Recording and sharing HR meetings gives you more flexibility as far as work scheduling is concerned. It also prevents you from losing valuable information exchange during those events.

Here are just a handful of examples of how videoconferencing recording can change the way your HR works for the better.


Recruit the Best Candidates

When you’re seeking potential new recruits for your company, the interview is the best time to get a feel for what each candidate can bring to the table. Video conferencing software allows you to conduct face-to-face virtual interviews in place of telephone interviews, which makes them as much like in-person as possible. Recording them keeps them on file like audiovisual notes to track your top candidates. Revisit your recordings and play them for others on your team to get input on who to select for your final shortlist.


Give Effective Training Sessions

Once you’ve selected the best of the best to fill your open position, they’ll need to be filled in on the ins and outs of the job and your organization. New hires can be trained via videoconference no matter what office they’re in or how many people you have to train. Save and share the recorded video of the training so they can reference it as they learn the ropes.


Distribute Organizational Knowledge

The knowledge that the people of your organization hold – whether in their brain or documented – is what oils the gears of your workforce. This is not something that you want to lose track of. Take advantage of the recording capabilities of videoconferencing software to preserve this knowledge in the form of meetings, presentations, how-to guides, and however else it might appear. It’s all invaluable to the future success of your company.


Offer Information On Demand

People expect information to come to them quickly and easily. Exchanging information with stakeholders, business partners, and employees is paramount to achieving your organization’s goals. Videoconferencing recording and sharing functions can make this information easily accessible and available on demand so no one has to wait to get what they need to know.


Capture Ideas and Exchanges

Many meetings are routine and rather dull, but some meetings where brainstorming and breakthroughs happen are full of magic. It can be difficult to capture the fast-paced and inspired exchanges during a brainstorming or creative type of meeting. This is where recording can fill in the blanks where note-takers aren’t able to keep up. Make a recording of these types of meetings so the focus can be on the dialogue and exchange of ideas. Later, team members can revisit it to get the full picture and choose the best course of action.


Recording meetings and webinars relevant to your business is as easy as the click of a button. The greatest benefit is that you don’t have to worry about missing anything during the event itself – it can always be made accessible later. That’s the beauty of recording and sharing with videoconferencing software.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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