A webinar can bring you great business opportunities. So you go to great lengths to make your presentation clear and organized. But remember this: just because people understand your message, that doesn’t mean they’ll remember it. So how do you make sure they remember? Practice these 5 surefire techniques.


People remember certain parts of any presentation better than others. So take advantage of those natural “sweet spots.”


1. The Beginning

Psychologists coined a term called primacy. It means that, if you tell someone five ideas, their chances of remembering the first idea are much higher than remembering the third or fourth idea.

And yet, many webinar presenters squander these memorable first moments by announcing that they’re waiting a few more minutes for more people to arrive. Or, worse, they apologize for not starting on time due to a technological glitch or organizational snafu.

With ClickWebinar’s Cloud technology, you don’t have to worry about glitches. But make sure you organize your meeting in advance, so you don’t waste precious time at the beginning.

And think of a fascinating idea to get your webinar off to a powerful beginning.


2. The End

Why do people remember the end so clearly? It’s due to another psychological effect called recency. The end is the last thing they hear, so when they leave your webinar, it’s the most recent idea in their mind.

That gives you a clue about how to juice-up your call to action. If you place it near the end, after a buildup of logical argument and emotional excitement, your attendees will remember all of your positive points as they make their decision.



3. Weird Stuff

In the middle of your presentation, when attention lags and memory reaches its low point, you need to work a little harder to help attendees remember.

Now if you pass the microphone to a two-headed purple chicken, people will surely remember what the chicken says. I know what you’re thinking: chickens can’t talk. Not true. Two-headed purple chickens talk just fine 😉

But you don’t need to bring weird pets to your webinar. Instead, dream up a visually exciting metaphor to nail your point: maybe your product is so good that it works even on a two-headed purple chicken.

There’s only one rule: the weirder the better. Up to a point 😉


4. Repeat and Repeat

Did you ever notice in TV and radio ads how they repeat the phone number about nine times? Yes, it’s annoying, but it increases the likelihood that people will understand AND remember it.

And not just in calls to action. Think of important key words and repeat them. Well, not one after the other, of course 😉 Sprinkle them in statements throughout the presentation.


5. Get Them Involved

Webinars attendees can become passive. But people remember better when they are fully engaged. So get creative. Grab these built-in ClickWebinar tools and start using them:

  • Collect questions for Q&A using the Chat feature.
  • Pass the camera and microphone to a guest or even to a participant; (better set that up in advance.)
  • Query your audience with the built-in online Polling feature. Announce results instantly!
  • Play a brief Youtube video of a customer giving a testimonial.
  • Speak to participants by name, to create a small-meeting feeling in a large group.


Enjoyable Webinars

Plan your presentations with these in mind. You’ll have more fun, and so will your audience. And best of all, they’ll remember your presentation.

Got any memorable tips for our readers? Uh-oh, I hear a clucking sound. Come on — don’t chicken out — share your ideas in a comment below.

And here’s wishing you a more memorable ClickWebinar 🙂

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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