You know that selling your product can take quite a bit of building an ample amount of brand trust, whether it is a material product or intellectual property, the importance of having a concise presentation goes without saying. It lets your audience know that you have taken pride in what you are putting forward. If you don’t have confidence in what you are presenting, then how can anybody else?


Value Their Time

head-clockOne of the quickest ways to establish some starting trust with your audience is to let them know that you value them as individuals as well. This means that they all have a myriad of things that fill up their day. Their time is important to them as well. When you make the effort to provide meaningful, relevant information, you instantly build that trust. That’s when you can turn heads and get the attention you want with the information your providing.


Let Out the Mental Hurricane

Go ahead and throw all those random ideas out of your head. If you are a list maker use lists, if you like to draw little mind maps then go ahead. Personally, I go for the index cards and a black marker. The point of the matter is, that once you get those ideas out of your head you can actually see them and then begin to get a general direction of what your main focus is.


Many of us don’t necessarily know what we are exactly, specifically, driving for in our presentations and conferences. Sure their is this idealized endpoint, we have a general idea of what should be grown and developed, but really narrowing in on it can be stressful and leave you with far more white hairs then you had in the beginning. That is, if you have any left.


The insanity of ideas can truly be mind-numbing. Save yourself the stress and get them out of your head. You’ll probably throw most of them away. But remember, you really only need a few really good ones to start with.


Don’t Give In

informationSeparating your different ideas is the first step to being able to get to the focus. The main thing to remember is that you can’t fix something until you create it. Even the biggest industry leaders in webinars experience the same sort of crushing pressure that can come from knowing where you want to get with your presentation and then figuring out a way to get there. It can be a very long winding road that takes wild navigation, or it could be a straight forward easy experience. Regardless narrowing down exactly where you want your trajectory to head gives you the advantage of showing others that you really truly care about what you are sharing.


Find Your Inner Sculptor

A great idea or concept isn’t always so great at first. You may have to chisel away at it now that you have it. Yep. There is very little fun in that. It would be wonderful if everything that came out was exactly how you wanted it to be. That does happen, and when it does it’s like miracle, but you can’t wait on that. You may have to roll up your sleeves and do the grinding work of figuring out what it is exactly that you are presenting. You can use this approach on any level of videoconferencing. Even if you are just attending a meeting or webinar, there may be the chance for your input. When your put on the spot you want to be focused and prepared.


Save the Wrapping Paper

paintTrust in what you’ve got. You certainly don’t need a whole bunch of bells and whistles or neat packaging. This means that when it’s your turn to step up and talk don’t try to act like something that you aren’t. While there may be a webcam involved, this is not your five seconds of fame. Think of it simply as your chance to be heard. This means your ideas should be heard. It’s not the best time to try talking like your teenager, unless that is how you typically speak. Nothing trumps authenticity.


Your trust in your brand resonates with others as they form their own opinion. It shines on what you bring to the table and helps people learn more as opposed instead of being distracted with the ‘performance’ of your presentation


Concise For the Win

Whether you are selling a product or hosting a company videoconference, let your focus and personal value of what you bring to the table be the thing that shines the most. sounds a little cheesy but its true. The audience will appreciate your diligence and your more likely to walk away from the one of the best experiencing technology has to offer us on a communication level. It’s easier then ever to reach more people, so when you do go to reach out, make it authentic, yes, but also make it concise. That’ll grab that audience.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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