Adding value to your videoconferencing experience is one of the most essential elements to having the lasting effect that graduating your business from mere phone calls into the more professional arena of what integrating video into your business solutions provides. Beyond simple interviewing and providing essential, quick, and relevant business intel, the videoconference requires that you keep a mindful check on how the process actually be improved.

Just as we look for increased value in a continually revolving slew of business commodities, we must turn to the videoconference and ask ourselves how we can possibly do this better. How can we add more value to our videoconference? What is value? How does this even begin to translate into ROI (Return On Investment).


Intruder Alert

bulbFirst let’s take a look at what value is not. True value isn’t a reflection of that which is already out there in the market place. If you want to look just like everybody out there, by the time your product hits marketplace, or whatever you are building, it is going to be so far away from market trends that you aren’t going to be on any consumer’s radar, especially not as a product of value. How do you get ahead of trends? How do you follow them? Is there some magical oasis of ideas where I can predict what people want?

Well for starters, trends are practically useless to watch, as mentioned, they are sometimes years behind. By the time something’s hit the market they have gone through years of pre-production, editing, and distribution. Basic just of the matter: don’t spend time trying to see what everyone else is doing, do it yourself. Beyond the notion of trends, it’s important to consider what exact value you that your product or service provides. Zoning in on this can help you objectively examine the importance of what you are selling.


Figuring Out a Newer Definition of Value

102764927When we think about value we can equate it to determining if a product or service is worth that money obviously, but when we talk of adding value to products such as video conferencing, we begin to look more at intellectual space, presentation, and ease of access to information. This list meanders down this same river indefinitely. However, it is clear than it is much different than determining if the cost of a dinner was of good value.

Adding more value to your webinar is dependent on your ability to focus on a content driven, communicative, and relevant presentation. There is no room to squander your opportunity at success by imitating the work of those around you. If you want to say something important to people, you really just have to follow what you know and come from a place of confidence. Sounds really simple, and in reality it truly is, but take one step off that path and you can be sure that the results will show, and value will certainly depreciate.


Some Need to Be Shown the Way

audienceAnother thing to consider when we are looking at notions of value is that for many people they may not know exactly if something is of value to them right away. You have to pull your audience in and show them why what you are selling is of importance. You know it is and now is your chance to showcase that. Careful not to be pushy or arrogant. This can happen on the stop of a dime when overexcitement and nervous energy present themselves as something else. The best bet is to simply not over think things and to remember that if you really truly are trying to help enrich the lives of others, than that is what is going to shine through. Concerning yourself too much with how you come across definitely takes away from your ability to focus on the most important things right in front of your face.


Just Like Fishing (Isn’t It All?)

Adding value to your videoconferencing is much different than ordering a value meal. Adding value to your intellectual property is a balancing of act of throwing out all of your expectations on what you think people need, what they will buy, and how much you make, and in turn relying more heavily on simply providing an honest to goodness, truly valuable experience. Connect to your audience as people, stay professional if it calls for, but still reach out your best and go for that human connection.

Those connected moments are the ones that leave all of us feeling a more enriched and robust experience in life. Sometimes it’s like fishing, you may not always get one, but eventually you do learn where to cast your line. Listen to your audience, they will tell you where to go, and when it comes time for it, be true about it.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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