Over time, it has become abundantly clear that webinars are an invaluable tool for developing brand, generating leads and sales and overall organizational growth. That’s why today many companies are using this platform for marketing and to develop their business. After all, what can be better than the ability to reach a really targeted global audience?

They are also some of the most preferred tools for teaching and educational presentations over a broad spectrum of topics. One consideration when planning a presentation, no matter the goals, is to bring in experts to present some or all of the content. Guest speakers bring value, trust and a fresh perspective that can further the success of the presentation exponentially. Consider getting a guest speaker who is an expert at the topic at hand, for your next webinar, and here are some reasons to do so.


1. Expert Improves The Credibility Of Your Business In The Industry

By having an expert speak at your webinar, you are demonstrating just how credible your organization is in the given field. Not every company has the power to put together a panel of individuals that really matter. If a company does not have a good reputation, there aren’t many experts who would agree to come in and lend their time, efforts, and most importantly their name to a webinar.

Instead, it takes a business that has a tight relationship with those who are high up in the industry they work in. A company’s connection really does speak directly to how credible they are, as well as their strategic position in the industry. Credibility also facilitates trust from the audience, and this is especially important when the webinar is announcing a service or product launch as trust leads to an increase in conversions.


2. Expert Speakers Add Content Quality

An audience is able to learn so much through direct experience. When a guest expert comes in to the webinar to share their knowledge, they are able to help the attendees in ways no one else can. Nothing compares to experience in presenting knowledge and ideas about a particular topic. An expert can also be highly effective at answering questions, and alleviating any concerns the audience may have, which makes for a much more comprehensive Q&A portion of the webinar.

These individuals are obviously successful in their industry so they allow attendees to see that they too can reach that level of great achievement. Besides the expertise and knowledge they deliver at the webinar, there is also that bit of motivation and inspiration they lend.


3. Speakers Offer A Unique View On The Topic

Webinars are offered in a series and presented by a particular person, as is often the case in many educational webinars. In this case, the presentation is limited to the regular presenter’s perspective repeatedly. They have their own experiences and knowledge to lend, but it does not go much past that.

When a guest expert is brought in, attendees are treated to a completely new perspective, knowledge and insight. There may also be particular portions of the subject matter that can be given to an expert to tackle, which once again lends to the credibility of the information as well as offers the audience the opportunity to benefit from their expertise. The Q&A portion allows for a real conversation to occur and participants can inquire about information that specifically pertains to them.


4. Offers A Great Deal Of Variety

Unfortunately, webinars can get somewhat mundane, especially if they run for several sessions in a series. However, when a guest speaker is brought in so is a fresh perspective, a new voice, and a unique personality.

These speakers are also bringing their own materials, experiences, and style of teaching. It is this variety that can really refresh the audience and reenergize learning. Each person learns differently so a guest speaker may be able to connect with the students in ways that the original webinar presenter couldn’t. In addition, switching things up with a guest speaker can truly increase interest in the subject matter.


Bottom Line

A great webinar begins with great information and a dazzling presentation, after all, the audience is taking time out of their busy schedule to attend and it is important to make it interesting, useful and not waste their time. Not only do you have to present quality material but also keep what you’re teaching fresh and interesting. That is where guest speakers can be invaluable assets.

In marketing webinars experts bring invaluable credibility that can go a long way to increasing a company’s bottom line. Guest speakers provide so many benefits to any presentation. From offering a unique perspective in the industry to showing the integrity of the organization hosting the webinar, guest expert speakers are what many webinars need to be successful.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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