How Surveys Can Benefit Your Webinar Presentation

Webinars come with a lot of advantages most forms of technology don’t have. They offer the best of both worlds when it comes connecting personally and digitally. Due to the video conferencing software used to connect presenters with their audiences, webinars give you the ability to meet face to face with your audience even if you’re cities, states, countries, or continents apart.

The wide scope of connectivity that webinars bring also mean that there are many different types of people in your audience. Ethnically and sociologically diverse, your audience could literally be comprised of people from all around the world. With this in mind, you’ll want to cater to your different audience members in any way that you can. One of the best ways to do this is through surveys.


Surveys and the Benefits They Offer Your Webinar

Surveys are an excellent, unobtrusive way to learn more about your audience members. With the use of these quick little forms and quizzes, you can paint a highly accurate picture of the demographic of your audience.

Surveys can be made up by you, or you can create them using software and companies that can craft them for you. No matter how you go about it, however, when you create the perfect survey it can be highly beneficial for you, your audience, and your webinar presentation.

Some benefits of giving surveys to your audience are as follows:

  • You Can Learn More About Your Audience: The main goal of a survey is to learn something. Whether it’s about your audience or the webinar itself, if you’re offering a survey, you do it with gaining information in mind. This is especially helpful for understanding your virtual audience since you won’t be able to meet them in person. Through a survey you can find out their likes, dislikes, their goals for attending your webinar, and much more.
  • You Can Discover the Demographic Makeup of Your Audience: If your future webinars are going to target a certain kind of audience, you may want to send out a survey to gather that information. Maybe you want to present to professionals, or maybe your target is new parents or even students. If you’re looking for criteria such as age, profession, gender, etc., a survey can be a great, unobtrusive way to get this info.
  • You Can Gather the Information You Need: When gathering feedback from an audience, you may get some data you don’t need or care for. With a survey, you can ask specific questions that garner the specific answers you need.
  • You Can Offer Prizes and Rewards: Giving out surveys can act as incentives for potential audience members. You can offer gift card raffles, discounts on registration fees (if you do those) and other deals. This can endear you towards your audience and help build up your client list all while gathering the info you need to make your webinar better.
  • It Offers Another Chance to Connect: Depending upon the type of survey you give, you have a chance of connecting better with your audience members. With certain information such as age, gender, professions, family status, etc., you can tailor your webinar directly to your audience, making it a personalized masterpiece. This way, audience members will feel more connected to you and your presentation, which means they’ll probably be much more engaged. It also offers you an opportunity to build up your client list as you make more webinars and connect with more people.
  • They Add an Element of Fun: If you use surveys during your webinar, such as text in surveys that record results right then and there, you can add a serious element of interest to your webinar. Whether you’re presenting to colleagues, students, or clients, giving them a way to interact with you and the webinar will make things a bit more fun for them. Typically, people have to sit and listen to a presentation and have little to no interaction with it. When you offer this opportunity to join and play along, your audience will have fun and are more likely to enjoy you and your information.
  • They Provide Feedback for Your Webinar Presentation: If you provide surveys at the end of your webinar, they’re a great way to get feedback while the presentation is still fresh in your audience’s minds. This is an efficient way to gather info on every aspect of your webinar from your speech-making skills to the quality of the content you’re presenting. Again, if you tailor the survey just right, you can fine tune your future webinars to meet audience needs and expectations, giving you a serious advantage.


All in all, your webinar is what will connect you with your audience when you can’t be in the same room. With this in mind, you’ll want to enhance your webinar in any way you can. Surveys offer an opportunity to do this that’s both efficient and fun, so consider adding them to your next presentation.

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