Key Ways To Connect With Your Webinar Audience

Webinars are an important way for businesses to strengthen their brand and increase sales. The best and most effective webinars are ones where the audience feels connected. For them to feel connected, it’s important that a webinar host plans for and incorporates different factors.

Why should you really try to connect with your audience? The answer to this is simple: people have a limited attention span and therefore will switch off easily. How many times have you clicked to a website and immediately clicked back because nothing catches your eye immediately? With your webinar, you are just one click away from success or failure.

Additionally, connecting with your audience endears them to you and your brand, and therefore anything you have to offer. Mistakenly, too many marketers mistakenly think that pushing their offerings on their customers is the best way to increase conversions, but in reality, setting up trust, and connecting on an emotional level before the final pitch is a much more effective marketing strategy.

What are the key ways to connect with your audience during a webinar? Here are top tips on how to do this.

Understand your audience

First and foremost you need to understand your target audience and beyond the usual sex and age demographics. Who are they? What do they need? What problems are they looking to solve? When you can answer those questions and zone in on these details, you will naturally connect with your audience, leads, and potential customers and deliver what they need.


Connect before the webinar

If you can find out something about your audience beforehand this will help you to tailor your presentation to them, thus, connecting better with them. So send an email and ask what they are hoping to achieve, do they have specific questions,
Visual contact. There is nothing worse than watching a person read his notes, stumble, and forget what he was saying. You need to know your subject well enough to hold visual contact throughout the webinar.


Use questions

Questions are a great way to stimulate your audience to think and respond. You can use direct questions, which require an answer, or use rhetorical ones and then give the person time to answer in his head.


Use interactive content

You can use interactive polls, surveys, and clicks. For example, you could ask a yes or no question and then have the attendees click their answer.


Use slides wisely

Slides should be used to highlight what you are saying. They should be bulleted if possible and use pictures where needed. The points should be short enough that a person can read the content at one glance and they need to be large enough to see. The duration between slides should be long enough so that the benefit of them is accomplished.


Make the information beautiful

It’s too easy just to put together a handful of stock photos and put some text beside it. But does it look nice? Chances are that if you are using popular stock photos then the attendees will already have seen them.


Be yourself

Being authentic goes a long way to help your audience connect with you. Even if you are not the best speaker, your genuineness will endear you to your audience.
Use emotions. Strong conviction will encourage your attendees to think seriously about what you are saying. If they do that, then they are more likely to act. Your facial expressions can also express many emotions. So make sure that you have a good balance of joy, pride, seriousness, and humor.


Respect your audience

You may know more about your subject than your audience, but that doesn’t mean that they are stupid. So never, patronize your audience. Speak on their level and view yourself as an equal to them.


Offer personal training after the webinar

This must be done without pushing the product. Of course, your time is precious, so this could be limited to a specific time or to one question. If you can do this, you will have really connected with this person. You could also limit the amount of free sessions – first come, first served basis.


There are so many dull and uninteresting webinars being presented. So make yours stand out by really connecting with your audience so that not only they feel connected to you, but you to them.

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