If you work in IT, you already deal with a lot of frustration.  You get frustrated with the workload, difficult problems that won’t resolve, and sometimes difficult customers (though you manage to keep your cool).  Customers get frustrated because what they expect to work isn’t working.  And often, they lose their cool.  The deluge of problems to solve and people to make happy is what makes IT one of the most stressful professions.

Because people rely on technology to get things done, time is of the essence when fixing computer software and hardware issues. The ability to provide fast and reliable IT customer service makes customers happy, but that’s not always possible. When you go in-person to fix an issue, you spend time traveling from your location to theirs, and sometimes need to go back and forth to retrieve documentation and installation files.  This can delay the resolution of the issue and make the customer even more frustrated.

Videoconferencing can fill the gap by allowing you to provide virtual IT assistance to clients without stepping out of your office.  It’s more personal than a phone call and allows for much more than just voice chat.  Every aspect of videoconferencing software can help make enhance your life as an IT professional.  Here are a few features that offer great benefits for your 1:1 consultations with clients.


Easy Screen Sharing

Probably the best feature for the IT field in web conferencing is the ability of the client to share their screen with you, and vice versa.  This lets you see the problem for yourself and allows the client to show you exactly at what step the issue came up, whether it was a failed installation or a program error.  Remote screen control gives you the ability to try fixing the problem by taking control of the client’s screen.  It’s the same as going to the physical location of their computer and fixing it from there, but you can get it done instantly.


One-Click Recording

Clients tend to ask a lot of the same types of support questions.  Often, they are fully capable of fixing the problem, but it’s a matter of empowering them to help themselves.  Why not give them access to the answers in a concise video recording complete with full-color visuals and crisp audio?

You can use videoconferencing software to make customized tutorials on how to use software and troubleshoot problems.  They’ll still need to rely on you, and have plenty of additional questions, but your recordings can get them started, and they’ll appreciate the opportunity to go back time and again to reference them.  Making the recording in a videoconferencing software simulates giving a real presentation, so you’ll likely find that your videos turn out better.

When you’re helping a client live one on one, you can also use videoconferencing to record the help session.  This serves two purposes: it gives the client access to the tips you provided, and it serves as documentation for quality assurance.  There’s no feeling like making a customer happy, and those successes should be well-documented.


Meeting Room Branding

You represent the organization that you work for well.  The client will remember both you and the company name, so impressions count.  With ClickMeeting videoconferencing software, your organization can add its logo, colors, graphics and more to the meeting room where you assist your clients.   A crisp, professional meeting room appearance will affect how your brand is perceived and impacts the clients’ decision on whether they want to stay a client.  A little personalization and promotion can go a long way, and presenting yourself and your brand in a professional way with meeting room branding associates the organization with the high quality service provided.


IT Support on the Cutting Edge

When an organization’s IT support team is on top of the latest technologies, they show their commitment to their profession and to great customer service.  By providing virtual support, your organization will be seen as cutting edge, forward-thinking, and tech savvy.  Customers will be assured they can rely on you for quick, dependable assistance and expert IT knowledge.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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