Still undecided about video? You won’t be after reviewing our latest infographic. In fact, if you’re a webinar producer who’s not yet using video — you’re a member of a shrinking minority. So get the facts, then ask yourself this vital question: “To video, or not to video?” That is the question. Here’s the inescapable answer.


Nearly two out of three online marketers are now using webinars. The overwhelming majority consider it an effective technique.


The online world is more visual than ever, with 4 out of 5 Internet users in the U.S. alone watching and downloading videos (and not just cute cats doing crazy things.)

Webinars and video are a natural fit because the experience is so similar. So smart marketers are using video to promote before the event, engage during the webinar, and add value after the webinar.

Before the event, the most popular video formats are sneak peeks, trailers, and a preview of informative content. Marketers with responsive audiences are now soliciting video questions for use during the webinar, along with other video content. And there are countless ways to convert webinars into video and repurpose them.

Here’s a visual rundown of the most popular tactics.

the power of video cs3_headerFIX

Keep this infographic handy as a reminder of ways to use video to maximize your audience’s webinar experience.

And if you find it helpful, don’t forget to share it with friends and associates.

The graphics of this infographic was prepared by which provides customized presentation designs, illustrations, and infographics for personal and business use.

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