The Internet has become the go to venue for many businesses looking to create leads, gain customers, and increase their bottom line. From ecommerce, to big business to the sole proprietor running various niche sites, Internet Marketing offers a plethora of advantages and a worldwide audience in the billions to reach.

Whether your goal is to make money online using Internet Marketing or you are using the Internet to market your brick and mortar business, a webinar can serve your needs.


What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is simply an online seminar that is created on a specific topic. They are used to market new products, provide educational tutorials, teach how to use software, promote a brand, generate leads for email marketing, connect with a target audience and for many other uses and purposes.

A good webinar engages a wide audience pool and makes people want to come back to you and your business for more of whatever you have to offer. Conversely, a bad webinar results in people clicking off before it ends, and likely never returning to your brand for any future interaction.


What Makes A Good Webinar? The Presenter Connection

While many elements come together to create a dazzling presentation, the presenter is one of the most important.

  • The presenter is the glue that holds it all together
  • The presenter is the one connecting with the audience
  • The presenter is the one that maintains the flow of ideas
  • The presenter is the one that conveys ideas in the best possible manner to keep the audience engaged and interested
  • The presenter is the voice of all the ideas and content presented in a webinar


What Makes An Interesting And Engaging Webinar Presenter

A Dynamic And Dazzling Personality

No one wants to listen to a monotonous and boring voice. Not only is this a boring turn-off, it also conveys that the presenter himself may not have that much interested in the topic, and if he or she doesn’t why should the audience?

The presenter who is dynamic, interesting, and vibrant is easy to listen too, and will engage the audience no matter the topic being presented. There are people that can even make the description of glue drying sound interesting, it’s true!


No Monotones

A monotone dialogue is also boring, but worse yet, in a marketing message, monotony can be the kiss of death. Emotion leads to sales. This is a well-known fact of marketing and a speaker’s voice can stir the emotion needed, no matter the topic, to close the deal.


No Hmmms

An engaging speaker does not pause with those annoying “hmmms” every other word. They speak fluidly, speaking real words, and not pausing as if searching for something to say. For some this is second nature, others need to be sure and practice their presentation so they don’t need to pause and look to an outline for their next words.

Every “hmmm” can result in an audience member tuning out, and losing interest.



Interesting speakers can make us laugh. This can be a key element during presentations to keep people interested and engaged. A good presenter knows not only how to use humor; they also know the type of humor to use and when it is appropriate.


Making A Connection

A good presenter knows how to connect with an audience. Using proper emotion and inflection in the dialogue allows them to reach their audience and touch them in specific ways. For example, when presenting a webinar on weight loss, a voice filled with shock and fear when citing obesity statistics can really convey the urgency in losing weight.

An empathetic tone in discussing how hard weight loss can be, and the struggle involved further allows the presenter to connect with their audience, and earn the trust required that leads to solid relationships between a brand and its customer.


No Hype

Lastly, a good presenter does not sound like a car salesman. Over hyping the selling points no matter the topic or product being marketing does not lead to trust. People are savvy; they are bombarded with ads and marketing message online day in and day out. A presenter that seeks to and actually really cares about what the audience needs as opposed to just selling is much more likely to impress and instill trust in his or her audience. This requires being genuine, and not fake in the hopes of just making the sale.


Bottom Line

Remember that the key goal of a webinar presentation is to keep the audience engaged and interested to the end where they can hear and take your call to action.

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