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Congratulations – you got the interview!  As the company you want to work for is forward-thinking and tech-minded, they may want to do your interview on a videoconferencing platform.  For many businesses, this is now the preferred way to go about it.  The number of applicants for every job being filled has been rising since the recession.  A virtual interview lets them learn more about each candidate than a telephone interview would allow, before bringing them in for the real deal.

Interviewing on the telephone can be awkward.  People commonly talk all over each other, and without the aid of eye contact, facial expressions, and body language, it’s hard to interpret the undertones of what people say.  Interviewing on a videoconferencing platform takes away some of that awkwardness – but requires a little more effort to get it right.  To put your best foot forward on a virtual platform, you’ll need a bit of Steve Jobs and a pinch of Emily Post – both technical know-how and classical etiquette are essential for acing a virtual interview.


Are you experienced?

bulbFirst off, understand the ins and outs of the software that you’ll be using for videoconferencing.  Take some time to play around with the different features, such as the microphone, sound, split screen, and screen sharing.  Even if you’ve used the program before, don’t let yourself get overconfident.  Pretend like you’re a newbie who’s never laid eyes on it.  You may even learn something new and be able to show them a trick or two.  They’ll be impressed by your savvy with the software of choice if you can use it with flair – and they won’t if you seem clueless.


Put on Your Monday Best

Videoconferencing are a little less formal than in-person interviews, but only by a fraction.  With the opportunity to see you, the search committee will be paying attention to your personal traits, and that includes what you’re wearing.  You can probably get away with not wearing a suit, but look professional.  Find out what the dress code is at the company, and then aim a little above that.  You’re trying to impress them, but you also want to look like you could be one of them.  A keen eye for their style sense will subconsciously help them envision having you as part of the team.  Even if it’s a telecommute position, wait until you’re actually hired before you start working in your PJs.


How About a Little Peace and Quiet?

153778573Dogs barking?  Kids crying?  Dishwasher running?  These may be everyday noises in and around your home, but you’d never hear them in an interview!  Set aside a quiet space free from distractions where you can hide away while you answer the big questions.  There will be plenty of time to deal with your usual multi-tasking after you’ve secured your spot in the short list.  If you don’t have a private office, any quiet space – the basement, your bedroom – will work.  Just be sure to keep the dirty laundry out of sight.


Look Me in the Eyes

The web is full of distractions.  I can haz more cute cat pictures plz?  In your web interview, your full attention should always be on the interviewers and their questions (and when it’s not, it should be on your responses!)  Avoid fidgeting, looking away from the webcam, twiddling your fingers, rubbing your eyes, or anything that’s not engaging with the search committee.  These bad habits can become reasons for them to consider you a less desirable candidate.  Make eye contact.  Some practice can help here, as webcams are fussy about orientation: test out talking to someone via your webcam to make sure you’ll actually be making eye contact, and not staring at a spot in the corner of the room.  Unless you plan on sharing documents or websites, avoid opening any other windows on your computer.  Searching through your desktop will make you look distracted. Instead, print out anything you’ll need to reference beforehand – just like you’d do in person.


Be Expressive!  Be-E-Expressive!

promoteThe squeaky wheel gets the job. Use the advantage of videoconferencing to convey why the company should bring you back for a second interview.  You can do this directly, by stating how your qualifications and characteristics fit well with the company and job.  Or you can be more coy about it, by expressing something you find particularly interesting about the company/job, or relating a work story that demonstrates you’re the one.  Either way, be vocal about why you want to work with them.  Be natural with your voice and facial expressions: it’s common when you’re nervous about an interview to freeze up, go monotone, and forget to smile.  Make sure you express what you’re thinking and feeling both with your body language as well as your voice, and you’ll get the message across.

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Virtual Conferences: Professional Development, a Click Away Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:50:42 +0000 Read more

Virtual Conferences: Professional Development, a Click Away is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Practically every profession, from law to medicine to retail, has its professional conferences.  It’s a worthy investment to increase visibility in the field and expose professionals to new ideas that they can bring back and use.  But the cost of attending a professional conference can be a great strain on company resources.  Hotel, airfare, registration, meals, and transportation add up to a not insignificant sum.

Conferences are one of those costs with a return on investment is a little nebulous.  The accounting department can never truly calculate in dollars how much a company benefitted from employees attending a conference.  You may not know until years down the line whether it was worth investing in.  You may never know.  Generally, a bad conference is a waste, and a good conference is priceless.

