We believe anyone has the power and resources to deliver a webinar using high-quality videoconferencing services like ClickMeeting. However, not every webinar is a profitable one. What’s the difference between a webinar that garners the attention of thousands of followers and one that can’t seem to pick up speed no matter how strong the content?

It takes more than good technology to make a webinar popular and thus profitable. Compelling and targeted content, as well as a marketing plan that works, are essential to reaching your webinar goals. Here are four must-have characteristics of webinars that outshine the rest and reap the greatest rewards.


Well-Defined Target Audience

Your message might be strong, but if it’s not directed at the right people, it will probably fall flat. Determining who your audience is must be the first step before starting a marketing plan or even writing your content. Do your research to figure out what demographics would be most interested in your content, as well as what type of marketing strategies are most effective for those groups. Offering an incentive, like a free gift or trial membership, that is geared toward your audience will provide an extra boost for your marketing efforts and encourage them to attend.


Clear and Compelling Message

When writing the content for your webinar, every statement should support, strengthen, and expand upon a clear and concise message that sums up what you want your audience to take away. A message that speaks to the needs and interests of your audience will attract the most committed customers. Frame your message within an organized presentation structure in which it is easy for them to pick out the most important information. A title that is attention-getting, speaks to the benefits of your product or service, and accurately represents the content will also draw a bigger, better audience.


Provides Educational Information

Even if people attend a webinar knowing that it’s going to ultimately be a sales pitch, it’s important to make them not feel like that’s all it is. They’re taking the time to attend your webinar, so make it worth their while. The content of your webinar should not just be in the interest of selling your product or service, but also educating your audience about solutions to their specific challenges. By providing relevant and in-demand information, you’re already giving them free advice, and they’ll appreciate it – perhaps by becoming a customer.


Concludes with a Call to Action

So you’ve delivered a clear message to a targeted audience using an educational approach – now, how do you wrap up? One of the last things that all profitable webinars include is a call to action for the audience. This step prompts them to do something that will benefit them as well as make them more likely to take interest in your company. It could be signing up for a free trial, subscribing to a newsletter, registering for your next webinar, or becoming a beta tester – anything that will get them one step closer to wanting in on your product or service. This tactic is a way to soft-sell your business by providing potential clients with the option to learn more.


Just like video conferencing platforms, not all webinars are created equal. Using a service like ClickMeeting, you can create high-quality webinars efficiently and easily. The trick to generating revenue from them is to gear it toward the right people and follow the most effective methods of creating and marketing content. Make sure that your webinar has these four qualities, and you’ll see the efforts of your webinars improve.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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