ClickMeeting 2.0, and All the Goodies that Come with It

You spoke. We listened. Now we’re happy to present ClickMeeting 2.0 – and a whole lot of new and improved functionality, thanks to your feedback. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at what you can now do with ClickMeeting.

Video in HD Glory

We’ve considerably improved the quality of video streaming. In English, that’s crisp, clean, and smooth rendering of your video content.

Of course, if you want the full “HD glory experience”,  you’ll need to play director and decide “who, where, and how many” cameras you need for each meeting. You’re the maestro – and with ClickMeeting 2.0, you can offer more possibilities (and fun) with impeccable video transmission.

Just take a look at how impressed the ClickMeeting Brand Manager was. 😉

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The usability and look and feel of the video application has also been enhanced. New features like the conference view, in which one of the video streams can be highlighted, gives the speaker “center stage” impact.

Conversely, if there’s more than one person using a camera (multiple streams or windows), your own window will be smaller – which is really helpful, unless of course you really like looking at yourself. 😉

Redesigned attendee list management

Attendee list management is easier and more intuitive in 2.0. The best thing about it is that you will now be able to view attendee information with just one click. And the enhanced formatting makes contact info easier to read and use, significantly improving the efficiency – and ultimate success – of your meetings.

New sharing options

One of the really cool changes is that now you can upload and share multiple views and content, switching between the tabs (views) as you would in a browser. It’s super handy and allows you to upload more files and keep them ready to feature when the timing is right.

Many of you also wanted to be able to upload your own video and audio files − so it’s ready and waiting for you in ClickMeeting 2.0 (see, we really listen). This means we’re supporting more and more file formats to meet your needs.

Flickr! Now you’re also able to pull images onto your whiteboard directly from your Flickr account.

And if you like scribbling during meetings, the awesome pencil tool lets you highlight areas of docs or screens − even YouTube videos!  How much more fun can you stand?

Wait, there’s more…

Improved polling

Polls are extremely important tools for improving content and capturing feedback for decision making. In the new release, there’s NO participant limit and polling appears in the “sharing” window, which means you can tend to other things while attendees vote. Call it multi-tasking 2.0 style.

The polls are also more accessible and the results much more user-friendly and interactive, with detailed, real-time animated charts. This increases engagement and provides more useful information to you and your attendees.

That’s ClickMeeting 2.0 in a nutshell. Now please take a minute to log in to your account and try it out for yourselves – we’d really love to get your feedback.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue working and improving ClickMeeting for you…

  • Lionel

    Improved video is all very well, but webinars live and die by the audio… can anything be done about making the audio much smoother, so that it all but never has glitches? At the moment there are many periods in our webinars that audio loses a second or two, which some find very frustrating (our audience pays to attend..)

  • These kind of audio problems are most probably caused by the bandwidth speed & quality which we obviously have no control over. If you’re using ClickMeeting over Wi-fi, please try plugging in, this usually makes considerable difference. Hope this helps.

  • Business Meeting Online

    Hi I think ClickMeeting and Clickwebinar are a great meeting and marketing software, with the software in HD you are more than likely to impress viewers and close out deals better.
    Thank you

  • I have run a couple of web conferences recently with 4-6 participants — all using VOIP audio and webcams.

    In both cases the audio quality was terrible for all participants. I’m connected via cable to wifi.

    In both cases, we switched off video — with no great improvement — and then transferred to our clients’ GoToMeeting accounts (using VOIP). In both cases, the audio was much better with GTM.

    Why is this?


  • Hi Justin, This might have been caused the latest flash plugin which unfortunately can cause some audio glitches for some users and in this case switching off vide won’t help – but we’d have to look into the specific meeting and see what might have caused the problems. If it was the Flash plugin, reverting to a previous version will usually fix it.

    Moreover, we’ve just optimized the managing of audio and if you’re experiencing the issues, you might try using Skype within ClickMeeting for audio transmission (it’s now available inside your meeting room, after clicking the audi button underneath the avatar/camera). This should also help if Flash is causing your problems.

    In any case, we’ll be glad to look into this further for you – please contact our Customer Service and we’ll look for solutions.

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