105939356Some professions are seeing relief from these costs in the form of virtual conferences.  To attend a virtual conference, you need not leave your office at all.  No bag check-in, no hotel room mix-ups, no snoring neighbour on an airplane.  With careful program planning and good communication, virtual conferences can be well worth the time and (relatively little) money spent on them. As a result of their flexibility cost effectiveness, virtual conferences are increasing in popularity.


Getting smart: virtual conferences in the field of education

The education field has been using videoconferencing to provide classroom and coursework access to students for years.  So it’s only natural that educators are pioneers in using videoconferencing technologies to educate themselves.  The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, one of the most highly attended conferences in the education sphere, is a prime example of how educators see virtual programming as the new frontier of professional development.  Attendees can get access to keynote speakers, panels, and presentations both face-to-face and as webcasts.

200309838-001The organizers of EDUCAUSE understand the time-pressed schedules of teachers from P-12 to college and beyond.  Lesson planning, classroom time, one-on-one tutoring, and overall commitment to students take up the majority of educators’ limited hours.  Teachers are known to have some of the busiest and most rapidly changing professional lives as new government-mandated education plans are developed, student populations expand, and number of teachers to fill classrooms is not enough.  And the profession isn’t known for having bottomless pockets, either.  Virtual conferences are the innovate solution that teachers need to keep up with continuing education while being able to meet the demands of their work.


Time and money: universal barriers to opportunity

In their own ways, other professions are experiencing the time and budget crunch as well.  Since the recession, although economic outlooks have generally been sunnier, businesses are still being conservative about spending where it’s not absolutely essential.  This can mean lost opportunities for professional development.  Taking a day to attend a virtual conference for $60, versus several days for a $1,000 conference, is a huge difference where time and money are concerned.

tracksalesVirtual conferences not only increase the possibilities for the attendees and their company sponsors – they also help organizations that run conferences save money.  This means that, potentially, more conferences can be held – both by organizations that already put them on and those who never before could afford to.


Not the same old thing

There are, of course, aspects of attending a conference in person that you just can’t get with a virtual conference.  You’ll be eating your lunch by yourself or in the break room as usual instead of grabbing a bite with new acquaintances at a fancy restaurant in the destination city.  Swag bags aren’t usually passed out via videoconference, so you’ll have to get your own pens and reusable grocery bags.  But many people are quite willing to forego the unique experiences that come with attending a conference in-person for the efficiency and convenience of a virtual one.  For many, attending a virtual conference would be a brand-new experience in itself.  When multiple technologies are integrated to deliver topic information in innovative ways, each conference can bring something refreshing.


Far from the new norm, but closer to normal

expertsThe top conferences in any given profession will likely continue to host in-person events.  Appearances by top experts in the field and meaningful networking connections are often best made face-to-face – at least traditionally.  Some would argue that the full-on shared experience of meeting with other like-minded professionals is lost in a virtual conference. There will always be some resistance, if only for the reason that traveling to a conference is an excuse for a company-paid pseudo-vacation from the daily grind.

Unwilling attitudes have been taken about nearly every new technology intended to replace old methods of communication.  Yet people find ways to adapt to these technologies for the same familiar reasons – time and money (and, just as often, pure enjoyment).  Virtual conferences are here to stay, and have the potential to open up learning opportunities to many more people than can be reached at major conferences.  If you hear about a virtual conference in your profession, give it some serious thought.  Bring up the time and money factors, and your boss might just say yes.

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How Webinars Expand Reach To Your Target Audience In Online Marketing Fri, 12 Sep 2014 11:24:55 +0000 Read more

How Webinars Expand Reach To Your Target Audience In Online Marketing is a post from: ClickMeeting

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The beauty of online marketing, as marketing organizations have come to appreciate, is that you can reach out to your target audience using less time and money and for good reason. Because really, in today’s world of business competition and perpetual race for cost efficiency, the organization that can best manage resources survives, if not, leads the pack.

Nowadays, no matter how small or large your organization is, time and resources are always important considerations when designing your marketing plan. The idea is to always maximize benefits using the most effective and cost efficient way. For marketing organizations, tapping into available resources such as online communication is fast becoming an option of choice. With the advent of high-speed internet, more and more people are being connected to the fabric of online communication, a phenomenon that is hard to ignore especially for marketing organizations.


Out With The Old, In With The New

dv1954038We were once in an age when companies wanting to convey a message to huge target audiences organized a seminar or a conference. The problem with that though was the amount of time and financial resources involved. Imagine the time and effort it took to gather hundreds of people to pitch your latest product or service and you would have spent loads of organizational resources without even the slightest assurance of sales.

