You thought you could escape it, but it always comes around again: it’s the slump that holds you back from excellence and achievement. Sometimes, whether due to overwork or lack of interest, you just don’t feel like giving your 110%. Whether it’s planning for a meeting, putting together a webinar, or researching new marketing strategies, both tasks we enjoy and those we don’t can at times leave us lacking motivation. Even the most accomplished and disciplined people need a push to keep themselves going.

A little boost is all you need to get back on your horse – and not just any horse, but one like American Pharaoh that’s a true winner. We all have different reasons for doing what we do that already motivate us, but sometimes we need a new perspective to get inspired again. Next time you find yourself asking, “What’s the point?” try these little motivational strategies to reignite your potential.


1. Read inspirational quotes.

Authors, poets, and other famous people throughout history have a way of saying things that can really resonate with you – especially if you admire the person. Open up a book of quotes and search the index for a specific topic or simply Google a word or phrase to find a quote about it. Hang up your favorite quotes in your office so you can reference them anytime you feel yourself slacking.


2. Realize that you’re needed.

Whether you’re an employee, a boss, or a one-person operation, you have a role to play. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur, the people who work for you depend on the success of your business, and your clients depend on your excellent service. Coming around to the fact that without you, things would suffer, is a sure-fire way to get your butt in gear.


3. Channel your personal heroes.

Growing up, we all had people that we admired and who played a role in who we became as adults. Think back to those heroes – be it a family member, an actor, or a fictional character – and consider what they would do in your situation, or the advice they might give you. Their inspiring stories will give you strength.


4. Do what you want to be remembered for.

It’s morbid, but everyone thinks about their death from time to time. When you leave this Earth, what do you want your legacy to be? The only way to secure that legacy is to keep going forward. When things get hard or you’re feeling weary, think about how you want to be remembered – and then be that person.


5. Figure out why you’re unmotivated.

When you’re feeling physically unwell, such as having a stomachache or flu symptoms, it can be unnerving to not know what’s causing it. The same goes for your mental state. If you can’t determine the source of your slump, do a little analysis on your own, or get input from a friend or a therapist. Once you can pinpoint the cause, you’ll already start to feel better, and you can start fixing it.


6. Visualize your success.

n the thick of things – especially in tough times – it can be hard to imagine that you’ll ever be where you want to be in life. If you can’t see it happening, who will? Work on your positivity and envision yourself finding and enjoying the success you seek. That visual will be a springboard for your future achievements. If you can dream it, you can do it.


7. Get yourself moving.

Our minds and bodies are closely connected. When we’re in a lackluster mental state, getting the blood flowing to the brain can be a quick fix. Step outside for a walk, hit the gym for an evening workout, or go for a jog in the morning. Staying physically fit is part of a healthy lifestyle and will keep your mind sharp and focused.


8. Keep score.

Games can be very motivating: not only are they fun, but they also give our actions meaning, showing us our progress by keeping score. Make a little game out of your work by giving yourself “points” for reaching milestones that you set – such as getting $100,000 in sales. Get coworkers and employees involved by encouraging them to do the same, then see who gets the most points. This strategy can help break up bigger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones and quantify your efforts. As an added bonus, set up rewards for when achievements are unlocked (see #9 below).


9. Give yourself an incentive.

In some ways, humans are as basic as animals. If you want to get yourself to do something, promise a reward after you’ve finished the task. It could be a cupcake from the gourmet bakery down the street, or permission to take a day off. Whatever will get going, let yourself have it – but only once you’ve earned it.


10. Consider the alternative.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Years ago, you were less successful and had less to show for your efforts. Acknowledge that you could be in the same place now if it weren’t for your motivation. You’ll continue to see steady improvement if you just stick with it.

What strategies do you use to keep yourself motivated?

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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