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Online meetings have become commonplace these days, thanks to technological advances. Though this has paved the way to greater convenience and cost-effectiveness, it has also challenged facilitators to find effective techniques for engaging virtual attendees – people who are not physically present in an actual conference room. One strategy and technique that has proven effective is the use of PowerPoint presentations.


Creating this visual aid isn’t a walk in the park. It demands analytic thinking not only for presenting ideas but for customizing its meaningful aesthetics as well. Picking fonts, colors and illustrations can’t just be done randomly. Everything element has to complement the others in order for the presentation to accomplish its major purposes:


  • To reinforce the message of the meeting facilitator
  • To engage the attendees and help them go with the flow
  • To facilitate faster comprehension, leading to a more efficient decision-making process


conclusionThough content is of utmost importance when crafting a presentation, we can’t just pay little attention to its design. Living in a visual world, our sense of sight has a powerful influence on our emotions and behavior. When viewing a presentation, the eyes do not only read the text; they also take in all the non-verbal cues the slides convey. Thus it is important to remember the following points in designing PowerPoint presentations.



The background is one of the most prominent features in a presentation, yet it has to remain “in the back seat.” Keep it simple so as not to distract the readers from your main points, but not so plain it doesn’t forward your message or your brand at all.  It’s advisable to keep the same background through all the slides, but if there’s a need to change it to complement some particular text, at least choose analogous colors.



paintYou can’t underestimate the power of colors. A number of case studies have already proven that color is a major consideration when customers buy a product. Further, colors also serve as a non-verbal medium of communication. Each hue evokes an emotion as viewers (consciously or sub-consciously) associate natural circumstances, historical events, cultural factors and personal experience.

There are thousands of possibilities for color combinations. To help you determine if you’ve picked the right blend, you should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:


  • Do the colors provide a high contrast between the background and the text?
  • Do the colors reinforce the message of the presentation?
  • Do the colors look pleasing and professional?



Graphics in a presentation are not decorations; they are there for a purpose. You know your chart, illustration, table or animation has a valid bearing on a slide if:


  • It is highly relevant to the topic; using stock photos as slide fillers is not a good idea.
  • It can replace a huge chunk of text.
  • It can present data in a simple, organized manner.
  • It tells a story and evokes an emotion.
  • It captures the audience’s attention and elicits a reaction.


Make sure that the graphics you use are of high quality. Pixelated images make your presentation look unprofessional and difficult to understand.



Arial GridWith the overwhelming number of fonts available, it’s easy to be confused about which one fits your presentation best. To resolve this dilemma, here’s the truth: There’s no single, ideal font style for PowerPoint presentations; it will all boil down to personal preferences. Just make sure you follow these guidelines:


  • Choose an easy-to-read font. What good is a cool typeface if the viewers won’t take time to read the text?
  • Use one to two font styles throughout the presentation, for consistency. Using too many typefaces messes up your presentation.
  • Font size should be at least 30 points. Using a small font to make room for more bullets or graphics isn’t convincing at all. Take it from Guy Kawasaki, a Japanese-American speaker and author from Silicon Valley.


After designing your template or slide, review it again and see how each element complements the others. If the background, graphics, fonts and colors strengthen your main points, then you can say you’ve done an excellent job.


Have we missed an important visual tip for creating a presentation? Let us know by leaving a comment.


About the Author is a leading provider of unique, effective and captivating PowerPoint templates. It also blogs about slide design, presentation skill improvement, and PowerPoint advanced tricks.




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Perhaps the Best Way for Authors to Monetize Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:08:43 +0000 Read more

Perhaps the Best Way for Authors to Monetize is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Websites and blogs gave authors great ways to build audiences before the days of the social media blossoming but it still isn’t the only thing authors become responsible for. You have to now take into account that what you are putting out there into the world is an immediate reflection of the work that you are producing. You are accountable for developing that image and sticking to your identity.


The easiest way of course, is just to be true to your self. But that still doesn’t take away the long hours of scrolling through a variety of social media hubs simply to make the number of recommended comments required to keep people coming back for more. It definitely gave capricious indie authors the chance to truly take control of their own work. Being able to custom create work based around direct feedback, any contemporary writer isn’t what they were once. The wall of big publishing houses no longer stands in the way for authors to develop audiences.


Services Take Front Seat

thankyouAuthors have to not only do a lot of different things behind the scenes they also have to provide a lot of different services in order to make anywhere close to enough income to live off. The path of being a writer is far from being a lucrative career.


Nobody knows this more than the mid-career author that has had that sweet taste of having their work out there. The hours are long and the pay uncertain. Adding more and more resources of income is essential. Some authors establish added resources, such as offering manuscript reviews, writing development, and even serializing some of their novels just to maintain a weekly readership. Now there is an even more intimate experience that authors can add to their tool belt.


Enter The Video Conference



Now authors can meet, bond with select fans, and monetize all from the computer. While you may be able to do one-on-one video chatting for free through some of the video services out there, you’d probably rather make a little dough. Authors are now offering direct workshops and classes that can be attended all online and with little effort required from all parties that are involved. The author sells ‘ticket’s to the workshop, those interested attend, all are having a ball, and the author gets to add a little bit to their checking account. It’s a pretty simple concept when you think about it.