Advancement in online technology has shifted the ways that marketing organizations do their business of communication to their target audiences. Nowadays, webinars are increasingly used to convey marketing messages to large audiences. Why? Because webinars are convenient, cost effective and effective. Marketing organizations are able to reach hundreds, or more, of their target audience pool without spending buckets in travel expenses and space rentals. The same message, the same personal communication, but with an altogether different means of spending important company resources.

163271853A recent study by a market research organization Content Research Institute shows that even B2B marketers are confirming the effectiveness and viability of webinars to expand their reach to target audience and cultivate them throughout the entire sales process. There are probably a hundred and one ways that companies can benefit from webinars. The bottom line, however, is how to ensure that the webinars they host could indeed attract their target audience. After all, dynamic marketing means developing dynamic leads, so it is important to ensure that the webinars are able to effectively permeate not just existing, but, new audiences.


Know And Understand Your Audience

Whatís good for Caesar may not be good for Bob. Knowing your target audience is not just knowing where they live or what their age bracket is, although having such market demographics at your fingertips can help you move on to more important aspects of knowing your audience.

To attract your target audience, you need to know:

  • What interests them.
  • What they are looking for in a product or service.
  • What problems are they looking to solve?
  • Where are competitors lacking in providing solutions?
  • What are the solutions that will serve their needs?

Marketing organizations that really know their audience are able to design webinars that will entice, engage and captivate that audience.


Always Offer Something New

177022114The best webinars are those that tackle the new stuff. Depending on the known interests of your target audience, craft a webinar that will offer them something that will satiate their desire to learn something new. Are they interested in emerging market trends? Offer them a webinar that places your company as a credible resource to get them intimate with new trends. Are they interested in solving old problems using new solutions? Create a webinar that expands their knowledge where it matters most to them. Hosting webinars this way will not only establish your organization’s expertise in providing solutions to their woes, but also develop the trust of that audience.


Utilize Tools To Expand The Knowledge Of The Audience

Effective marketing begets new leads. The point in marketing is to get an ever expanding target audience and you can realize this with the aid of online communication tools that are included in webinar software platforms. Maximize polls, surveys and chats to gather data and know your audience more. This will result in cost-effective ways of doing market research, hence providing you with more ways of knowing the effectiveness of your webinars and overall online marketing strategy.


Bottom Line

There is nothing like talking with an audience to get your marketing message across and the use of webinars proves time and again to be one of the most efficient, productive and advantageous tools in the marketing arsenal. Try it! Take the first step by choosing a credible webinar provider, such as, ClickWebinar, and then begin the steps to crafting your content. Offer useful information and your target audience will flock to your side.

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An Inspiring Alternative to Boring Update Meetings Wed, 10 Sep 2014 12:22:10 +0000 Read more

An Inspiring Alternative to Boring Update Meetings is a post from: ClickMeeting

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You’re holding a meeting. Suddenly you notice their eyes are glazed over. You hear the soft z-z-z-z sound of snoozing. That’s when you know — you’re in a boring update meeting. There’s a better way, and it’s surprisingly easy to organize. Today’s post is a quick guide.

Here’s an idea you may not have considered, one that’s pretty radical coming from a company that specializes in meetings:

Cancel your next update meeting.

That’s right. Just don’t meet. If your team needs an update, send a memo. Or a spreadsheet. Or a group voicemail, recorded video, or audio file. But don’t force them to listen to boring updates.


From education to transformation

76756458Update meetings can be frustrating. Often the information is routine. At best, you may be able to get your team members to stay awake, pay attention, and come up with a comment or question.

Not very lofty goals.

There’s a worthier goal for your update meeting: transformation. Make up your mind to change their hearts, minds, and actions. Here’s how.


1. Develop a strong point of view

A transformation meeting can be risky. Why? Because you may the one who needs transforming. Your point of view may be misguided. Or unrealistic. Or just plain wrong. So if you have a fragile ego, you may want to stick with boring update meetings.

happyBut if you are truly open to honest feedback and meaningful collaboration, you must be willing to put yourself out there. So consider the facts and develop an opinion about what’s right for the organization. Then come up with a way to state your strong opinions while leaving the door open for feedback and debate.


2. Support your ideas

Before you present your point of view, do your homework. Then see if your research covers the basic elements of persuasive argument:

  • Claim – What is true? This element is a statement you intend to prove. It’s impossible to prove a vague idea, so state your claim as clearly and accurately as possible. Example: Coffee drinkers are irritating people.
  • Warrant – Why is the claim true?This element is like a subtitle for your claim. Example: The caffeine in coffee can cause nervousness.
  • Evidence – Where’s your proof? Is your claim based on personal experience? Or can you cite an expert? Do you have research to support your claim? Example: In a scientific study, Dr. Dunkin Starbuck found coffee drinkers tend to be more jittery than the general population.
  • Impact – What does it all mean? This element completes the circle of proof. Example: Jittery people tend to make those around them jittery too.

