Marketing professionals are becoming leaders in the IT world, largely due to necessity.  With new technologies coming out every day to make brands more engaged with their customers, marketing departments are increasingly involved in making decisions about technology purchases.  The IT department is no longer solely responsible – according to 2012 data from market research firm Gartner, Inc., marketing departments independently make about half of the IT purchases related to marketing.


Applications and dynamic websites that are integrated with the message and culture of a business make the brand resonate in a high-tech world.  Emerging business technologies allow marketing departments to more easily reach existing customers, expand their audience and demonstrate the value of their product or service. The technology-oriented business takes a blended approach to the delivery of virtual and real-time interaction with customers.


Better communication and the “personal touch”

ideasIncorporating video conferencing technology allows for touch-and-go communication between the business, future and current customers and the press.  It breaks the barrier of having to choose between reaching clients virtually and meeting with them in person.  Even the best interactive and informational website lacks the personal touch of a face-to-face product demonstration.  With videoconferencing, the best of both worlds is achieved in the range of marketing stages.


At some stages of marketing, the product is pitched to an interested buyer.  This may take place via e-mail or an in-person meeting.  To keep current and potential clients interested, and spread the word about new developments, a company may hold a news briefing or send out press releases.  When the product comes with a learning curve, marketing departments arrange for face-to-face customer training on how to effectively use a product, or give them technical documentation to learn the ropes.  Videoconferencing brings innovation and versatility to all of these methods.


Penny-pinching business pitches

educationGetting a client’s attention is the easy part; keeping it is another story.  Pitching a product to a client can be done effectively through videoconferencing without the need for traveling to them.  It is a highly efficient means of delivering the key specs of a product or service and tailoring the pitch to highlight how it meets the client’s needs.  While some people may be skeptical about videoconferencing for this purpose, most clients will appreciate the option to meet without having to upend their regular agenda.  A lot of time and money can be saved by organizing a short, sweet online meeting.  That leaves more resources for developing a solid pitch.  And if you need to meet again for follow-up, it can be just as easily arranged.


Use the power of your webcam to fully demonstrate the product, including how it solves a specific problem.  And come prepared with many examples of how you company has been successful – they will be great conversation starters in lieu of coffee break chatter.  Presenting virtually is similar to an in-person pitch, but requires you to be engaging and creative in different ways.


Pressed for time?  Try virtual press meetings

zegarVirtual press meetings are also pretty similar to the “reality” version.  The key difference is that with the convenience of videoconferencing, more press members will be able to attend.  They can join in from their smartphone in a coffee shop or even their iPad from their hotel room.  Another advantage is that the press release ends when you want it to – no stragglers hanging around afterward to ask additional pesky questions.


Customer training when and where it’s needed

Especially in the technology sector, customer training in using a product is a must-have added value that also serves as a marketing tool.  During a customer training, marketing professionals can deliver additional information about how the product or service can be optimized for their needs, and gives answers to questions that further boost the value of your business.  Having the capability to train customers virtually allows you to provide on-call support when it’s needed.


Videoconferencing provides solutions for the full arsenal of approaches to marketing strategy, and contributes to the expanding IT role of the marketing professional.  Have you been able to save time and money by reaching out to customers in a virtual meeting?  Please share with us!




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