

Now, you have never done this before and you want to learn the basics, the ABCs, and 1,2,3s of creating a webinar. Even if you are in a hurry, you can learn the basic steps easily with the right amount of effort.


Basic Needs

To get you started, you will need to subscribe to a webinar presentation service. This is the platform that will host your webinar and provides you with the interface and all the presentation and attendance management tools you will need, ClickWebinar is just one example. A good platform offers a variety of presentation tools, such as images, video, desktop sharing, polls, private and public chat rooms and of course excellent tech support to resolve any issues before, after and during your presentation. You must learn your service inside and out, so that you can handle the actual presentation and understand how the attendee sign up process works to be sure there are no mistakes and people can easily sign up.

You will also need a webcam and a microphone.


The Presentation

Now comes the time to choose a topic. It is absolutely essential to choose a topic, which grabs the reader immediately. Choose an irresistible topic so your audience will feel compelled to watch. Consider this question: why should anyone watch and participate in your webinar in the first place? What interest have you created for them?

Planning of the actual presentation is incredibly important, and a deep outline with the points you will make really helps you to stay organized.

Practice, practice practice. Then practice again. Never present a webinar dry, as that is a disaster waiting to happen.


Timing is important, and this is where practice helps. Statistically, 1 hour is best for the duration of online presentations, so it is important to time your content and not go over, as people may leave before your call to action.


Promotion and getting attendees to your presentation can be a cumbersome effort and like anything else, it requires thought and planning. It helps to have an active blog, YouTube Channel, Google+ Hangout and a social media presence, all of which gives you an internet presence so you can start using them to promote your webinars and watch them and the attendance numbers grow.


An assistant during the actual presentation is incredibly helpful as he or she can manage questions from the audience and deal with any tech problems that may arise so you can focus on presenting.

Consider how you will handle the questions from the audience. Do you want to answer them during the webinar, at a special time? Do you want to answer them after in a follow-up email? Depending on the topic, you might want to do both.


Bottom Line

In the beginning, all you will have is a room of students. In the future, you have the potential to reach the entire world. THIS is how you create your first webinar because it will not be your last. It is an ongoing process and you can make it exciting and experience the joy of being present in the real world through live internet webinars.

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