Creating online events with platforms like ClickMeeting is very easy. Besides, it does not require major technical skills or any special tools. The quality of the event and the way attendees rate it depends primarily on the presenter’s performance.

In our newest guide, we present 10 tips to help you prepare the perfect event. You can put them into practice in no time, and the checklist will help you get your webinars under control!

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Meet the expectations of your audience

At ClickMeeting, we conducted a survey again in June 2022, asking attendees of online events about their opinion on how others behave during webinars or meetings. You can read more about it here. The survey’s findings give a lot of reason for satisfaction, as most of us rate the changes in etiquette positively. However, one factor remains constant: it is the behavior and decisions of the presenter that determines whether the event will be satisfactory for attendees.

That’s why we decided to make your job easier! We’ve analyzed the survey responses and prepared a set of proven tips to help you avoid mistakes that distract your audience and prepare for almost every possible scenario. It’s really simple!

What will you learn from the ebook?

In the guide 10 tips to boost your webinar. Expert recommendations and research findings you’ll find 10 proven ways to create a valuable event. Here are the most important issues covered in the ebook:

– Analyzing your audience and understanding your participants
– Knowing the platform you are using
– Ways to ensure good audio and video quality
– Preparing the necessary files
– Pre- and post-event activities
– Content to accompany the webinar
– Contact with attendees and tools to support interactions
– Responding to crisis situations
– Recording events
– Leveraging automation.
The guide also includes a complete checklist for the organizer and presenter to take full control of your events.

Download the free guide


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