This structure is thousands of years old and has been wired into the way we think. Without it, your audience will have trouble accepting your point of view.


3. Get ready for resistance

154078286OK, coffee is a dumb example, but you get the point, right? If I presented it seriously, coffee drinkers would reject my argument. Your meeting will be no different. Certain people will resist your message. That’s OK — disagreements add energy. But be careful how you handle them. If you’re the boss, it’s tempting to squash competing opinions. But as Dale Carnegie observed, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

So think through the objections you may encounter. You may choose to bring up certain objections and answer them as part of your presentation. Sales pros call this “unplugging the objection,” and it works beautifully. Or you may choose to wait for a participant to bring up an objection, for which you’ll have a ready answer. And if someone brings up an objection you haven’t thought of, handle it with grace. Don’t try to prove the person wrong, just answer it. And have the humility to realize that it may be an opportunity to change your mind and admit your point of view is wrong.


Compare and contrast

ideasAnother helpful technique is to present alternative points of view. It proves you’re a fair-minded person who has considered all the angles. Give a fair assessment of the pros and cons of each. But let your attendees know your opinion. You’re there to advocate a specific point of view.


4. Create a clear future

There may be a flurry of discussion. Or your attendees may cheerfully adopt your point of view, grateful you’ve taken the time for a reasoned argument.

Either way, your meeting isn’t over until everyone agrees about next steps — even if the next step is for everyone to think about it until the next meeting and be ready to cast their vote.


Make a difference

Does this seem like a lot of work? It is. But it’s the work of leadership. Your new focus on transformation will energize your meeting. And your team. Maybe your whole company.

You may even transform your entire industry.

So stop holding boring meetings. Start changing hearts and minds. Your next meeting could be the start of something big!

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How Small And Large Business Benefit From Video Conferencing Mon, 08 Sep 2014 13:57:39 +0000 Read more

How Small And Large Business Benefit From Video Conferencing is a post from: ClickMeeting

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The way we work has radically changed in the past decade. Traditionally, people came to the office and stayed there for eight hours to work, now people do not have to be physically present, but, still remain productive. In the past, important meetings with clients required travel and at a high cost to the company. Now, the Internet enables us to collaborate on work projects face to face, even when we are physically apart – sometimes, even when we are on different continents and different time zones.


The Videoconference Revolution

One of the benefits of the technological advances associated with the Internet is videoconferencing. Through videoconferencing, people from different locations who are working on a project or task together can communicate face-to-face so that they can better coordinate their efforts.


Benefits Of Videoconferencing For Business

102764927Videoconferencing can greatly reduce travel costs, and no matter the size of a business, the bottom line is always of utmost concern. A big company with affiliates and branches throughout the country or the world can monitor operations in remote locations through videoconferencing. All that is required is a date and time to meet in a virtual office.

A call is made and several parties can meet and discuss a pre-set agenda. A small company can save even more money in that its sales or marketing representatives do not need travel to see suppliers or clients to make a sales pitch or to discuss delivery. Traveling for business, even for sales representative who knew well when they signed on and got hired that they would be travelling extensively for their job, can still feel fatigued by constantly being on the move. When videoconferencing is in use, the travel time will be drastically cut.

So far we have discussed how this technology helps a business’ bottom line in being a cost effective method that saves not only money, but, time as well.


Increased Productivity

105939356It is also evident that this method of communication is highly productive in bringing together people from various remote locations into one virtual meeting room. For one, people in the field do not need to keep going back to office. And second, people at the office do not need to go out to the field. People can meet no matter where they are in the world through videoconferencing.

Technicians and field personnel who need to be on site outside the office do not need to waste time by always going back to the office to file or deliver reports. While in the field where they do the bulk of their work, they can set up a camera and the managers at the office can see for themselves what work has been accomplished at the site. It is as though they are conducting an ocular inspection themselves as the camera can be taken to inspect machinery, factories, construction sites or any other thing relevant to the business.

Productivity and developing relationships with clients can be increased as well through this medium, as virtual meetings brings even those that are located five thousand miles away into the same room. And as opposed to a phone call, videoconferencing allows for face to face contact that can be an indispensable tool in business.


