ClickMeeting Blog Webinars Tips & Tricks Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:08:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why You Should Give Extra Perks To Your Webinar Attendees Tue, 15 Nov 2016 13:56:43 +0000 Read more]]> The power to influence your webinar attendees isn’t just in the way you present your presentation or the quality information that you provide. Offering incentives in the form of extra perks for your webinar attendees is one way to greatly influence your audience and make more sales. When it comes to giving away something of value, the only factor that restricts you is your imagination.

In this article, you will learn why you should give extra perks to your webinar attendees and what some of the best freebies you can give are.


Why Give Extra Perks to Your Webinar Audience

It is true that a well-prepared and well-presented webinar provides great value to your audience. That is especially true when you present educational webinars. Your audience leaves the webinar having learned something new and valuable. Therefore, you could think that you have done enough to convert them or get them to opt in.

Giving away extra perks during your webinar is a way to add tremendous value to your presentation. After all, who doesn’t love to get something for free? In fact, if a person knows that the free item is of value to them, they are usually willing to go to great lengths to get it. Giving away something for free is the best way to get people interested in your product or service.

Providing free perks also helps to strengthen the relationship with your customers. When your customers receive a product or service for free, they will be more inclined to want to repay you, and this can lead to return customers. Very often, this means signing up for your next webinar or even purchasing a product.


What are the Best Perks for Your Audience?

Let’s look at some of the best ways that you can use freebies and extra perks to leverage a positive response from your audience and even boost sales.

A Free eBook

There are many different types of eBooks that you can offer your audience for free. For example, you could make a PDF book from the transcript and slides in your webinar presentation. Just think about it, you already have all the content you need. All you need to is format the text and pictures to make an interesting eBook.

This gives you the chance to make nice bulleted lists, colorful charts and graphs, and have your educational slides and other visuals nicely presented in the document. In the end, if the eBook that you produce compliments your presentation, then it is something that your audience will value. You should remember to include the appropriate links back to your website.

However, you could also give away other books that are connected to your niche or industry that offers valuable information. It could be a book that you found especially helpful, or one that you know compliments your webinar.


Store Coupons and Discount Codes

Another great freebie that you can give away is store coupons. Store coupons and discount codes kept exclusively for webinar attendee can provide a great incentive to opt in.

For example, you could offer a coupon that allows the attendee to have a free trial of one of your products or services. This could be just enough to entice the person to sign up as a paying user. This is a great way to take away the risk from paying for a product that they are not sure about.

If you are using store coupons or discount codes as an incentive to your webinar audience, it’s important to keep this until the end. It can be viewed as a reward for showing enough interest in your product to stay until the end. Of course, it’s important to periodically in the webinar to mention that you have a special offer at the end.


Exclusive Information

Another perk for your webinar audience is to offer exclusive information that isn’t available elsewhere. Therefore, at the end of your webinar or in your post-webinar follow-up emails, you could provide exclusive links to members-only areas of your website. Here you could provide extra educational material, more information on your products or services, or recordings of all your previous webinars.

The most important thing to remember is that the audience needs to know that this is a perk that cannot be found anywhere else. This adds value to the exclusive information that you provide and makes the webinar attendee feel special.


Free Downloads

Free downloads can also be a great incentive for your audience to keep them interested in your topic. Of course, you can provide links to download recordings, transcripts, or the slide used in your webinar.

However, depending on the type of industry you are in, you could source information, apps, and files that would be of interest your audience. For example, are there any apps that could benefit your audience? You could provide the possibility to download these from your website. You could also offer third-party files in the form of pictures, graphics, and other visuals that could be used by your audience.

You could also record extra training videos for your audience and add these at the end of your webinar as an extra perk, so, after the webinar presentation, the audience can download and view these videos in their own time.

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The Importance Of Branding Your Webinar Room Tue, 08 Nov 2016 14:49:46 +0000 Read more]]> In today’s busy corporate world, having a strong recognizable brand has never been as important as it is now. Companies invest a lot of time and money into developing and then marketing their brand. However, branding is just as important in your webinar room as it is in other areas of your online business profile.


What is a Webinar Room?

Webinar rooms are becoming commonplace because many businesses are operating on a global scale. Many businesses are using webinars that are held in an online virtual space, instead of the traditional seminar held in some physical facility.

