ClickMeeting & ClickWebinar: Now the Choice Is Clear

In the past, setting up a new account could be a little confusing, when you had to choose between ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar. Well, to make things easier, we’ve now created separate new websites, so the choice between the two is clear as can be.


Business meetings, trainings, webinars – there are dozens of uses for our online meeting platform. That’s why ClickMeeting has always consisted of two products: ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar, each suited to different business needs. Now each has its own brand-new website.


What’s the difference?

ClickMeeting is suitable if you need to run business meetings with clients or conduct internal company meetings and training sessions for up to 25 participants.


Use our robust array of built-in tools to collaborate wherever you are, so your business meetings are as productive as possible.



ClickWebinar, on the other hand, allows you to invite up to 1000 participants – making it the clear choice if you want to run webinars or training events for larger groups.


Take advantage of handy tools that make audience management a breeze. And, remember, you can record your webinars for those who can’t attend.




Flexible payment plans

The two products also have different (but friendly) payment plans, allowing you to choose the one that will best meet the needs of you and your company – check them out on our brand new websites.






And let us know what you think! Which are you, a ClickMeeting user or a ClickWebinar user?