10 Instances When a Webinar is an Appropriate Tool

In today’s increasingly digital world, many things can be handled over the internet. From video chats and emails to messaging and social media, whatever you have to say can be said using nothing but your device. A more recent addition to internet-communication is the webinar. Used mainly for business, lectures, and presentations, webinars are perfect for presenting information to a wide, geographically dispersed audience.

The beauty of the webinar is that it can reach hundreds or even thousands of people at once, while giving everyone the necessity of a personal connection via video. Through webinars, people are able to meet, talk, exchange ideas, ask questions, and just interact with their fellow colleagues.

While webinars can be serious lifesavers, there are some times when they may not always be necessary. To ensure that you’re using your webinar practically, try sticking to these ten situations when a webinar is both appropriate and helpful.


10 Times It’s Okay (Even Necessary) to Use a Webinar

  1. When The Majority of Your Audience if Spread Across the Globe: In the past it was impossible to present to someone in China and someone in Australia at the same time, but with a webinar, this is not only possible, it’s common! When there’s no way your audience can come together to be in the same building, a webinar is your best choice. This option is typically used by international business men and women who must put on presentations for their clients and colleagues overseas.
  2. When You’re Teaching antips: If you’re an online teacher, you can connect with your students through a webinar lecture. This helps you interact with your students even if you’re states or continents apart.
  3. When You’re Working From Home: If you work from home, a webinar is a great way to connect with your boss, colleagues, or clients. This is a great way to show your face and your personality to those you work with, making you much more human to them and therefore more personable.
  4. When Travel Will Cost Too Much: If your audience is not geographically dispersed but will still be required to do some traveling, a webinar may be a better option. It allows them to tune into your presentation from anywhere and they won’t have to spend a dime!
  5. When You’re Trying to Build Your Client List: If you’re a new business and you need more clients, a webinar is a great way to attract some potential customers. When you set up registration for your webinar, ask for general information such as emails from your audience and request they invite a friend or two for your next webinar. This way, your client list grows and you can spread the word on your business far and wide.
  6. When Visuals are Important If your presentation relies heavily on visuals, using a webinar is a great way to go. When you have complete access to the internet you also have access to videos, memes, graphs, images, infographics, and much more. Sometimes these additions can help your audience understand a concept much better than any explanations.
  7. When You Travel A Lot: Not in the same place for very long? The internet can become your constant presence. Even if you’re constantly on the go and can’t settle in one space for a more than a few days, you can certainly settle down for an hour or two to present your webinar to your audience.
  8. When Your Presentation Requires the Web: While you can certainly use the internet in a live presentation, many things can go wrong, causing your seminar to derail a bit. When doing a webinar, you’ll have the luxury of practice runs where you can work out any and all technical bugs that may arise.
  9. When Your Presentation is Due ASAP: For tech-savvy individuals, creating a webinar can be a lot quicker than preparing a live presentation. Webinars can be created using certain software, which means you can create something amazing in a short amount of time that’s as effective as it is informative.
  10. When You Want to Save Your Presentation for Future Reference: Live presentations are traditionally a one time thing unless their recorded, and even then, the recording may not always be crystal clear. With a webinar, the presentation is always saved in your archives and available to your clients, colleagues, employers, friends, and even family.

As you can see the uses for webinars are plentiful, and they are used by both big and small brands to achieve new heights in marketing goals, get started today!

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