Webinar rooms provide the perfect opportunity to gather a global audience to promote your brand, products or simply supply information that will engage leads and turn them into lifelong customers. Webinars can be recorded for later use or they can even be streamed live on the date of the presentation.


Why Branding is Important

Branding your webinar space should be more than just having your company’s logo in the corner of the screen. Perspective leads associate your brand with the entire customer experience.


Representing Your Brand

This, of course includes adding your logo to the virtual space. However, it should not stop there; designing the layout of the webinar space and including a color scheme that matches your brand and website, further allow you to present the webinar with your brand in mind.

Additionally, the way you connect with the audience, the value you provide and the presentation overall speaks volumes, and is yet another way to show-off your brand.

In short, branding is important because it is how your customers perceive your company. Therefore, branding will help your company stand out from your competitors and is instantly recognizable to your customers. It’s important that your brand shine through any time that you hold a webinar.


Why Brand Your Webinar Room

Fluidity Of Your Presence Across The Web

One of the main reasons for branding your webinar space is because branding goes to the heart of your company. Each time you communicate with leads or existing customers, it is important that your company’s brand be represented. This supports fluidity, as it gives your presentation the look and feel of your company’s brand, which translates to your website, social media profiles and all the places your brand is exhibited across the web.

Branding is also important because it provides focus and clarity to everyone taking part. Because your company’s brand is its DNA, it greatly influences how you and your employees act and work towards achieving your goals. Therefore, when your company’s brand is prominent, it helps everyone to focus on making the company a success.


Your customers know what to expect

Your customers will already recognize your brand and they will associate this with your company as a whole. You can provide them the complete experience when your webinar is branded and this can help to put them at ease because they know exactly what to expect from your company.


A strong brand creates referrals

When your clients and customers enjoy a great experience with your company, they will share this on social media, they will blog about it, and tell their friends. Therefore, having your company’s brand strongly represented during the webinar is another way to reinforce your message to your audience. After all, it is difficult to tell others about a brand if no one can remember it.


Promotes customer loyalty

Nothing promotes customer loyalty more than a strong brand. Therefore, rather than just having a generic, plain webinar room, make sure that it is clearly branded. Your customers will see this as a positive message and when you deliver your message in a way they expect, it strengthens your brand even more.

A branded webinar room also has an emotional appeal, which in itself promotes loyalty in customers. Generally, people feel good when they buy into a brand that the like and enjoy. The emotional connection that you develop with your customers through your brand will keep them coming back to your company.


Branding provides value

One of the most valuable assets of your company is its brand. In fact, your brand can create a value, which is worth far more than your company’s physical assets. Company branding in a virtual environment adds to the value of the brand.

However, it does even more. It also adds to the value of the webinar itself. When dealing with your customers in a branded webinar room, they are dealing with you and your employees based on their experience of your brand.

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5 Ways To Make Your Brand Shine During Your Webinar Fri, 04 Nov 2016 14:54:34 +0000 Read more]]> Hosting regular webinars to educate your audience promote new products, or engage with your clients are some of best ways to build your brand. However, to make sure that the webinar really strengthens your brand, you must make your brand shine during your webinar.

The importance of making sure that your brand shines during your webinar is similar to putting a spotlight on an important sign. Of course, a highlighted sign is still visible to most people, however, the extra lighting draws more attention to it, and more people will remember it.

The same is true when your brand stands out during your webinar. Your audience will, of course, get value from the webinar content, but their perception of your brand and what your company stands for will be greatly enhanced.


What can you do to make your brand shine during your webinar?

In this article, you will find the top 5 ways to really make your brand stand out during your virtual presentation.

Before we look at ways to promote your brand in a webinar presentation, it’s important to remember that branding your presentation doesn’t just mean having your company’s logo displayed as a watermark.

Branding your webinar involves promoting your brand through the content you provide, the way you talk as an authority, and the handouts you provide. Here are the best ways to highlight your brand during your webinar presentation.


1. Brand your Webinar

The first way to make your brand shine during your webinar is to ensure that all your company branding is clearly visible throughout the webinar. This means that right from the registration page you should have your logo, company colors, and message clearly displayed. It should also be consistent with the rest of your website.

During your webinar presentation, you should make sure that your company logo frequently features during your presentation. This can be done as a screen watermark or having your logo on visuals.

