Before you make the step into producing your own series of webinars the process requires that you examine yourself from the inside out. Taking that objective, critical approach to our self is not something that most of find enjoyable, and honestly it can be completely frightening. Sometimes when you take a step back from that baby of a project you’ve been working on, the thing you see before you just isn’t quite what you had in mind. The cold hard truth is that exact feeling of failure accompanies most of us. The secret lies in being able to overcome little roadblock and keep the caravan moving forward. 


Would You Buy You?

Would you buy your product? Honestly would you? You might have constructed a vast array of complimentary ideas and notions to help you figure out why everyone else in the world should own your product or use your service, but that doesn’t mean that they will.

To help you build an objective mentality on your project you may need to take a step back from it for awhile. The only problem with this notion is that it takes that precious commodity of time and tosses it right out the window. If you want to save yourself the time required to gain distance to get the objective feedback perspective you need, consider evaluating your presentation much the same way you would any other production.


Fill Out the Forms

testCreate a series of questions and evaluation criteria that are related to things you are striving for in your product. This is the time to consider things like: does this match my brand? How does this product really help? Evaluate your ability to effectively communicate. Are you speaking clearly in your presentation, are you making good eye contact, could you stand to have a new wardrobe? They might sound like little thing but you are surely well aware that they all add up to be part of the bigger picture that puts you on the path to achieving your dreams.


Compare and Contrast Feedback To Gain Insight

Whether or not you are able to see yourself in this light may be something that is a little difficult, and clearly for that reason it is always good to get somebody else’s opinion of what you are working. Whether or not the person is particularly educated or not in terms of your project isn’t the be all and end all as to whether or not they have valuable feedback. Everybody has value feedback.

happyThe most important thing is to sit and take that feedback and compare it to your own evaluation of the product that you are creating. If suddenly everything that everyone else is saying is completely off skew and different than you than you know that you need get back in there to the drawing board and truly evaluate your image.


Beyond Being Human

One of the easiest ways to obtain the sort of feedback and critique that you need to learn from is to put into some sort of survey or written format so that individuals are not required to give you there feedback face to face. Face to face we all have a tendency to be a bit nicer and sugar coat things so that we don’t hurt the other persons feelings.

On a humanitarian level this is a wonderful thing to be nice to one another, and business models should follow suit, but when it comes to really getting in there and being able to decipher whether or not you are hitting the mark it is time to turn the feelings off.


Getting Objective

eyesTo look at something objectively you really need to distance yourself from any sort of thoughts that ‘reading into things’. You want to look at your work to see if it can stand alone. If you aren’t there to back it up and sell it to people on your own, is the consumer going to be able to fully appreciate and grasp the true scope of your creation?

These are hard questions to ponder and even more difficult to fully realize. Truth be told, it’s not an easy process to look at yourself or a project you’ve been working on objectively. But if you can harness this sort of mental clarity you can begin to unlock the hidden potential that comes from realizing your faults from your talents.


Smooth Sailing Moving Forward

Taking that big first leap of realizing that you have something to say and then getting to the place where you are going to say it is bigger than one can imagine, but once you get over that hurdle you never have to go over it again. It’s just like pulling a bandage. The pain is there, but it is tiny and it is brief. In the end you are left with a product that is better, stronger, and a clearer reflection of the idea that you had in mind.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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