Videoconferencing Idea for Service Professionals

In recent years a trend has emerged among service providers: specialization. Why? When consumers need help, they want a professional with skills and depth of knowledge — the best in that specific field, not a generalist. But it’s difficult for the average consumer to sort out professional qualifications. So they rely on other professionals for the hand-off. Here’s a videoconferencing idea to accomplish that. Read more

Use ClickWebinar to Bolster Your Credibility

OK. You’ve got great products and services. Your offers are unbeatable values. You really know your stuff. So how come your sales are lagging? The Web makes it easier than ever to transact business, but you need a powerful ingredient: credibility. Here’s how to use ClickWebinar to create credibility faster than you think possible.  Read more

Webinar Stage Fright: Do You Have These Symptoms?

It can creep up on you. You know it’s all in your mind — literally. And yet . . . at the thought of your upcoming webinar, you’re suddenly shaking in your boots. You’ve got Webinar Stage Fright. What to do? First of all, welcome to the human race. Even the pros get a touch of it. The difference is, they know what to do. Today, you’re about to learn their secrets. Read more

Get Your SELF Ready for Webinar Success

Even the world’s greatest car is only as good as the driver behind the wheel. And even the World’s Easiest Webinar software is only as good as the person who presents the webinar. Winning webinars have a secret ingredient — YOU! So today we’re going to talk about how you can become a more successful presenter. Read more