Another way to subtlety highlight your brand is to use your company’s colors on the slides, visuals, and text that you use. This can give a uniform feel to your webinar presentation and will help to strengthen your brand.


2. Give Away Free Handouts

Free handouts that are given out during your presentation are another way that you can make your brand shine. These handouts can be in the form of PDFs, videos, Word documents, and visuals. In fact, you don’t have to wait until your webinar presentation.

Why not make some of them available beforehand so that your audience can get a taste of what is to come.

Of course, your branding needs to feature heavily on the handouts. The goal is to make sure that there is no difference visually between your web page, webinar, and handouts.


3. Content

Apart from having a consistent image throughout your webinar, it is also important to present your content in a way that makes your brand stand out. How can you do this?
When presenting content to your webinar audience, you should always focus on how your product or service differs from your competition. Therefore, you should be well aware of all your strong points and use these to highlight weaknesses in your competitor’s products.

Of course, this does not mean criticizing your competition. It means demonstrating why and how your product is different, better and the benefit your audience will get from using it.

You can also use testimonials as part of your content to strengthen your brand. Testimonials not only add weight to your message but also can influence other people to buy into your brand.


4. Be an Authority

One of the best ways to make your brand shine during your presentation is paying attention to how you present your content. Speaking with authority on a subject lets you shine during your presentation. Remember, that the most effective webinars are not the ones that promote products or services. Usually, the best webinars are ones that educate your audience. This creates value for your audience and strengthens your brand even more.


5. Webinar Follow-up

Making your brand shine in a webinar presentation doesn’t just happen during the actual presentation. It’s important to always follow up your webinar. A webinar follow-up gives you another chance to connect with your audience and provide them with valuable content.

For example, as a bonus for attending, you could offer exclusive access to areas of your website. Alternatively, you could provide a link to download the webinar, or you could provide a handout of the presentation. These are all ways to make sure that your brand shines before, during, and after your webinar.

Even though you are not marketing a new or unique product, the fact that you make your brand stands out during your presentation will help to strengthen your brand in your industry or niche.

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Using The Webinar Registration Form To Gain Marketing Intelligence Tue, 01 Nov 2016 12:39:29 +0000 Read more]]> One of the biggest mistakes in presenting a webinar is not paying attention to the all-important registration form, which allows you the unique opportunity to gain insight into your perspective audience. This type of marketing intelligence is vital to the success of your campaign, and furthers the idea that you can increase conversions by getting to know your leads.

The registration of any webinar is really your first and best opportunity to get to know your potential audience, their demographics, interests and expectations, so that you can tailor your webinar in the proper way.


Providing Value

The best webinars are those that offer and provide value to fulfill their needs, so the audience must always come first. When you learn about attendee demographics, needs, opinions and desires, you can then use this data to plan an intelligent webinar that directly targets your specific audience.

Customizing your registration page with custom fields, you can further the success of your presentation, increase conversions within the webinar, and better connect with your audience.

For example, one of your top business goal might be to become a thought leader in your niche, but how do you achieve such a vague and long-term goal? You do so, by setting smaller short-term goals, which maybe to provide relevant, specific, and authoritative insight to your audience. In order to do so, you need to know who they are, and a properly designed registration form allows you to do just that.


Benefits Of Intelligent Registration

Ask the Right Questions

One of your greatest assets in the webinar registration form is being able to ask leads an open question. It can be anything that provides you important insight into your leads to further your marketing efforts and business success and may include:


  • Their expectations regarding the event, which allows you to better tailor your webinar to suit their needs
  • Something detailed about the topic you plan to cover
  • Topics they are interested in, for future webinar ideas
  • Problems they face in the niche, which allows you the opportunity to solve them


Whatever you ask, this allows you to get intelligent insight into your leads and potential audience. This also conveys to them that you care about their needs, thoughts, and desires.


Considerations To Ask The Right Questions

In order to ask the right questions, itís important to identify how webinars fit into your overall business goals.


Here are questions to ask yourself in regards to your goals:

  • Do I want to increase sales?
  • Are there products I need to demonstrate?
  • Is building my brand a main goal?
  • Do I want to expand my customer base?
  • Do I want to portray my expertise in my niche?


The above questions and others that target your goals can help you to identify the questions you need to ask your audience.


