The current landscape of consumer preferences and approaches to decision making has transformed so considerably that a more personal approach to marketing products and services has become a necessary strategy. Marketing organizations have become well aware that the hit and miss character of content blasting just won’t cut it, and a more targeted content sharing is necessary to engage diverse market segments.

Tailoring content to specific market segments is all about personalized marketing. In today’s world where competition over a more informed consumer base has become tighter than ever, personalized marketing is often what defines greater lead generation and customer conversion.


Vital Steps To Reaching Diverse Markets


Getting Personal With Webinar Content

While enhanced marketing strategies, such as, the use of webinars are leveraging on the availability of a more advanced communications technology to reach out to a vastly diversified consumer market, personalized marketing remains a vital factor in seeing positive marketing results.

For this reason alone, marketing organizations that are increasingly incorporating webinars in their strategies are realizing the need for customized content to make effective sales pitches and achieve better customer engagement.

Customizing webinar content to specific market segments makes audiences feel that companies know them well. When customers are engaged this way, the line between just receiving a sales pitch and being offered trust and reliability becomes more clearly delineated.

To the prospective consumer, it is no longer just a matter of getting to know a brand but choosing that brand over its competitors.


Segmenting Audiences And Making Personas

The bottom line in creating customized webinar content is to develop a strategy for audience segmentation. This means dividing audiences into subgroups based on specific demographics such as age, gender, geographic location, consumption patterns and communication behaviors.

When target webinar audiences have been segmented, marketers can then create audience personas in order to cater content that will appeal to them the most.

Audience segmentation enable marketers to create content that will be most engaging to specific audiences, hence webinars that speak directly to audiences and appeal to their specific preferences.

This strategy works with the premise that audiences that receive content that speak to their interests, needs and wants are more useful to them, and that they will choose products or services that seem to have been created especially to cater to their needs. This approach not only increases sales, but, also creates a more loyal customer base.

When hosting webinars that offer customized content for specific market segments, it may be necessary to develop a campaign that offers a series of webinars targeting each segment of your potential market.

This further means that designing the advertising phases for each part of your webinar series, from the announcement to the post-webinar evaluation phase, may have to be catered to the specific interests of your target audience.

For example, does your target market know of what’s happening through social media or through personal emails?

Identify specific characteristics of your target audience and you can cater webinar announcements and evaluation mechanisms around their preferred mode of communication and engagement.


Engage Audience Instantaneously

Developing customized webinar content is best matched with instantaneous interaction with your audience. Nothing will feel more personal than providing your audience the means to interact with your company, the presenter or with the other webinar participants as soon as they feel the need to do so.

Design a webinar event that will allow for maximum engagement with your audience by allotting time within your webinar event to answer questions, make clarifications and provide suggestions to your audience’s concerns.

Create an environment of like-minded people who have come together to discuss similar interests and engage content that are of a concern to all of them. And even if your webinar event turns out to be composed of participants with a variation in concerns and views, nonetheless create an enabling atmosphere for openness and sharing because this will only show that your company or your brand is willing to get to know your target market better.

Today’s consumer may be smarter and more adept with their needs and wants but, with the right communications strategy, your organization will be able to ride the tide and achieve success.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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