National Earth Day 4/22/2012 – Join us!

Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, DC will be the centerpiece of Earth Day in the United States. Thousands of environmentally-conscious people from all over the country will join together with civic leaders and celebrities for this special event to galvanize the environmental movement. Read more

Are Your Online Recruiting Methods Outdated?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most valuable assets within every organization are their employees. Careful selection of suitable personnel is the key, not only to the quality of job performance, but also to enormous cost savings in the long run. Today, online recruiting is the best way to reach a wide variety of potential candidates. Read more

A Good Week for ClickMeeting

If you look back just two posts, you’ll see I wrote about reaching 500 ClickMeeting accounts. Well, here we are, only two weeks later, and we’re happy to announce this number has doubled to a nice-looking 1000. 🙂 We’re really glad you find ClickMeeting useful for your business. Read more

Exclusive ClickMeeting Offer for DimDim Customers

Are you a DimDim user? If you feel left out in the cold by the fact that you’ll no longer have service after March 15th, we have an exclusive offer to help you find a home for your online meetings and webinars. And it’s 25% cheaper than usual, for as long as you wish to use your new account. That could be your entire lifetime! Read more

Take a Tour of ClickMeeting

To make using ClickMeeting even easier and more productive, we’ve prepared a new video tour for you. In 2 short minutes, you’ll learn about the features and advantages of the ClickMeeting platform and how they can benefit your business. Read more