Learn Their Business

Another fantastic bit of data that allows you to learn about your audience is asking registrants about their business. Knowing the nature of their business can help you plan future webinars and tweak an existing one to better suit their needs.



A versatile multi-check box where leads can select options of your choice is the perfect area to obtain information about your audience, such as their hobbies, webinar topics they may be interested in or even their areas of expertise. This is another opportunity to gather intelligent data that you can use to further the success of your marketing efforts.

For example, if your webinar is about real estate, and you find that the majority of your audience is real estate agents and brokers, then you know that they are already experts in their field and so your message can be tailored in a language better suited for them than laymen. This allows the message to be more effective in its delivery without boring the audience with explanations of certain areas of topics they may not need.

Conversely, if for example, your topic is about Internet marketing and your audience is made up of newcomers to the business, you would then need to tailor your message in a much different way, since their knowledge will be limited.



Depending on your business, knowing the gender of your audience can be an important demographic. Additionally, keep in mind that this data can also be used in follow-ups and future email marketing efforts with attendees should that be of importance in your marketing campaign.


Follow Up

Providing the option for the audience to agree to receive additional information after the event offers unlimited opportunities in email marketing, connecting with your audience, and building your brand long after the webinar is over.


Growing Your Business

Keep in mind that all of the above data allows you to construct future webinars in intelligent ways to increase registration rate by tailoring content specifically for your leads. It can also be useful in tweaking your business model, creating future products, and tailoring future marketing campaigns of any sort to suit your target audience. The more you know about your customers, the more successful you can be in fulfilling their needs for the long-term.



As you can see, the opportunity gather intelligent data is plentiful when you design your registration form correctly. Donít let this important opportunity pass you by!

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New App: ClickMeeting Webinars Go Mobile Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:41:58 +0000 Read more]]> The whole point of webinar services is the ability to host or participate in online events from any location. And when we say any, we don’t just mean your office, a conference room or your living room. We mean ANY: your favorite coffee shop, a commuter ferry or a beach — and with no quality loss.

To make that happen in the past, we’ve offered a mobile app that allows you to access and host webinars from any mobile device. We’re happy to inform that we’ve just launched a brand-new mobile application for iOS and Android devices. It offers a higher level of user-friendliness and efficiency. Here’s what’s new in the latest version and what it means to you.


On the inside

First, there are the guts — thousands of lines of code that you don’t normally think about but which make everything work. We’ve completely rewritten the application source code. As a result, the new app offers unprecedented performance and greater efficiency in speed and data usage. From your perspective, the new app will run much faster than before and will be much easier to use and much more effective.


On the outside

Then there is the new interface that has been completely redesigned. We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty cool. More important, it offers greater user-friendliness for webinar hosts and attendees.

As a complete webinar provider, we had to include the most important features in the mobile app.

So with this version you also get:

  • A built-in event creator, enabling you to create scheduled and permanent events.
  • The ability to broadcast video files directly from a mobile device.
  • Color-coded chat with messages from the hosts highlighted a different color to make conversations clearer for attendees.
  • For tablet users, a preview feature for files they want to open during the presentation to help avoid confusion about file format while running the event.
  • Ability for hosts to add and remove files from their device library directly from the mobile app.
  • Graphics quality adjusted to fit every resolution of every mobile device.

Isn’t it neat?

What to do now

If you’re already a ClickMeeting customer, go to the App Store or Google Play, download our new mobile app for free, and take your webinars with you. And if you’re not yet a customer (and you got this far) we invite you to download our free app and then sign up for a ClickMeeting 30-day free trial! See for yourself how easy it is to manage, run and participate your webinars anywhere, anytime with anyone.

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Using A Webinar Agenda To Increase Conversions And Keep Your Audience Engaged Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:26:07 +0000 Read more]]> The webinar continues to be one of the most incredible tools in building your brand, promoting products, displaying expertise in your field or niche, and connecting with an audience.

A webinar or an online seminar is a wonderful way to get your business in front of an interested and highly targeted audience, but how do you engage them to sign up and keep them interested while they are there? Being vague is not the answer, instead transparency and considerable details through the use of an agenda is one of the best ways to do so.


What Is A Webinar Agenda

A webinar agenda allows you to provide detailed information about the content of your presentation with a schedule that includes time slots for particular topics. These agendas can be posted to the webinar registration page, in the invitation and even in the waiting room before the event begins.


