Are iPads Good for Videoconferencing?

Mobile devices and videoconferencing seem to be the perfect match. Combine the portability of a mobile device with the convenience of videoconferencing, and you get the ultimate on-the-go productivity.

iPads are one of the most popular mobile devices on the market – whether it’s one of the traditional models or the newer, light-as-a-feather iPad Air. If you’re using an iPad for business, chances are it goes everywhere with you, including to meetings. But what about virtual meetings? How well are iPads adapted to support videoconferencing?


Hold a Meeting at the Tap of Your Screen

Need to consult with your colleague in India? Have a client across the city that can’t drive to meet you? With just a few taps, you can start holding a virtual meeting on your iPad. The device makes it simple to move from one app to another, so you can start your meeting and easily access any documents you need to reference with synchronized taps and swipes on your screen.


Lightweight and Manageable

The iPad, and especially the iPad Air and Mini (the only models Apple is still making), is incredibly lightweight and portable. Holding the devices in your hand or on your lap is anything but cumbersome. If you’re in the middle of a meeting and you need to move to another location, you can keep the meeting running on your device, pick it up and go with minimal effort.


Adequate Storage and Screen Size

With the option of anywhere from 16 to 128 GB of storage space on the most current iPad models, there’s plenty of hard drive to run your virtual meeting. Even at the 16 GB level, this should be sufficient to participate in an online meeting as well as run other programs that you might need to access during the meeting, including your Web browser. Though it’s a small device, it’s a powerful one.


Excellent Display and Built-In Mic

Looking at an image on an iPad can be an eye-opening experience. Few devices, mobile or otherwise, give such a clear depiction of the picture on the screen. The iPad Air 2, for instance, has a 9.7-inch LED backlit widescreen retina display with antireflective coating, keeping the image sharp regardless of lighting. It also has high-quality HD video recording for when you need to document your virtual meetings. The built-in mic – the same one you use to talk to Siri – produces loud-and-clear sound that keeps background noise to a minimum.


Consider Network Connectivity

The iPad as a device is ideal for mobile meetings. The factors that will most impact the quality of the videoconference will be the power of the network and strength of the network connection. Choosing a video conferencing service that has a strong network, like ClickMeeting, as well as ensuring your device is well-connected, will keep problems at bay. There’s nothing more frustrating than spotty sound and video in the middle of an important business decision. Attend your meetings from a location with excellent Wi-fi, or take advantage of the upgrade to cellular Internet for even more reliability.

Overall, iPads are an excellent choice of device for hosting or attending a videoconference. They’re used across the board in multiple industries for all other types of business processes – why not virtual meetings, too? The device itself, with clear audio and video and excellent portability, bodes well for a quality video session. Just make sure your network connectivity is ideal, and you’ll have a hassle-free videoconferencing experience.

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