7 Greatest Webinar Presentation Fears And How To Overcome Them

Webinars, along with other avenues of Internet marketing, can be scary. However, this is no reason to not take advantage of all they have to offer! Any time a new technology is developed, especially one that levels the field between large and small businesses, it deserves to be used to your advantage. Let’s look at some of these mental blocks and how to overcome them.


7 Of The Most Common Fears

Stage Fright

Creating a live event is scary, especially when the ability to “read” the audience’s reactions and emotions is severely limited. Even the best public speaker can flinch when faced with the blank lens of a camera.



The fear of a blank piece of paper or watching a cursor blink over a sea of white is well known. When the paper will be subject to public scrutiny, the fear of producing something that can be ridiculed and parodied can stop businesses from looking into this new media altogether.



Webinars are well used by top brands across the web. What if yours looks under researched and unprofessional in comparison?


Attendance (Or Lack Thereof)

Will there be enough interested consumers to justify the time and effort of hosting a webinar? In addition, because many webinars come with the option to chat, what will they say among each other while the content is being presented?



Businesses can’t possibly know everything about the audience, especially when they cannot physically see them. It’s wise to have an overview of your company’s philosophy and products, but will this make more dedicated and knowledgeable customers lose interest?


Producing New Content

The creation of a webinar often prompts the creation of other media to complement it and the promise of new content. Who is going to produce this content, and what will happen if the business runs out of material?


Social Media Reactions

Often, the goal of a webinar and other online media is to create brand loyalty and generate positive reviews on social media. However, what if your webinar has the opposite effect?

These fears have simple solutions to allow your business to thrive on an exciting new platform. They include:


Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Having dry runs of your webinar and making sure that every logistical issue is handled smoothly and ahead of time is key. Organize every aspect of the event possible. Moreover, if something does happen that is out of the business’s control, work it into the presentation. Who knows? It could turn into a viral video that will generate free publicity.


Share What You Know

Remember that you are the leading expert of your business. Your content does not need to be groundbreaking as long as it is informative and helpful. Make sure to have clear expectations of what information is to be shared in the webinar and know your audience to help specify the content. People are often attracted to personalities more than actual topics, so let yours shine through.


Know That What You Have To Say Is Valuable

If a webinar creator believes in the philosophy and product of their business, then they have a reason to share what they know with the world, regardless of how many other businesses are trying to market the same type of product or service. Enthusiasm can be contagious!


Remember Quality Over Quantity

The number of viewers is less important than the willingness of those viewers to buy and tell others about your product. It will be much easier for fewer viewers to communicate with each other and generate the buzz your business desires.


Don’t Be Afraid To Make More Content

If the webinar has tendencies to overgeneralize; it means there is an opportunity to create something more specific. Making webinars with more detailed content will help target audiences and help the business generate excitement, not anxiety, over creating new material.


Organize For The Road Ahead

Know the size and scope of information you want to cover before making the first slide of the first webinar. That way, you know how much new content you can produce for customers and how much fresh content they will anticipate.


Create Your Own Social Media Buzz

Before creating a webinar, be sure to have your own presence on social media so that you can quickly respond to any reactions from what you have put online, positive and negative. This has the added bonus of making consumers feel connected and making a difference in the brand itself.


Bottom Line

These strategies can be used to create incredible content on an exciting media that can help your business soar to new heights. Don’t let anxiety rob you of the chance to take advantage of them!

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