Key Reasons To Use A Webinar Agenda


Encourage Webinar Registration And Increase Conversions

One of the best reasons to display an agenda is to encourage leads to sign up for the event. An agenda can go a long way to increasing conversions in sign up as it allows leads to get a detailed view of what they may expect.

In fact, one of the key elements of a high converting opt-in page is details about the presentation, which allows visitors to get a full understating of what they may expect, and this can go a long way in persuading them to sign up.

Conversely, it can also deter those you don’t want. Remember that targeting the right audience is key in any marketing plan, as you do not want people to attend who are not really interested in your presentation because they are not likely to convert in whatever you may have to offer during or after the webinar.


It’s Professional

A neatly organized agenda conveys professionalism, which makes your brand appear to be reputable, thoughtful and detail oriented.


Retaining An Audience

Another reason to add an agenda is ensure that those who attend the event do not leave and become annoyed, as they may want to hear a certain topic, but will have no clue when it will be discussed. The agenda takes care of this problem, by laying out exactly what topics will be covered and when.


Become Memorable

Typically, a webinar registration or opt-in page will have the title of the webinar and possibly some bullets as topics that will be discussed. However, when you go deeper and provide a full agenda, this can make your webinar more memorable to keep it in the forefront of signup’s minds. This means they are less likely to forget to show up on launch day and also builds anticipation for the event.


Mental Preparation

An agenda allows your audience to mentally prepare for the topics to be discussed. This is ideal, as it not only builds interest in your presentation but also creates anticipation and excitement for the event.

Additionally, when you provide a detailed list of scheduled topics to be discussed, then you also provide your prospective audience the opportunity to think about and prepare any questions they may have. This is very important as it not only encourages attendance in anticipation of getting answers, but also provides you the opportunity to be helpful to your audience, and this always endears people to a brand.


Engage Busy People

There are those who are so busy that they may not have the time to commit to your one and a half hour event, in fact, this can actually deter some people from signing up. However when they see an agenda, there maybe some scheduled topics that will be important enough to them so as to encourage them to show up, even if it’s only for those particular topics. Of course, you may want people to attend the entire webinar, but capturing their attention for at least a part of it is still better than them not showing up at all.


Bottom Line

You can reap the all of the above benefits by simply adding a detailed and thoughtful agenda to your registration page, invitation and the waiting room where the audience goes prior to the presentation start time. As you can see, it is well worth your time to do so.

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Choosing the Right Expert Speakers for Your Webinar Presentation Fri, 21 Oct 2016 12:56:54 +0000 Read more]]> It can be a challenge to choose the right expert speaker for your next webinar presentation. If you get the right kind of industry leader to participate, then it can add quality, authority, and sparkle to your webinar. However, the wrong kind of speaker can detract from your message and leave the audience confused and frustrated.

The key to choosing the speaker for your event is matching the skills, experience, and quality of your speaker to your webinar’s topic.

How can you choose the perfect speaker for your next webinar presentation? Here are some top tips to help you pick the best.


How to Choose the Right Expert Speaker

Even though a speaker may be an industry leader, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are best suited to your webinar presentation. Therefore, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when choosing the right expert speaker for your webinar.


The Needs of Your Audience

The best webinars are ones that provide value to your audience and fulfill their needs. Therefore, the needs of your audience must come first. This means that first and foremost you need to plan the best topic for your audience based on their demographics. This will attract people to your registration page in the first place.

To meet the needs of our audience and increase your click-through rate, you need to promote your guest speaker to encourage more to sign up. So, do your research on the guest speaker to make sure that his or her message is exactly what the audience wants to hear. This will attract more attendee and prevent them leaving the webinar feeling disappointed.


Add Credibility to Your Message

The next factor to consider when choosing the subject matter expert for your webinar is the kind of credibility they will provide.

Webinar audiences love to hear from industry experts who have “been there” and have gained experience that they are willing to pass on. Therefore, the better informed they are and the more willing they are to share their experiences, the better.

Respected industry leaders who talk about your products give you, your company, and your website a greater measure of credibility. After all, a respected third party giving an unbiased opinion of your products or services will be valuable information for your audience to make an informed decision.