Requirements For Videoconferencing

Videoconference platforms, such as, ClickMeeting offer all the necessary tools for the most productive virtual meetings. But, not all platforms are created equally, and so, here are the most important features to look for:


  • User Friendly Platform - These are typically intricate platforms and so it is important to choose one that offers an easy to use dashboard where all the tools can be easily accessed by everyone in attendance.
  • File Transfer Feature - A simple and effective means of transferring of files between participants is an essential feature, and typically applies to all business.
  • Annotations - Another important element that allows for participants to comment throughout the meeting to gain the attention of the host and other meeting attendees.
  • Recording of Meetings - The recording of meetings can be of benefit on many levels in all types of industries. Typically this is a standard feature, though some platforms charge extra for recording.
  • Preparation Mode - This is another essential feature, especially when the meeting involves clients and other VIPs. It allows the host to preview all the elements before the meeting starts to make sure that everything is properly set up and ready to go.
  • Participant Numbers - Some platforms charge by the number of attendees, and so this maybe an important consideration for business.


Choosing A Reputable Service

mistakeThere are many videoconference platforms, so it important to do the research and choose one that is reputable and highly functional to avoid disasters, such as, technical problems or loss of functionality in the middle of a meeting, especially with a client. It is critical to make sure they offer excellent customer service so when technical problems happen they can be addressed in a timely and efficient manner.


Final Thoughts

Videoconferencing can keep professional relationships open, convenient, productive and cost effective, that is always great for business. Facial expressions and reactions to news or discussion through videoconferencing make for better collaborative relationships. When people’s relationships matter in a business, videoconferencing can help people maintain these relationships.

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How A Webinar Can Facilitate You To Establish Expertise And Become An Influencer In Your Industry Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:40:21 +0000 Read more

How A Webinar Can Facilitate You To Establish Expertise And Become An Influencer In Your Industry is a post from: ClickMeeting

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There’s always something about expertise that commands a stream of followers and loyal patrons. In whichever industry, the market is almost always captured by those who are considered experts in their respective fields. People want to deal with experts when they are looking for the best person or company to do business with. They are willing to listen and partner with persons or entities that exhibit a fair share of expertise. People are looking for who to trust, and expertise, both perceived and realized, is an important cornerstone in building that trust.

Whatever the task at hand, an air of expertise lends credence to those who offer specific services and seek a stream of captured audience. Clients and audiences are always searching for the right information tools, services and products that fit their needs and they are raring to be influenced in making the right choice. There is a full spectrum of industries and businesses and the rules of the game is inclusive yet simple: Expertise commands influence, and influencing your target audience means followers, patrons, clients and an increase in the bottom line.


  • So, you are a consultant for some type of industry and you want to build your client base? Clients will not hire you simply because you are a consultant; they will hire you because you are an expert.
  • Maybe you are a blogger who wants to rake in subscribers? Show your online audience that you have an expert opinion and you will have them subscribing to your feeds in an instant.
  • Are you a company that offers information technology products and services who want a fair share of the market? You need to build your reputation as an expert who will provide people with the best possible solutions.
  • Are you an educator whose sheer business is training and pedagogy? Show the public that your name has earned expertise in your field.


Whatever industry you belong to, there is an ever present need to establish your expertise so you can influence people to take your lead.

educationBut, before you go brandishing a literal seal of expertise on the landing page of your site or your social media profile, bear in mind that expertise is not something that could just be claimed. Cliche as it may sound, expertise, even in our time when the Internet has created tools to make hefty claims to credible information and knowledge at times a lot easier to manufacture and showcase, is something that needs to be earned. You need to exhibit your expertise, and make that claim real in the consciousness of your target audience.

There is, however, a myth that often shrouds our views on how expertise is delineated. While others may think that experts are those who know more than everybody else, social psychology points to the fact that in most cases, expertise is actually a badge exhibited by someone who knows something and is willing to share that knowledge so that others may also learn. Your target audiences and clients will think of you as an expert if they know that you know something because you are sharing that knowledge with them.


The Ideal Solution To Exhibiting Your Expertise

163271853And here is where webinars offer a fitting solution to your expertise building woes. This nifty communication and knowledge sharing tool works perfectly to establish and prove your expertise to your target audience. Audiences are raring to learn and webinars provide just the right kind of interactive venue to seize your target audience and provide them with information.


  • Since a webinar is a virtual seminar, your voice and the variety of efficient tools at your disposal, such as, desktop sharing, images, Powerpoint slides, graphs, charts and much more allow for the most efficient manner in which to convey expertise and influence your target audience.
  • When doing webinars, you have more time to establish and exhibit your knowledge and audiences can then ask questions and scrutinize that knowledge, which is something that a blog post or twitter feed simply cannot offer in an instant.
  • Webinars also allow you to share valuable content without making your audience single-handedly leaf through lines upon lines of printed material or web posts.
  • Through webinars, your audience learns not because they persevered in reading your views but because you personally walked them through what you actually know.
  • Whether you host your own webinar or sign up for a webinar gathering of other players in your niche community, you are also able to choose for yourself a topic that allows you to venture into something you are particularly good at.
  • You can also customize your webinar input not only to suit the needs of your audience but also create an air of anticipation for what you have to share and discuss.


