Have you come to think how technology is rapidly changing that what used to be your business organization’s most innovative communication tool like videoconferencing is slowly losing its brilliance and now a thing of the past?

Sending letters by post did not see its demise until the advent of email communication practically blew it to oblivion. There was a time when landlines and beepers occupied the top of the ladder in instant communication until mobile phones toppled its pedestal. Mile high clubs were like kin to business representatives flying through meetings after meetings until video conferencing shifted the approach of most business organizations in doing their usual discussions and collaborations.


Are you keeping up with technology?

Change comes fast and outdated communication attitudes and modalities will put a snag on an ideally deft and adaptable system of doing business. Nowhere in the history of humankind have we stared at fast changing technology right smack in the face as perhaps these days.

At the core of how the modern company does business nowadays lies a seamlessly efficient communication technology that is able to utilize technological progress to facilitate the achievement of business goals.

And here is where videoconferencing has been touted by more than a few tech evangelists who acknowledge the industryís need for cost efficiency without sacrificing meaningful exchanges facilitated by more traditional modes of communication.

Let us put videoconferencing squarely where it is, a technology that has been around yet unpopular since the 1930s but faced resuscitation over the past couple of decades with the introduction of yet another technological breakthrough, the high-speed internet.

Coupled with powerful computing hardware and video compression software, videoconferencing has made inroads in the business industry owing to its ability to bring together people from different locations without the need to travel and expend vital financial and human resources.


Are you on top of recent innovations in videoconferencing?

Fast-forward to the current decade with an even wider entry point for the marriage of technological progress and business communications systems such as videoconferencing. Whereas in the past having a top of the line dedicated videoconferencing console or a desktop system that streams digitally compressed audio and video in real time was all it took to stay on top of the videoconferencing game, the introduction of more sophisticated hardware and software tools featured in some platforms raises a question on your company’s place in the tech game.

Tech evangelists are keen on proclaiming that desktop videoconferencing is here to stay, never mind that the Skype experience has otherwise changed preferences for those who use such free platforms.
Why is this so?

Platforms that are built on desktop systems are better suited for high definition video and audio streams, which offer astounding voice clarity and real time video transmission that all the more blur time and space distances between and among videoconference stations.

And then thereís the next generation cloud-based videoconferencing, which is by far the best innovation that technology has helped realized. Cloud videoconferencing allows for the use of new tool sets that enable sharing of huge multimedia files, shared document editing and even videoconference recording to archive meetings and discussions.

Cloud-based systems allows for either 2D or 3D simultaneous video broadcasting or web streaming to as many as 1,000 remote users.

Cloud-based videoconferencing can also enable users to perform mobile calls, VOIP and other forms of videoconferencing which further enhance capabilities and use values of videoconferencing platforms to include other facets of business communication.

With the recent advancements in web-based communications technology, your companyís ways of doing business, encouraging collaboration and engaging meaningful discussions can benefit far and wide with the right upgrade in your videoconferencing system.


Choosing The Right System

There are many products to choose form when it comes to videoconference platforms, but, they are not all the same Choosing an industry leader, such as, ClickMeeting can prove to be a smart choice as there is nothing worse than experiencing technical problems or not having the features you need, especially during a meeting with an important client.

Some of the most important things to look for in a top of the line videoconference platform are:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Meeting room rebranding
  • Full control of the desktop and sharing features
  • Statistics
  • Translation to various languages in the chat rooms
  • Private and moderated chat rooms
  • Full service Q & A
  • Compatibility with various devices, ie: tablets and desktops
  • Apps for both Android and iOS
  • Social media features

It is also imperative to choose a provider that will offer excellent support. No matter how savvy you are, there invariably will be a time when you need help, and having the piece of mind that your videoconferencing offers effective support is priceless.

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