Bring in a Unique Perspective

Let’s face it ñ none of us wants to live in a black and white world. We love to see shades of color and experience new opportunities. This is what you should think about when you are looking to find an expert speaker for your webinar.

Think about what kind of unique perspective on your product your speaker is going to provide your audience. Therefore, although it may be tempting to choose a speaker that you feel is similar to you, it may not add anything unique to the presentation.


Make sure that your guest speaker has his own experience, unique ideas, and knowledge in your industry. So ask yourself:

  • What can this speaker bring to the webinar that my audience (and even I) doesn’t know?
  • Is the speaker enthusiastic and passionate about my products?
  • Can the speaker speak in a way that will inspire the audience and keep them engaged for the length of the presentation?
  • Is the speaker able to tackle the subject from a completely new and unique angle?


Experience of the Guest Speaker

Another factor to consider is the experience of the guest speaker. There’s an old adage that there is much you can tell about a person by looking at his friends. Therefore, the kind of experience that your guest speaker has can do much to provide high-value content to your audience. This is because you don’t have to work as hard to convince them of the superiority of your product, your expert does that for you.

Choosing an experienced guest speaker is especially important if you have not yet had the chance to establish your authority in your industry.

However, if you are conducting an educational webinar, the experience of your guest speaker will be greatly appreciated by your audience. This is because experience can only be obtained over time and can’t be learned in a textbook or by attending an online course. Therefore, the value of having an experienced guest speaker can’t be overemphasized.


In Conclusion

Although it can be a challenge to find the right speaker for your webinar presentation, it is possible to choose the right one. Your subject matter expert will help establish you as an authority in your industry, provide a unique perspective on your products and services, and provide valuable content to your audience that they won’t get elsewhere.

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How Webinars Support SEO Efforts and Link Building Tue, 18 Oct 2016 13:00:58 +0000 Read more]]> Over the past few years, internet marketers have had to radically change their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. It used to be necessary to just put a few keywords into a page and then build links back to that page to rank well in the search engines.

However, now Google pays more attention to user intent and video marketing to rank pages. In this respect, webinars offer the perfect solution to boost your SEO efforts and effortlessly build links back to your website or blog.

Why are webinars one of the best ways to maximize your online digital footprint and build quality links back to your site? The answer to this is knowing what the latest trends in SEO actually are.


The Latest Trends in SEO

Since 2015, Google has been paying more attention to quality content on websites in order to separate high-authority sites that provide great user experience from poor sites that try to manipulate Google.

For example, websites that provide comprehensive answers to a user’s questions will rank far better in search engine results than ones that provide short, bulleted answers. In addition, how a user interacts with the website sends strong signals to Google about user experience.

One way that internet marketers can increase the value to their users is by incorporating high-quality content, video, and images into their websites. This will encourage users to stay longer and also share the content that they have found.

Link building is still an important signal that Google uses to rank the quality of your website. However, the trend continues that quality of inbound links always trumps quantity.

In what way do webinars play a vital role in your SEO marketing and link building strategies?


The Importance of Webinars for SEO and Link Building

There are a number of ways that you can leverage webinars to take advantage of the latest trends in SEO. Here are the main ones.



When your presentation is over, you should send out a post-webinar survey to gauge how your audience benefited from attending the webinar. Of course, these comments provide you with valuable information to continually tweak and improve your webinar presentations.

However, these testimonials can provide valuable reviews for your website, which signal to Google a positive user experience. So make sure and include these reviews as in indication that your site is credible and of high quality.


Repackage Webinars for SEO

One of the benefits of webinars for SEO is that they can be repackaged in so many ways and then distributed to various social sharing websites.

Remember that people are looking for answers to their questions and if you have conducted a webinar, you have a lot of content that you can reuse and repackage to answer users’ specific questions.

One way to do this is to have your own YouTube channel where you upload short video clips of your webinar. You can break down a recorded webinar into smaller videos. For example, a 60-minute webinar could be broken down into a number of short videos lasting 3-5 minutes. You can then upload them to YouTube and use specific keywords to describe the content. Very soon, you will see that your videos are ranking for specific queries from users.

Even your Q&A session can be broken down into short videos, each of them answering a specific answer.

Google also pays more attention to having unique images on your website. Therefore, use the slides that you created in your webinar to make your content more interesting and give even more positive signals to Google that your site is worthy of being on the first page in the search engine results.