Bottom Line

Truth be told, establishing your expertise is an achievable goal when you create and use the right tools that the Internet and social media offer. Given their versatility and proven benefits, webinars can help you build your credibility, establish your expertise in your field, provide a venue to engage your audience and ultimately influence them to choose you in a sea of industry contenders.

How A Webinar Can Facilitate You To Establish Expertise And Become An Influencer In Your Industry is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Do’s and Don’ts for Online Presenters #infographic Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:59:15 +0000 Read more

Do’s and Don’ts for Online Presenters #infographic is a post from: ClickMeeting

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You’re an expert in your subject. So the content of your presentation will be stellar. But tiny flaws could make you seem like a newbie and ruin your credibility. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Today’s infographic is a handy checklist of all the basics to make you look like an old pro. Lets look at the do’s and (maybe more important) the don’ts.

A few decades ago, experts predicted that the Internet would make person-to-person contact less relevant. Oops, the experts got it wrong.

Today’s audiences welcome the human touch. And now it’s easier to deliver, thanks to amazing advances in audio-video technology and the Cloud. These innovations have placed worldwide videoconferencing within reach for even the smallest organizations.

As a result, 25% of all business professionals view at least one online presentation per day.


Get it right

Unfortunately, many presenters don’t pay attention to the basics.

For example, 30% of presentations include diagrams that are too complex to absorb. And 17% don’t even include visuals. That’s good news for you. With attention to the basics of design, you can create a standout presentation.

And if you think wordy slides are the way to go, be aware that 48% of professionals believe full sentences are boring — at least in presentations. To keep audience attention, keep slides simple.


Dodge these errors

Speaking of text-heavy slides… are you still reading slides to your audience? Well, 72% of professionals think it’s annoying. So just don’t do it.

Worried about giving a wrong answer? In TV and radio interviews, the interviewee always seems to come up with the right answers. That’s because they find out the questions in advance. You can do the same thing. Just survey your audience beforehand to find out their burning questions.

Here are a few more reminders for high-impact presentations.


Got a friend who’s preparing a presentation? Send her this infographic. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Online Tutoring Do’s and Don’ts Mon, 01 Sep 2014 12:31:23 +0000 Read more

Online Tutoring Do’s and Don’ts is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Student life today is governed by achievement.  As competition for high grades and entrance to top universities skyrockets, the demand for tutors is increasing.  A private tutor in math, science, language arts, and other core areas of study can give students the individualized attention they need to do their absolute best.  For some students, succeeding at all in high school and college is dependent on their having a tutor for additional help.

Running a tutoring business doesn’t come with a lot of overhead costs.  However, it can be time consuming, both for the tutor and the student, to drive back and forth to meet up at a coffee shop, library, or other study-friendly location.  This time investment can sometimes be a barrier for students who already have a busy schedule filled with the sports activities, volunteer commitments and music lessons that also keep them competitive.  There’s always the option of driving to the student’s home, but that adds time you’re not getting paid for and eats up gas.

105939356Tutoring online removes this distance barrier and can easily be done using videoconferencing software.  Most face-to-face tutoring sessions last around an hour to make it worth the travel time.  With online tutoring, it’s possible to meet for just 20 or 30 minutes if that’s all the student needs.  There’s also a lot of opportunity to add new clients who are mainly interested in the online tutoring option.  If you’re considering expanding your independent tutoring business to reach students virtually, these tips will help you maximize profits and make the best use of your time (and your student’s).


Do: Create a Designated Classroom Space to Deliver Tutoring

The quiet of the library and the gentle hum of a busy coffee shop make these two locations the most popular for studying.  Creating an ambiance that encourages focused attention and commitment to learning is important.  You can replicate this virtually by hosting your web tutoring session in a place that looks and feels like a classroom, library, or coffee shop.  Chat in from a room with a whiteboard and bookshelves.  Use the website and app Coffitivity, which mimics the din of a coffee shop, that many users find increases their focus.  Encourage your student to choose a spot for your virtual tutoring session that is quiet and free of distractions, so they can be fully present in the virtual study space you create.


