During a webinar with prospects or partners, did you ever wonder how many others are running a webinar at the same time? The answer may astound you! 

The average for the past 12 month was 460 webinars per day! So during your webinar, there may be thousands of others tuning in to ClickWebinars.


More Fascinating Stats

During the past year, there were 154,268 meetings, with a total of 1,097, 226 participants worldwide. And the combined time for all of them was 8,898, 898 minutes (that’s 16 years and 93 days!)

View our brief video and see if you can answer the questions below.



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Let’s see if you were paying attention

  • What’s the most popular day for webinars?
  • How many files were uploaded to ClickMeeting presentation tools during the past year?
  • What’s the world’s record for the most nationalities represented in one ClickWebinar?
  • How many of you are actually using the survey tool?
  • What’s the combined duration of all the recorded webinars?

Thanks for being such loyal ClickMeeting fans. We work hard to bring you the world’s easiest online meetings.

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Posted by Sylwia Futrzyńska

Sylwia is the Brand Manager at ClickMeeting.

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