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How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Even if you love presenting, it’s not much fun to speak in front of an audience that isn’t responsive. You may as well be talking to yourself. However, unless the topic is “How to peel paint off the wall,” much...

/ October 7, 2015

Benefits of a Moderated Panel Discussion In a Webinar Presentation

When doing a webinar, it’s usually just you and your audience. While this can be a great way to get personal with your viewers, it can become a little overwhelming if you’re carrying the entire presentation on your shoulders. This...

/ October 5, 2015

The Challenges Involved in Presenting to a Virtual Audience

When putting on a webinar, you as the host have a lot of different advantages. Amongst these are the ability to reach thousands of people at one time without the heft travel costs it would normally take to meet in...

/ September 30, 2015

Speaking Mistakes Webinar Presenters Should Avoid

When putting on a webinar, a large majority of your presentation requires speech-making. Public speaking is obviously a necessary art, so it is important to know how to do it just right in order to ensure success.

/ September 28, 2015

How Surveys Can Benefit Your Webinar Presentation

Webinars come with a lot of advantages most forms of technology don’t have. They offer the best of both worlds when it comes connecting personally and digitally. Due to the video conferencing software used to connect presenters with their audiences,...

/ September 23, 2015

Using Humor to Keep Webinar Presentations Interesting

The use of humor in your work must be done well in order to be effective. When it comes to adding interest and excitement to your webinar presentation, you want to do so tastefully as to not offend, exasperate, or...

/ September 11, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Record Your Webinar Presentation

Do you have a flourishing business? Have you created a product that deserves to be promoted and seen throughout the world? Do you want to reach millions of potential customers through the web and your various social media handles?

/ July 24, 2015

Never Forget Your Brand During A Webinar Presentation

A brand is in essence the core of any business. For individual marketers running an online business, brand is who you are. It is what differentiates you from competitors. It makes you unique. If you play a role in managing...

/ July 22, 2015

Engaging A Virtual Classroom Audience

Today, online classes are becoming more and more popular. The edfficiency of this option allows students to get their education from just about anywhere whether it’s at home or in a coffee shop. While online classes and webinars are highly...

/ June 19, 2015

Best Practices for Engaging the Audience in a Webinar

It is easy to mess up a webinar and more difficult to leave participants walking away highly intrigued. This takes preparation and specific steps for grabbing and maintaining the interest of your audience.

/ June 5, 2015