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A “No Regrets” Checklist for Team Accountability

It’s great to inspire people to do their best. But over time, buoyant feelings can fade. That’s when inspiration needs to be backed up by a guiding hand — yours. Here’s how to do it without being a criticizing meanie.

/ January 27, 2014

How Smart Marketers Create Information Products Fast

Make money while you sleep — ah, the ultimate dream of today’s Internet marketers. Information products are a great way to do it. And the web makes worldwide distribution feasible. But how to get started? Before you dive in, learn...

/ January 10, 2014

Plan Your Next Videoconference in 10 Minutes or Less

Quick question about your next online meeting: why are you having it? If you don’t have a good answer to that question (and a few others) don’t despair. Inside is a handy checklist to make your meeting worthwhile. 

/ September 25, 2013

How to Handle a Videoconference “Meeting Grouch”

A videoconference is a scary place to pass the camera and mic. You never know when a “meeting grouch” might appear — like a storm cloud ready to rain on everybody’s parade. But all is not lost! Here’s how to...

/ September 12, 2013

Tricks and Tips for Organizing Your Webinar Content

You may be so filled with great information that you’re about to burst. In your enthusiasm, you could leave your webinar audience far behind: confused . . . unengaged . . . lost. But don’t despair, let’s get your great...

/ August 1, 2013

7 Tips for a More “Sociable” Webinar

Want your webinar to stand out in the crowd? It’s easy to add the human touch — and fun. Why is that important? It helps your audience feel special and helps you deliver your content enjoyably. Of course, you’ll want...

/ July 3, 2013

7 Webinars Mistakes That Can Make You Look Foolish

Little mistakes can cost you money, goodwill and your reputation. So let’s review a few common bloopers to avoid.

/ June 13, 2013

6 Tips on Interviewing a Webinar Guest Speaker

Want to make your next webinar at big hit? It can be tough to do it alone. So invite an interesting guest to share the spotlight. He or she will be thrilled to get access to your audience. Here are...

/ June 5, 2013

7 Productivity-Boosting Videoconferencing Tips

Even with time-saving videoconference software, meetings still eat up hours. Here’s a handful of tips to make your online meetings more productive — and more enjoyable.

/ April 18, 2013

Designing Your Presentation: How to Choose Colors

What’s your favorite color? That’s a dangerous question when it’s time to choose colors for your presentation design. Red may give you warm-and-fuzzy feelings because you once got a red fire truck for Christmas. But it may be the wrong...

/ April 11, 2013