Online events are a great way to make money. You can profit in different ways – from lead generation to online courses to direct sales and after-sales activities.

We’ve put together a free guide with eight proven ways and practical tips to make money and optimize your strategy. Download the e-book for details and get started!

Download the guide and start making money!

What will you learn from the e-book?

In the e-book “8 ways to make money with webinars” you will basically learn… 8 ways to make money with webinars. We’ll focus on the following event formats:

  • Paid webinars,
  • Online courses,
  • Online conferences,
  • Lead generation,
  • Product demos,
  • Sales webinars,
  • Post-sales webinars,
  • Product launch webinars.

In each section, we take a closer look at the tools you’ll need and the results achieved by experts. We’ve also prepared sets of questions to help you figure out if a particular way of making money with webinars is right for you.


Get access to expert data

There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing other people success stories. We’ve supplemented our guide with results from experts who use ClickMeeting and really make money from their online events.

If you want to like them:

  • Acquire 6108 leads at a single event,
  • Earn €145,842 on a series of 32 training events,
  • Earn €28,788 from one online conference (live and on-demand),

this guide is for you. And if you don’t yet have access to an online events platform, just try ClickMeeting.

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