ClickMeeting Mobile Apps Are Here!

With ClickMeeting you’ve always been able to join an online meeting or webinar from anywhere. But you had to be in front of a computer. Well, now it’s enough if you have a tablet with you. With the ClickMeeting mobile apps you can really meet from anywhere – and regardless of the operating system!



Now this is big news (I probably say it every time) but we’ve just launched our mobile apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry – best-suited for tablet devices (running online meetings on smartphones is not really practical, simply because a smartphone screen doesn’t provide enough space.) So now even if you’re on a train or at an airport and are running late for a webinar, you can tune in on your iPad, Galaxy Tab or BlackBerry PlayBook


What exactly can you do via your mobile app?

  • Schedule meetings
  • Invite participants
  • Join a meeting as a participant or a presenter
  • Stream audio and video
  • Use the whiteboard and presentations
  • Chat with other participants
  • Share images and videos
  • Create a new ClickMeeting account







The benefits of the app?

Today, these are pretty obvious.


But when the British pictured this in 1969:


the idea of taking part in a video conference on the go had not even crossed their minds. In the mobile world of today, you get even more mobility with ClickMeeting – being able to meet while commuting or traveling and even when your taxi is stuck in a traffic jam.


What can’t you do with the app?

Participants have all the same functionality. If you are a presenter, you’ll see some of the features are unavailable in the mobile app – like screen sharing, polls, web browser and recording. But I’m sure you’ll still find it really useful.


Where to get it?

Simply click one of the links below and download the app on your mobile device.






And after you’ve downloaded and tested the app, give us your feedback!

  • When testing the new iPad app we noticed 2 things. When sharing a presentation (a ppt or a docx file) and attempting to markup the document the markings could not be seen on the iPad (only on the XP machine hosting the meeting and a Win7-64 participant machine). Also, when the docx was presented the iPad could not see anything when the page was changed from page 1 to any other page.

  • I have tested the iPad app and love the interface. The only problem is that unlike other Video conference iPad apps I can’t click on the meeting link in the invite email and invoke the app. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong? With invites from companies like Fuze Meeting or Adobe Connect, I just click the meeting link and it opens the iPad app. The only way I have been able to join clickmeeting is to open the app and to copy and paste the entire hyperlink. This would be very cumbersome and complicated for a 1000 attendee webinar. Please advise on this situation.

  • Paul

    Are you developing an iPhone/Android app for attendees to view meetings? That would really round out your offerings nicely. It wouldn’t need all the features, but being able to watch a webinar would be handy.

  • Val

    I’ve downloaded the App on my iPad and was successful loading the room ID, but when I entered my name, email and password and then submit, it just hangs on “Joining Meeting”. Any suggestions?

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  • Do you have plans to add screen sharing to the mobile apps (Android specifically for me just now). I’d like to demo apps via web

  • Karolina Kurcwald

    Hi, no such plans at the moment but I’ll take it to the dev team to consider.

  • PitTwentySeven

    I don’t have any problem with App on my Ipad. It works really good.