Sales people could very well agree that given a host of opportunities and avenues to reach out to target markets, there are many ways to sell and foster a buying decision. There are of course various modes of interacting to target markets but developments in technology and communication strategies has led to an overall enhancement of selling abilities and competencies of sales teams.

Most sales people have for the most part leveraged on these technological advancements and new communication strategies to foster a more dynamic and interactive sales environment. A lot of marketing organizations, for example, have adopted a selection of customer relationship management tools and lead qualification strategies to enable sales people to make the most of their time interacting with higher quality prospects.


Enhancing Interaction

Despite such developments, however, industry surveys and organizational studies have always pointed to the fact that face to face interaction with prospects and clients is still the most powerful tool to enable sales people to make a kill, so to speak.

This is why the most precious skill of sales people is still their ability to maximize their time to meet with as many clients as possible by managing company resources efficiently – to make face to face sales interaction.

For this reason, video conferencing has emerged as a valuable sales tool in recent years. Internet based video conferencing using desktops and mobile devices allow sales people to interact with clients anytime and anywhere without the need for so much time and company resources expended for travel.

The advent of high speed internet and efficient video conferencing tools has allowed sales organizations to maximize resources and opportunities to make effective sales strategies.

Video conferencing for sales is a powerful tool if sales people are well adept with how to use video conferencing technology to their advantage.

While sales people find that there are limitations and challenges that arise from using this tool, sufficient preparation is necessary to pull off a fantastic sales presentation over video conference.


Sell Remotely As You Would In Person

There is nothing that should make sales people think that remote selling through video conferencing is any different from meeting with clients in person. Video conferencing is just a tool – although a powerful one at that – to communicate with clients, only better and more potent when it comes to maximizing time and opportunities.

The usual process of sales presentation – from planning the outline of the presentation, identifying visual presentations to encouraging an interactive process during the presentation – should always be considered when doing a remote presentation.

When this is properly kept in mind by sales people, video conferencing would only be a matter of doing a sales presentation in front of a desktop, and the only challenge that needs to be dealt with is how to blur the desktop screen as an audio visual boundary between sales presenters to their audience.


Make Technology An Ally

Often the problem arise when sales people are not adept with the technology they are using, especially when they are new to it. The good news is while lack of familiarity with technology is a real challenge, it is not something difficult to surmount with enough preparation.

The show, so to speak, starts as soon as the video conferencing session starts, and sales people have to deliver the finest presentation possible. The key to this is to limit technological barriers the best way possible by familiarizing with the video conferencing software, testing internet speeds and physically setting up the presentation area before the video conference. Especially for first-time sales video conferencing presenters, it could also help if a rehearsal of sorts could be set up.


Wow The Audience

Today’s clients are no longer easy to impress, and that is because technological advancements and new communication strategies have created for us an informed clientele. Sales people need to set their sights not only on delivering their messages but to deliver them with a bang. It is not enough to just demo products and services as sales people typically would over a simple phone call.

Through video conferencing, sales people should be able to provide a more personalized hands-on buying experience for prospective clients by using engaging and strong sales presentations.

While making their prospects informed, sales people should also focus on keeping them comfortable and valued. Video conferencing is a powerful tool in making the connection between clients and sales people responsive and highly interactive throughout all stages of marketing and even post-sale customer service.

These are just some considerations to be made when expanding the reach of marketing and selling strategies through video conferencing.

Further strategies could be made based on specific needs and challenges met by marketing organizations, as well as specific requirements of target audiences.

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