It’s pretty clear that a business of nearly any sort is going to require some degree of social media presence. That much we all subscribe to. And even though we have grown technologically, some of the traditional wisdom still applies to growing an audience for your platform. Now more than ever, the value of looking to your target audience as a relationship and less like an algorithm is fundamental. You get a lot more bang for your buck when you look at a person as a fully functioning intelligent individual and not your own personal resource.  

Allowing Time

All want overnight growth and with pursuing the hefty relationship that you are now forming with said target audience you got to give it time to grow. In addition you need to be responding once in awhile on a regular basis through your internet presence. You have been doing that right?

head-clockOnce in awhile it is ok if you don’t get around to posting your weekly podcast, but once you give them what they want they are going to be coming back regularly. Remember out there you could have an audience member that absolutely can’t wait for you. The more you foster this sort of routine commitment with your audience you can focus more on your platform and defining your audience. How do you do that anyhow?

Assuming Limits

You don’t define your target audience. You really can’t anyhow. At the end of the day those things are more organically built, but you can at least tend to that growth by helping yourself create opportunities for development. You never know when that next person you are speaking with can help you expand your growth to take your business plan to the next level of exposure. So instead of focusing on narrowing and really zoning in one specific target audience, building media exposure and getting it out there in as many places you can becomes the task. Clearly this can be beyond a full-time job on its own. Delegation is probably in order.

Quit Keyword Dumping

184061704Things don’t work the way they once did when you could simply hire somebody to write content, and for the most part the writing would be enough to get rankings up and then you could pump it full of SEO driven content, keyword dumping your posts, and eventually you would be in the top five rankings for your product. Then it changed. It’s content driven. Imagine that.

It’s hopefully building a much better environment for us all to share information. For the sake of finding somebody to hire, now it is crucial to make sure the person has a certain degree of passion or knowledge in the field. It’s not the crossword puzzle of algorithms it once was. Sure, some will still try to stay true to hunting them out, but we know that content sticks. It works. Word of mouth is still holding onto its staying power. If people like your stuff they will share it. That is simple.

Goal Orienting Connections

visual_thinkingBuilding relationships not audiences doesn’t mean that you have to personally spend long hours dedicated to your social media interaction, but you should at least make the time that you spend on it the best that it can be. It doesn’t really need to take that long to let people know that you are out there through a simple hello, or a short posting that is telling them all about your next endeavor and why you have been away from the computer.

Staying focused on your productivity is an excellent way to get people excited. It can also help you test out a concept before having to totally dedicate to it. Let’s face it, not every idea is a blockbuster, it’d be great if that were the case, but it simply is not. So in the mean time soak up all the instant feedback and try not to focus on stuff that is ridiculously negative.

Unfortunately, no matter what, someone says something snarky just for the sake of it. It’s totally not your time or energy in response. Best to let those simply slide, it’s not like they are your investors, or agents, or any other sort of critical element to your business plan. These people, when they offer constructive criticism, shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should have a shared common trust that you are both in it for the same development of your goals.

Ride the Wave

154341772As you make the shift in how you approach your audience, growth does seem to almost happen overnight, when in all reality it took a little bit of time. The difference is that by shifting focus, you actually get more invested in what you are doing by treating people less like a number in an algorithm and more like individuals. Once this catches on, people share it.


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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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