Today’s marketing is driven by data and detailed analytics. With our new integrations, you can track your audiences’ behavior on all your ClickMeeting pages to improve your webinar performance and create tailored ads for particular groups of users.

We’ve just introduced three new integrations, all of them for leading analytics and remarketing tools:

• Google Analytics
• Google Tag Manager
• Facebook Pixel


How do these integrations work?

Google Analytics is a freemium tool that allows you to analyze data gathered from your services for a deeper and better understanding of users.

The ClickMeeting-Google Analytics integration allows you to track your audiences’ behavior all the way from your registration form through the waiting room to the thank-you page.

What’s the benefit? Well, you’ll know who is interested in your online events and who is participating. In addition you can track traffic sources and visitor data, such as their devices and location. Knowing all that can help you improve your webinar performance.

To learn how to set up your integration and start collecting your valuable data, visit our AppCenter.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to manage your JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking analytics on websites.

By integrating ClickMeeting with Google Tag Manager, you get easy and convenient access to a wide range of predefined tags from the most popular analytics and marketing platforms, including AdWords, RocketFuel, Facebook and AdRoll.

This in turn helps you run tailored remarketing campaigns for particular users: one for those who registered but never attended your event and a separate one for attendees.

For details on how to set up this integration, visit our AppCenter.

Facebook Pixel is a website plug-in and an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website #.

By installing Facebook Pixel in your ClickMeeting account, you get to know who visited your ClickMeeting pages and what actions they took on each page. With this knowledge, you can prepare a remarketing campaign to drive leads into your next webinars or to monetize a recent webinar.

To learn how to start using Facebook Pixel with ClickMeeting, visit our AppCenter.


Why should you start using these integrations?

All three integrations can greatly improve your webinar marketing campaigns. With in-depth insight and knowledge about audience behavior, you can create content that is relevant for your attendees. And you get a professional set of tools that enable you to run fully informed and tailored remarketing campaigns to drive leads to your business and increase your sales.

So, log into your ClickMeeting account and enrich it with your most valuable asset – data!

You can expect more analytics and remarketing integrations very soon, so stay tuned!

Posted by Oskar Jaśniewski

Oskar is the Outreach Specialist at ClickMeeting.

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