If you couldn’t join us last Wednesday for the webinar hosted by Roger Courville or you’d like to replay it (and we won’t be surprised at all if you do), here’s the recording. Watch it to learn all about designing the WOW! into your presentations and see how it’s done by someone who really knows how to deliver a fascinating webinar!


During the webinar Roger Courville talks about a lot of interesting aspects of creating and delivering engaging presentations. Some of them are:


  • how to tell a story and interact with the audience (and he sure knows how to do that!)
  • how to be authentic in what you do
  • how to make use of the available technology and avoid any problems associated with it
  • how to use your face and voice (he even demonstrates some voice emission exercises!)


All this while demonstrating the creative use of various ClickWebinar features – so if you’re looking for inspiration for future webinars and presentations, watching this recording is a MUST.


So, make yourself a cup of coffee (the webinar recording lasts about an hour), sit back – and let Roger do the talking. And don’t forget to share your impressions afterwards!


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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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