Here at ClickMeeting we have so much to be thankful for – 2017 has been a good year with many our wishes coming true… With the New Year around the corner we asked our team to share what they wish for in 2018: 


  • For me and my department, I wish for regular payments from our customers and direct debits with no reversals. And for our beloved users, I wish for great audio and video in their webinars 😊 – Magda, Finance


  • I wish for our users and myself to be able to find enough time to fully enjoy our private lives. ClickMeeting can definitely be of help with that! – Dominik, Marketing


  • I wish for more cat purring sounds for everyone. – Miłosz, IT


  • It’s Christmas already? I still haven’t figured out my 2018 resolution! Anyway, for you, guys, and myself too: let’s take this new year easy, let’s enjoy every moment and make the most of it. – Oskar, Marketing


  • For those into the winter sports I wish for the “white madness”, and for our users – as little of unused white space on their share pods, as possible. – Ewelina, Finance


  • I wish for the Juventus team to conquer the Champions League, just like our customers conquer the webinar world. – Michał, Customer Success Team


Stay tuned and Happy New Year!

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

Jakub is the Senior Content Marketing Specialist at ClickMeeting.

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