Virtual assistants are new breed of secretaries that are changing the way people do business. Most of them are contractors or freelancers who do work as needed or for a set number of part-time hours each week. They’re helping entrepreneurs, business owners and independent consultants get hours of their workweek back and make their businesses more efficient. Video conferencing has made hiring and managing virtual assistants extremely easy.

There are thousands of contractors to be found on websites like Upwork that are experts at bookkeeping, online research, data entry, scheduling, and other repetitive tasks. These tasks are essential to a smoothly run business, but are somewhat removed from the role of CEO. Getting someone else to pick up this work can be a weight off the shoulders, and virtual assistants don’t require things like office space or a benefits package. Here are 5 reasons why you might consider hiring a virtual assistant to deal with the minutiae.


Focus on Running Your Business

Being the head of a company means creating a business strategy, meeting with potential clients, making decisions, and managing your staff, among a half-dozen other things. If you have to do all the administrative stuff, too, it takes away from doing what it takes to make your business thrive. You don’t have to do it all. Save your time for doing the work that you do best: making your business thrive.


Increase Your Productivity

You might be a superstar, but you’re still human. Like all of us, you’ve got a personal life as well as a professional life. Unfortunately, one can often get in the way of another. A virtual assistant can take care of personal tasks, like arranging the delivery of your new bedroom set and making doctor appointments.


Get Your Mornings (and Evenings) Back

The first hour of the day is the most important. A productive first hour can set the tone for the rest. Similarly, your last few hours are a time for much-needed rest to save energy for the next day. With a virtual assistant, you’ll never spend another early morning or late night doing paperwork.


Do More of What You Enjoy

You started a business for a reason: you wanted to see your dream become reality. Odds are, that dream didn’t include crunching numbers or doing hours of Google research. If you bog yourself down with too much of the day-to-day stuff, being your own boss is going to seem like a chore. Bring the fun back into your work by enlisting a virtual assistant.


A Virtual Assistant Can Do It Better

Business owners have a certain skillset, but it varies depending on the individual. You are probably a strong leader who is able to follow a vision with practical steps. However, you might not be good with numbers or be savvy with PowerPoint. Whatever you aren’t particularly skilled in, those are the tasks you should assign to your virtual assistant. They will get done more efficiently and effectively.

Virtual assistants also have unique skillsets. Look for someone who’s a good match with your needs as well as your budget. The great thing about hiring a virtual assistant is that they’re typically quite affordable compared to a salaried secretary. Though they work remotely, virtual assistants can be integral, essential parts of a business team.

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