The value of webinars in online business and even for offline ventures cannot be overlooked. One of the greatest gifts that technology has given marketers and business is the Internet, which brings with it the ability to mass communicate quickly and efficiently with a global audience and nothing does it better than webinars.

Webinars, which, are basically online seminars allow you to present ideas, launch products, build brand and convey any type of information to a target audience around the world. Reach is one of the key benefits to webinars, and reach is key to any business model.

And, as soon as you think it can’t get any better than that, here comes the embedded meeting room feature.


What Is The Embedded Meeting Room

An embedded meeting room is a webinar virtual space, or a meeting room that is placed directly on your site, so when you hold a webinar the audience does not have to go to the service provider’s website, they go right to your site instead.


How It Works

Embedding meeting rooms is easy and typically involves only 3 steps. For example, in ClickMeeting, you simply go to the install page, create a meeting room, and copy and paste the embed link on your own website. Done!

Some platforms also offer customizable options, such as, room size, branding, secure login and even expiration dates. A whole lot of additional features, such as, meeting transcript and recording generation, file sharing, screen sharing and even social media integration are also offered, which makes a meeting room a whole lot more than just a place to present ideas.


Why Embedded Meeting Rooms?

The high regard accorded to embedded meeting rooms is of course with good reason. Relationship-building, working with customers and driving leads and prospects to your site where they will be exposed to all you have to offer are just a few of the viable and profitable benefits of the embedded meeting room, but there is more.



Web Traffic

The most valuable asset for any online business or website is traffic. Think about how much effort and money is spent to rank in search engines, like Google. Why? To get traffic from the biggest traffic source. Without traffic a site has no life, no audience and no profit.

When you embed a meeting a room on your site and hold a webinar this is a great opportunity to get traffic, and not just any traffic, traffic that is highly targeted. And when you consider all the work that goes into webinar promotion and signing up the audience, then you are really killing two birds with one stone, because instead of sending that valuable traffic to someone’s else’s site, you can bring them straight to yours.



One of the biggest reasons to embed meeting rooms is that it allows you to bring prospects and clients to your site, which provides the profitability factor of exposure. The difference between embedding and not is that you can have people right there on your site, and so there is much more potential to get them investigating things you have to offer. This, of course, includes, products and services.

For example, when you host a webinar that highlights a new product launch for a marketing software on your site, instead of the webinar service’s site, then anyone who attends will be exposed to other products you have to offer. The same goes for a real estate business that may present a webinar on new year trends in real estate, while at the same time engaging attendees to look around listings that may be available, and presents opportunities to engage these leads further that can easily turn into customers.

No matter what the industry, or niche, an onsite webinar offers the opportunity to expose attendees to look through existing products, as you can imagine this can mean more sales, more customer engagement and if you have a mailing list it can mean a lot more subscriptions.


Brand Building

Another definite perk to embedded meeting rooms is that it offers the opportunity build brand. Your piece of web real estate, aka your website, affords a company to showcase their brand, and the unique things your company has to offer.

When the webinar is embedded on site the traffic will be more exposed to your brand, and this can have a wide variety of benefits, besides one of the biggest of which, is increasing your bottom line. The audience being there directly is much more effective than the webinar presenter asking them to visit the company site during or after the webinar.

Another important benefit here is that people have short memories, and especially those who surf the web on a regular basis as they are exposed to a plethora of information. With embedded meeting rooms that are also branded the audience is more likely to remember who presented a webinar they enjoyed and remember the site that hosted it.


Relationship Marketing

Another way that embedded rooms allow you to raise the profitability margin is that they can be used to present many types of instructional and informational webinars and, depending, on the niche or industry, even focus groups with customers and clients.


How is this profitable?

There is nothing more endearing for customers than when the company they do business with goes out of their way to provide value, and value beyond that which serves the company itself. This is relationship marketing.

There are so many great ways to be useful through webinars:


  • Consider the types of information your target audience is looking for.
  • What problems do they have that need to be solved?
  • What could help them in the respective niche?
  • How can you be of service?
  • What type of information can you offer that makes you stand out from other businesses in your industry?

Thinking of the customer’s needs first will yield you many ideas in your respective industry. When customers see that a company is going out of its way to provide excellent service, they are more likely to come back, tell their friends and now you have the great benefits of relationship marketing. And, relationship marketing is one of the most effective catalysts to increasing profits in the long run.


Blogging Outreach

Let’s face it, there are millions of blogs online in the hundreds of available niches, all vying for the same audience. With an embedded meeting room a blogger can show off expertise and once again provide value to their audience and this can go a long way to building a trusting and responsive subscriber list, which, truly is the ultimate goal of any blogger.


Convenience For The Audience

Aside from driving traffic to the company website, and all the other important benefits listed above, embedded meeting rooms also let participants do away with the tedious task of downloading and installing additional software, which sometimes discourages audiences from going to an online event.

Not to mention the fact that they have to take the time to read instructions for installing webinar software and there is no way to prevent the loss of attendees when those who get fed up with the process or think it too complicated abandon it altogether. The embedded meeting room eliminates all this hassle, and this alone can be reason enough to embed because it can mean significant increases in attendee numbers.


So what are you waiting for?

Embrace the fact that technology has allowed us to enhance our capacities for communication, marketing, collaboration and information sharing and create your own meeting room right in the comfort of your own website!

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