Month: February 2017


ClickMeeting Reaches Further With More Languages

With each day the number of our customers is growing rapidly and we want to make sure that when they reach us, they receive the highest level of service possible. As this dynamic growth is happening, it also determines us...

/ February 28, 2017

Identifying the Needs of Your Audience for Webinar Presentations

One of the keys to a successful webinar presentation is to identify the needs of your audience. While it’s important to deliver high-quality content in an educational and entertaining way, you will lose your audience if they can’t relate to...

/ February 24, 2017

Demo Your Product to Help Customers Make a Buying Decision

When it comes to marketing, earning the trust of prospective customers should always be the end goal. Today’s customer has a wide variety of choices in brands they can purchase from. There’s also a multitude of sources that influence their...

/ February 21, 2017

Influence and Inspire Your Audience with Visuals

Maintaining visual communication with your audience during a webinar can be a challenge. There are many aspects of communicating visually during your presentation. You should make sure that each of your slides has a strong message, is visually engaging, and...

/ February 17, 2017

Onboarding and Training Staff Using Webinars

Doing webinars is an effective and engaging way to deliver complex information to your employees. Training webinars also allow for personalized training sessions that can be used repeatedly.

/ February 16, 2017

ClickMeeting 2016 Benchmarks Report Is Here!

Over the last year, we’ve collected robust information about webinar trends and best practices. What did we find out? First and foremost, the webinars are on the rise – 35% more online events were hosted in 2016 compared to 2015!

/ February 14, 2017

ClickMeeting at Bett Show 2017

We love to attend industry events, where we meet our customers in person and discuss their needs and ideas. Recently we attended Bett Show in London. We had a great time, filled with inspiring conversations. It was the perfect opportunity...

/ February 10, 2017

How to Overcome Barriers in Education with Webinars

Schools, universities and education departments can benefit from webinars, as they can simulate traditional classrooms without their time and space limitations. Educational webinars are also cost effective.

/ February 9, 2017

Indian super specialty hospital chain empowers the common man, with the help of ClickMeeting

Paras Healthcare is a company on a mission and a super specialty hospital chain, based in India. Their goal is to raise awareness of the positive impact of healthy living and lifestyle, among others, with webinars. Paras Healthcare needed: A...

/ February 8, 2017

6 Topic Ideas for Webinar Presentations

One of the best things about using webinars for your online marketing strategy is that they are very flexible. More and more marketers are realizing that web-based conferences are great ways to generate more leads and ultimately increase sales. To...

/ February 7, 2017