Do: Charge the Same Rate as a Face-to-Face Session

102764927The value of your tutoring skills doesn’t decline just because you’re offering them online.  Remember that you are still available to meet with your students face-to-face as needed.  Charging more for an online tutoring session may turn parents off from seeking either your virtual or face-to-face services.  Charging less implies that it’s somehow inferior to meeting with you in person, and could make clients hesitant to try it (many parents are still more traditional).  Stay consistent and parents will value both equally.


Do: Prepare Ahead of Time

An online tutoring session will take a little bit more planning than meeting with a student in person, at least at first.  Some aspects of tutoring like sharing content, helping them keep good notes, and keeping your flow to maintain their attention will require some creative thinking and awareness of how you and the student will interact with each other through the software you’re using.  Get to know your software forwards and backwards and be prepared to do a little tutoring with the student on how to use it.


Don’t: Overextend Your Client Base

121113384Even though online tutoring may allow you to work with more students and obtain additional clients, the ease of meeting online can quickly overburden you with TOO much business.  Initially you can extend your online tutoring services to existing clients.  Then, if there’s still time to squeeze in more clients, seek out new ones by strongly marketing the online component.


Don’t: Worry if It Seems Awkward at First

It takes some time to get used to web conferencing, even if it’s just for a catch-up with Grandma.  Running a business through an online platform comes with its own learning curve.  Being clear with your student what materials they need ahead of time will make things run a lot more smoothly.  If they’re all ready to go, then you just have your part to worry about.  Do a practice run with a friend or family member to test out whether your methods will work well or need some tweaking.

Don’t: Be Overly Formal or Regimented

cowWhile you’ll be putting a lot of planning into your student’s curriculum, leave room for some flexibility with what happens during the online session.  The student might still forget their homework in their locker, or they may need help on a different topic than was originally planned.  In short, be prepared for anything.  The more you work with your web conferencing software, the easier it will be to switch gears.

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Box? What box? Stepping outside of the Monitor Fri, 29 Aug 2014 12:27:50 +0000 Read more

Box? What box? Stepping outside of the Monitor is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Thinking outside of the box is such a typical cliché that we all apply from time to time when faced with the need to revamp our business model. So if you are in a box, and you know it, then that is the first step: Getting over the denial, so to speak. The smart thing about this realization is that now you can start to look around at a sea of opportunities for you to stand out against the rest and make a strategic plan to establish yourself, your business model, and your product as the investment that you know is already worth the time. By combining webinars, videoconferencing, and a few in-person tactics you can completely shatter the box.

The World Of Talking Heads.

We live in a era when we see people all of the time through media in one form or another. Whether it’s on TV, electronic advertising, or even just talking to family over video, the world of talking heads is one we live in. So how do you keep yourself from becoming just another one of the talking heads? Well, for starters obviously being unique and having relevant information is the most important, but beyond that there are a few tips that you can implement to help you bust your business out of the box and give it that supercharged rush that causes people to begin to buzz. You want the world of talking heads on your side. Remember that and you will begin to see how currents in trends can begin to work in your favor.


Give People The Ability To Reach You

154066058An email address just isn’t enough anymore. Now we all have websites, rich blog content, information, and even at times a touch of the personal. These are all good and in order to bring it to the next level, you have to begin correspondence. Sounds tedious and time consuming, considering all of the other work that goes into pulling together a project, remember though, that the end result is worth it. That end result is a stronger relationship with the people that are going to help keep you afloat. It’s about connections and not numbers.


Offer Incentives, Give Away Prizes.

Yep. Even adults love to win prizes. Who doesn’t? So if you have something that you can offer as an award it really can bring in the attention and show that you care about your audience. The giveaway also opens up your opportunity to establish a greater callback opportunity. Have people sign up for a newsletter, get them to get o n a mailing list, have them recommend the site through their social media. Utilize these free resources to build your business. If you need to give away a few t-shirts in the process, than that’s just even more advertising that’s going out into the world to spread the word of what you are producing.


Do Some Legwork

102115754Offering free seminars can be an awesome way to truly establish that human connection that will get your project out of the box. You may have to do a little traveling to get to a prime location to host your event. Once you find the right location all you have to do is put out the word that you will be having a live seminar to your online audience and watch as people pour in. There is still much to be said about having legitimate, actual, face-to-face time.

When you supplement your videoconferences and webinars with live work you get the double benefit of meeting people face-to-face, but then also you have the opportunity to broadcast through the web and even charge for that. Show-up, get in free, go online and you pay. You don’t have to charge a lot, but it is enough to boost the incentive for people to come out and actually get to know you and your brand.


