Online meetings are an important part of your workday? Do you hold them to collaborate with your team, meet with clients, or share knowledge? You certainly care about making sure everything goes your way. And if it’s possible to build an expert image along the way, it would be even better!

With ClickMeeting this is possible!

We have prepared two guides to create online meetings with ClickMeeting that your participants will love.

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What will you find inside?

The first part – Run better online meetings – is a practical guide that will help you master the basics and create your first online meetings on ClickMeeting in no time. Among other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create online meetings in less than 4 seconds,
  • Take care of event security,
  • Create recurring meetings and permanent rooms,
  • Switch between your computer and mobile device.

The second part – Run even better online meetings – provides expert advice to help you get the most out of online meetings on ClickMeeting. You’ll learn how to:

  • Customize the design of your content to match your brand,
  • Manage your profile page,
  • Create registration pages and waiting rooms,
  • Create meetings and join them on mobile devices.


Who is this guide for?


Our free guide will work perfectly for all experts hosting online meetings. Download it if:

  • you collaborate online and are looking for a way to meet more effectively with colleagues or clients
  • you run online classes and trainings
  • you’re in the recruiting business and conduct online interviews
  • you hold sessions with patients and clients in an online formula.
Download the guides
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Posted by Paweł Łaniewski

Paweł is the Content Expert at ClickMeeting.

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