Free Webinar: How to Design the Wow! Into Your Virtual Presentations


Does the thought of speaking in front of others send you running in the opposite direction? You’re not alone. Would you like to WOW your audience with your online presentations? We brought in Roger Courville to show you how.



Many people avoid public speaking at all costs — and there is a cost. Public speaking is one of the most efficient ways to market yourself and spread the message of your business or cause. Conducting online presentations to reach out to a wider audience is an ideal alternative and, what’s most important, equally effective.


For those who are willing to make presentations, it’s easy to stand out from the majority who are not. Whether it’s an audience of 5 people or 500, it’s worth it to invest time in your skills.


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We are pleased to invite you to a webinar with presentation expert Roger Courville for a live, interactive lecture entitled “How to Design the Wow! into Your Virtual Presentations” on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 12:00 New York Time.


About the Webinar

Learn practical ways to jumpstart your success when planning, designing, and delivering powerful webinar presentations.


You’ll also find out:


  •  What studies show webinar attendees want in an online presentation
  •  How to avoid the three worst mistakes in online presentations
  •  How to handle the most difficult situations when presenting online
  • What are the four webinar tactics critical to delivering an engaging online experience



About Roger Courville

Roger Courville — author of “The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook” — is an expert on the human factors of web conferencing and a sought-after international speaker and trainer on how to use webinars and virtual classrooms to deliver practical aha! experiences.



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Webinar Title: “How to Design the Wow! into Your Virtual Presentations”

Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 12:00 PM EDT


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