Be Patient, They Will Arrive

200309838-001Don’t get too caught up in how high your attendance is on any of these out-of-the-box techniques. You may only have two people sign up for a sweepstakes that you offer. Maybe only fifty people show up at your first in-person seminar. These are times when it is important to remember that it is quality and not quantity that are going to carry you over. Sometimes people just don’t get the chance to respond to everything that is going on through the social media spheres. In fact, hardly anyone does.

For this reason, simply putting the opportunities out there for people to see you as more than just another talking head is where the critical elements lie. It’s isn’t so important that you have the active participation, but you do need to have the presentation and the access in case one would want to get further involved with your aims.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 5 Steps to Improving Information Delivery in a Webinar Wed, 27 Aug 2014 12:01:52 +0000 Read more

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 5 Steps to Improving Information Delivery in a Webinar is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Webinars average about an hour in length. The average attention span is 8 seconds. When you deliver a webinar, you are racing against time in two dimensions: the amount of time you have to present, and the amount of time you’ll have your audience’s attention. There is no time to waste with superfluous slides and discussions. Effectively delivering the information you want to get across is your #1 objective as a presenter.

Eliminate distractions

In order to have your audience’s full attention, look into what possible distractions exist in your presenting environment. Excess noise is an obvious one. Conduct your webinar in a quiet space and inform others of your presence so no one will walk in and interrupt. If you are in a home office, take the dog outside, put the baby to bed, and finish running your laundry before running your live webinar. Test your microphone to make sure there won’t be any feedback when you speak. Visually speaking, when you’re delivering your webinar, don’t have other windows open that aren’t related to your discussion. And not to nag, but clean up your computer desktop. Odds are your audience will see it, and a messy one looks bad and is yet another distraction.


Don’t be married to what’s in your slides

pytanieYou put a lot of work into your slides, and that’s great. A solid set of slides made with Powerpoint or other presentation software is essential. However, following the slides exactly as planned is not. In fact, it can be detrimental to your presentation to be so rigid. Loosen up. Ultimately, you want to deliver information that your audience can use. So find out early on in the presentation what they are interested in learning. Do a poll or take a moment to get feedback. Their interests, not yours, should guide your webinar. You can add in additional information as appropriate, or move around out of order to cover specific topics. Dare to go out of sequence if it will make your presentation more relevant to your audience.


Weed out slides that don’t deliver key information

It seemed like a good idea at the time. That slide looked good when you made it, but maybe it only looked good next to the other stellar ones around it. When it comes to showing it on its own in the presentation, it stands out in a bad way. Sometimes, information that you want to present gets clouded by unnecessary slides. Not every point you make needs its own slide, especially if you have a long presentation already. Slides that are inserted for “fun,” like those containing quotes and images, are fine as long as they stay on point. Examples of slides that can be weeded out include:

  • Short slides that you only plan to show for a few seconds
  • Slides that include repeat information
  • Slides that contain mostly images and not much content
  • Slides that contain large blocks of text (no one will read this!)
  • “Flashy” slides that show off your design skills, and not your message

Consider consolidating the information in slides you want to eliminate into other slides. However, don’t let any individual slide get too cluttered. Some content may just have to be let go.


Build a relationship with your audience

dv1954038Your audience is there for you. You need to be there for your audience. From the first minute of your presentation, you should be fully engaging your webinar attendees. First, get to know them. Welcome each person as they enter the virtual room. Conduct polls to find out more about them, and pay attention to questions that are typed into the chat box. Start off your presentation with an interesting story, factoid or anecdote that will get them hooked on what you have to say. Take questions as they come up to give a natural flow to the discussion and to make sure they’re stay with you.

An audience that is well taken care of will be appreciative. Give them any information they need about the videoconferencing software to get the most from their experience. Make use of application-sharing features that enhance their sense of being right there with you – show them a website in the browser and click through what you want to show them, rather displaying screenshots. Provide your contact information, and follow up within 24 hours with any presentation materials you want to send. And always thank them for their time.


Don’t make a live presentation sound pre-recorded

76756458A webinar that could just as easily have been recorded as delivered live leaves audience members thinking that they could have spent their time on something better. And the truth is, they could. What you want is for them to feel like attending your webinar was a positive, invaluable experience. Pre-recorded webinars that are not originally presented to a live audience are often read from a script, or worse, read directly from the presentation slides. Avoid doing either of these things, as your audience will recognize what you’re doing and tune out, just like they might with a pre-recorded session.

Utilize the tips above to make your webinar as close to the live experience as possible. People attend live webinars in part because they want to have a social experience. Give them that, and the information you want them to take away will sink in that much easier.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 5 Steps to Improving Information Delivery in a Webinar is a post from: ClickMeeting

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