Use Your Transcript for High-Quality Content

You can use the transcript of your webinar presentation to create high-quality long articles for your website.

It used to be the case that shorter articles were seen as being more user-friendly. While that is maybe the case for a regular blog, there is a trend that internet users are willing to spend time reading long articles that are interesting and engaging. Google is now picking up on these trends and rewarding websites accordingly that have longer articles between 1,200 and 1,500 words

A 60-minute webinar presentation could contain anywhere between 7,000 and 10,000 words. Just think of the amount of fresh content that instantly gives you for your website! These positive signals will be picked up by Google and you will see a boost in your rankings and a rise in traffic to your website.


The Importance of Webinars for Link Building

When webinars are repackaged for uploading to various social media and social sharing websites it automatically increases the amount of inbound links from high-quality websites. Therefore, one webinar can provide you with backlinks from YouTube and other video sharing sites.

If you post videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sharing sites, you are more likely to have this content liked, shared, and commented on. All of this benefits your link building and SEO strategies.

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How eCommerce Sites Can Use Webinars To Grow Their Business Tue, 11 Oct 2016 13:01:09 +0000 Read more]]> There is no doubt about it that webinars are powerful marketing tools for any business that wants to promote itself online. However, webinars are especially useful for eCommerce sites that are looking to expand their customer base, strengthen relationships, generate more leads, and make more sales.


Why Webinars Benefit eCommerce Sites

Webinars can fill an important gap in the online marketing strategy of any eCommerce business. What is this gap? Because most eCommerce businesses only have an online presence, they can become detached from their customers and their customers can feel detached from them. Although many customers enjoy shopping online, studies show that customers do a lot of online research and watch product demonstrations before purchasing a product.

Webinars offer eCommerce businesses a way to engage on a personal level with their potential and existing customers. This gives eCommerce businesses a way to connect with customers and build up relationships with them.


If you are eCommerce site owner, webinars give you the following 5 advantages:

  • Build brand authority and trust
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Generate more leads
  • Launch and promote new products
  • Educate and interact with your customers


Build Brand Authority and Trust

People buy from known, trusted brands. Webinars can benefit eCommerce businesses because they give an opportunity to strengthen your brand. For example, when your customers hear, you explain in detail information about a new product and hear you answer their questions; you strengthen your brand and authority.

Webinars also give you the chance to explain your unique selling proposition (USP), i.e. what makes you stand out from your competitors.


Promote New Products

You can turn your webinar into an educational event to demonstrate and promote new products. This allows you to attract customers to your webinar with exclusive content or special offers.

You can also show your personal touch when you provide real-time demonstrations and product presentations. Your audience will benefit from the fact that they can see first-hand how to use a product and ask you any question they might have.


Improve Search Engine Rankings

One of the beauties of hosting webinars is that you can naturally increase your online digital footprint which, in turn, will boost your rankings in the search engines.

For example, you can promote your webinar through your blog and registration page. Your customers will willingly share interesting content that you post on social media sharing sites about your webinar. All of this can generate interest and help you rank better in the organic search results.

However, after the event, you can repackage your webinar video into smaller segments and upload to video sharing sites. For example, if you have recorded a 60-minute webinar presentation, you can break that up into 10 ñ 12 short 5-minute videos. These videos can be posted on your blog, your website, or uploaded to YouTube or similar sites. When you take into consideration that video marketing is now dominating the internet, you can quickly see how this can boost your rankings.


Establish Customer Loyalty

eCommerce sales are no longer about making quick one-off sales to as many customers as possible. eCommerce businesses now realize the importance of building customer loyalty to their brand and products. Only when a customer trusts a brand will they buy related products from that brand rather than shop elsewhere.

But, webinars for eCommerce sites are not just about making sales. Loyal customers appreciate receiving valuable content. During the webinar presentation, you can provide educational material, special offers, exclusive access to unique content on your website, and pre-sales information on new products.

One way you can increase the value of your webinar and expand your customer base is to offer access to your webinars for free to paying customers. Of course, any high-quality webinar presentation will be seen as valuable, but you can increase its value if non-paying customers have to pay for it, and this is a “win-win” situation when it comes to increasing your webinar’s value. Those who are willing to pay for it feel that they get their “money’s worth” because they get to participate in a webinar that provides high-quality content. However, your paying customers also view the webinar as value because they get access to content that others have to pay for.


