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When Good Ideas Die

We’ve all had those moments where you develop and storyboard an idea only to get to the end of your outline and realize that everything falls flat to the floor. And when it does, it usually lands with such a square and resounding thud, that the realization resonates that we couldn’t have been any further off target than where we were trying to head with a project. The good news is that now that you realize something isn’t going to work, you can begin to really sculpt out the path that you were aiming for. Odds are everything doesn’t need to be scrapped. Read more

Avoid First Time Videoconferencing Jitters

So you’ve just received an email announcing that you’ve been invited to a company videoconference. Congratulations, first off. You can usually get the opportunity to work closely with individuals that may otherwise be too busy to take the time to travel between companies. But what are you supposed to do if you are completely and horribly camera shy? Or what if you don’t know how to work the webcam or setup your account for the conference? What should you even wear?

Read more

The High Cost of Not Knowing What You’re Doing

No, I’m not talking about you. You obviously know what you’re doing. After all, you’re the boss! I’m talking about your employees — the people you trust to make right decisions, take right actions, and produce right results. When they do the wrong thing, from not knowing better, it can cost you. There are expensive ways to handle this problem and cheaper ways. First let’s talk about the all-too-common expensive way. Read more

Let’s Talk About…Talking

Speaking is probably something you don’t think too much about. After all, most of us do it on a daily basis and quite frequently. When it comes to preparing for your videoconference nothing could really be more important than your ability to effectively and accurately communicate. There are certainly other important factors such as appearance and etiquette and lighting and…well the list continues. Read more

The “Six Thinking Hats” for Less Meeting Stress, Greater Productivity

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to get everyone in your meeting on the same page? According to business consultant Edward de Bono, each meeting participant tends to favor a specific style of thinking. Depending on the topic, they might focus more on facts, possibilities, or negatives. Your meetings can be more productive and less stressful with this simple method that gets everyone to think using the same style. Read more

Master Your Thoughts to Build Better Business Ethic

Sometimes the feeling of not being enough can creep into the most self-confident, successful individuals, especially when in the virtual boardroom arena. So for whatever reasons that propel these self-critical thoughts through our experience, they just aren’t a good way to live. But they can help guide you with areas that you can focus on improving to make you a better-rounded and contributing member of the team. Read more