5 Uses For A Webinar In Business

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Webinars are virtual online conferences that businesses can use in so many ways. Although the last few years has seen great technological advances in cloud computing, the use of tablets, and software apps, webinars are still one of the most important marketing tools a business can use.

Webinars are a cost-effective way for your business to reach a much larger audience than was possible in the past. For example, to host a virtual conference or train employees it was necessary to hire venues, travel long distances, and spend a lot of money. Now anyone with a good internet connection can host webinars from the comfort of his or her office, home, or even hotel room.

What are the best ways that you can use webinars to boost your business? Read on to learn about the top 5 uses for a webinar in business.


1. Build Brand Authority and Trust

One of the most important ways that you can use webinars for your business is to build brand authority and trust. During the virtual event, you get the chance to speak directly to you customers and demonstrate new products.


There are a number of reasons why webinars build authority and trust, for example:

  • You can show how your product works and provide live demonstrations.
  • Customers can ask you specific questions.
  • You can speak about the benefit the customer will get from your product.
  • The passion about your product will rub off on your customers

All of this helps to build up your authority in minds of your audience. The webinar gives you the opportunity to provide authoritative information about the product and your audience will trust your advice and expertise.


2. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Webinars can help businesses by improving search engine rankings. It used to be the case that various SEO tactics had to be used to manipulate the search engine results. However, this is no longer the case. Companies like Google give more attention to businesses that provide quality content and video material.

Many studies show that video marketing is becoming one of the best ways for businesses to get their message across. Hosting a webinar gives you the chance to generate a lot of video material and upload this to video sharing sites. For example, a 60-minute webinar presentation can be repackaged into 10 short video clips and then used on your blog, social media channels, social sharing sites, and your website.

You have many opportunities to optimize these videos for long-tail keywords and create backlinks to your site.


3. Generate More Leads

Webinars are very effective ways generate more leads and get new customers. For example, people who want to attend your webinar will have to register by leaving their email address. This gives you the chance to build up a large email list, which can be useful for further marketing, campaigns.

It is also very easy to promote your webinar on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can extend your audience much more that you could do with just blogging and promoting your webinar through SEO tactics.

If you can connect with other industry leaders in your webinar, you will generate even more leads. This is because you can attract more leads because of your star speaker. Your star speaker can also blog about and promote your webinar.


4. Launch new products

One great way that your business can use webinars is to launch new products. This can give you maximum visibility for the product. Webinars are a much more effective way to launch new products than just advertising on your website or social media.


Just think of the possibilities that webinars provide when launching a new product:

  • You can have a live demonstration of the product.
  • You can host a Q&A session on the product.
  • You can speak with authority on the product.
  • You can organize follow-up webinars.

If your business has a new product to launch, then make sure and use a webinar to do this.


5. Educational Tool

Businesses can use webinars as a fantastic educational tool to provide support to customers who have bought their products. These types of webinars add a tremendous amount of value to the product and your business. Using webinars as an educational tool also help you increase customer satisfaction. For example, Q&A sessions allow users the chance to ask about issues they are having.

The beauty of webinars is that they are evergreen. Therefore, you can record them and use them as a series of educational and instructional videos for new products.


The bottom line

Webinars don’t just have to be for marketing purposes. You can use webinars to train staff on various aspects relating to your business. This can help you motivate staff, boost morale, and ensure business practices across all areas of your business.

And if you think it has to cost a fortune — think again. Start a ClickMeeting 30-day free trial and see for yourself. Or if you don’t need much convincing and are looking for a custom, scalable webinar solution, contact our salespeople for a free quote.

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