In Conclusion

Webinars can help eCommerce sites make their business grow. They give you the opportunity to connect with your paying customers and build relationships with them. This can also give you valuable insight into their buying habits and help you keep your finger on the pulse of their needs. Webinars also give you the chance to effectively showcase new products and educate customers on how to use them.

Of course, there are many other ways to market and promote your eCommerce site, but if you regularly host webinars, you will gain a solid foothold in your niche as an industry leader.

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Educational Webinar Ideas For Business Fri, 07 Oct 2016 13:06:51 +0000 Read more]]> The value of education permeates all levels of society. When it comes to having an online marketing strategy, sharing knowledge, and being willing to educate your customers is an important way to build and nurture relationships. Webinars provide a cost-effective marketing strategy to reach a wide audience and connect with new and existing customers.

Although sales webinars have their place in online marketing, you should never underestimate the power of hosting educational webinars for your business. In fact, just concentrating on sales during any webinar will most likely push customers away rather that entice them to make a purchase. The majority of people attending webinars are looking to gain some unique insight into your product or business services and educational webinars can fill that need.


How to Host Educational Webinars for Business

Historian Carter G. Woodson is quoted as saying: “The mere implanting of information is not education.” To make sure that you host a webinar that is truly educational for your audience you should make sure and deliver high-quality content that is of use to your audience.

Educational webinars need to focus more on how to apply the concepts of a product or service rather than just offering list of many different ways on to use the product with a snappy sales pitch at the end. If your webinar provides extensive information on your product, your attendees will view this as something of true value and will come to view you as an authority in your industry.

What are some of the best ways that you can use webinars as an educational tool to promote and market your business?


The Best Educational Webinar Ideas for Business

There are many ways that you can use webinars to educate your customers. You should not worry that by focusing on educational webinars you will be missing out on sales. When your audience see that they receive something of value, they will be more inclined to buy your product.


Product Demonstration

Product demonstrations are the most obvious way to educate potential and existing customers about your services. However, just promoting your webinar as a product demonstration may not entice many to attend the event.

One way to enhance the product demonstration webinar is to invite a respected industry authority to your event. This adds a great amount of value to your presentation and the advice and training that your authority figure offers will do much to enhance the educational value of your webinar.

You should also make sure that your demonstration webinar focuses on in-depth solutions to common problems that your audience faces. You can then show how your product can be used to benefit your audience.


“How to” Educational Webinars

Knowing insider industry tips are always viewed as valuable to your audience. Everyone loves to know how they can do things better. So, can you organize a series of webinars focusing on a step-by-step “how to?”

Of course, the type of topics that you choose will depend greatly on your product and type of audience. However, seeing a “hands-on” educational presentation will provide value to your audience. Also, because the “how to” webinars are promoted as a step-by-step series of webinars, you will almost guarantee that attendees will sign up for the next educational webinar.


Regular Q&A Educational Webinars

It is difficult to know what the needs of your audience are and what issues they are facing with your product. That is why regular Q&A webinars are excellent educational tools for both you, as a host and for your audience.

If you decide to use Q&A webinars as an educational tool, have your customers send in their questions beforehand. This gives you time to research solutions to their problems and come up with valuable content as a solution.

You can also dedicate 10 minutes of free-time at the end of the webinar session so that those who are really interested in the product can ask extra questions or provide their own insights into your product. This can help you develop better products in the future or give you topics of interest for forthcoming webinars.


Online Training

Online training is an excellent way to educate an audience in a webinar because it provides a great amount of value to your audience and keeps them coming back for more. In each educational webinar, you can provide personalized and specific training suited to the needs of your audience.

It has been said that a great teacher is one draws out information from students, not imparts it. One of the best ways to do draw your audience out is to ask many questions. Very often, they come up with the practical solutions themselves. For example, you could ask: “Here is a common problem that many find with What would be your solution to solve it?”


Case Study Webinars

Hosting case study webinars can be of great educational value to your audience. You can ask some of your clients if they would be willing to share their stories in a forthcoming webinar presentation.

The advantage of this in an educational webinar is that your audience gets to hear different points of view from real users. Additionally, the information comes across and unbiased because clients are offering their own viewpoint and tips on how to use the product.

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