Keep the Upper Hand

Before the days of videoconferencing authors were stuck having to travel around with a trunk full of their own books trying to hustle them off to anybody that was willing to give them the couple minutes to pitch their hook. Those (most of us) that have actual responsibilities that keep us from simply taking weeks off to go travel around the country, meeting people, and selling books.   102764927


Nope. The internet is far more efficient. But figuring out a way to actually make any income from websites and blogging is a tricky thing that not every body nails. Web conferencing gives that time that would be spent on checking your page views and Twitter feed and turns it into time that is actually given back to feeding your craft. It also leaves you with the time needed to actually do what it is that got you in this predicament in the first place. You didn’t become a writer ecause you wanted spend all of your time on updating your blog content and sending non stop tweets. No. you probably got into this in the first place because you actually wanted to write. Just a stab in the dark. Or to make money. One or the other. But definitely not to spend time on Facebook.


Toss the Podium

Many authors take great pride in maintaining their personal space, after all most of their time is spent at the keyboard. If you are one of those writers that has a gut wrenching pain in your stomach every time you think of public speaking or going out of your shell, video conferencing takes that stress away. You get total control of the stage without having to feel like you standing there at a podium, alone, in front of everyone.


That Slight Security Issue

There’s also that little issue of security that can sometimes creep its way in. Even when you are doing a specific workshop at a place you never really know who is there. You are essentially putting yourself in the hands of complete strangers. It may sound a little over the top, but it happens. no need to worry about that when your audience is miles away, on their own little computer or what have you, and you are in the luxury, and security, of your own home while still building your platform and monetizing along the way. Thank you webinars.

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Use Concise Project Development to Build Trust Wed, 16 Apr 2014 12:22:00 +0000 Read more

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You know that selling your product can take quite a bit of building an ample amount of brand trust, whether it is a material product or intellectual property, the importance of having a concise presentation goes without saying. It lets your audience know that you have taken pride in what you are putting forward. If you don’t have confidence in what you are presenting, then how can anybody else?


Value Their Time

head-clockOne of the quickest ways to establish some starting trust with your audience is to let them know that you value them as individuals as well. This means that they all have a myriad of things that fill up their day. Their time is important to them as well. When you make the effort to provide meaningful, relevant information, you instantly build that trust. That’s when you can turn heads and get the attention you want with the information your providing.


Let Out the Mental Hurricane

Go ahead and throw all those random ideas out of your head. If you are a list maker use lists, if you like to draw little mind maps then go ahead. Personally, I go for the index cards and a black marker. The point of the matter is, that once you get those ideas out of your head you can actually see them and then begin to get a general direction of what your main focus is.


Many of us don’t necessarily know what we are exactly, specifically, driving for in our presentations and conferences. Sure their is this idealized endpoint, we have a general idea of what should be grown and developed, but really narrowing in on it can be stressful and leave you with far more white hairs then you had in the beginning. That is, if you have any left.


The insanity of ideas can truly be mind-numbing. Save yourself the stress and get them out of your head. You’ll probably throw most of them away. But remember, you really only need a few really good ones to start with.


Don’t Give In

informationSeparating your different ideas is the first step to being able to get to the focus. The main thing to remember is that you can’t fix something until you create it. Even the biggest industry leaders in webinars experience the same sort of crushing pressure that can come from knowing where you want to get with your presentation and then figuring out a way to get there. It can be a very long winding road that takes wild navigation, or it could be a straight forward easy experience. Regardless narrowing down exactly where you want your trajectory to head gives you the advantage of showing others that you really truly care about what you are sharing.


Find Your Inner Sculptor

A great idea or concept isn’t always so great at first. You may have to chisel away at it now that you have it. Yep. There is very little fun in that. It would be wonderful if everything that came out was exactly how you wanted it to be. That does happen, and when it does it’s like miracle, but you can’t wait on that. You may have to roll up your sleeves and do the grinding work of figuring out what it is exactly that you are presenting. You can use this approach on any level of videoconferencing. Even if you are just attending a meeting or webinar, there may be the chance for your input. When your put on the spot you want to be focused and prepared.


Save the Wrapping Paper

paintTrust in what you’ve got. You certainly don’t need a whole bunch of bells and whistles or neat packaging. This means that when it’s your turn to step up and talk don’t try to act like something that you aren’t. While there may be a webcam involved, this is not your five seconds of fame. Think of it simply as your chance to be heard. This means your ideas should be heard. It’s not the best time to try talking like your teenager, unless that is how you typically speak. Nothing trumps authenticity.


Your trust in your brand resonates with others as they form their own opinion. It shines on what you bring to the table and helps people learn more as opposed instead of being distracted with the ‘performance’ of your presentation


Concise For the Win

Whether you are selling a product or hosting a company videoconference, let your focus and personal value of what you bring to the table be the thing that shines the most. sounds a little cheesy but its true. The audience will appreciate your diligence and your more likely to walk away from the one of the best experiencing technology has to offer us on a communication level. It’s easier then ever to reach more people, so when you do go to reach out, make it authentic, yes, but also make it concise. That’ll grab that audience.

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Break the Email Chain and Free Your Time Mon, 14 Apr 2014 10:25:46 +0000 Read more

Break the Email Chain and Free Your Time is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Sure, an email can seem like a quick way to deliver communication but how much are you really getting done over the course of day when you constantly have to reply to an email thread? Everyone has been there. You get the email first thing in the morning, and by the end of the day you may have finally arrived at a solution, hopefully. It doesn’t take much, with the wide array of time zones that usually comprise group efforts, for the email ping-pong game to cross over into the next business day.


Keep the Ball Bouncing

So long as the project doesn’t have a high priority level in regard to time, this doesn’t really effect the end result. What it does do, however, is distract you from other projects that are sitting in front of you. In an ideal world, one could just easily disconnect from taking incoming messages, but you can’t really do that anymore. Walk away from your internet for even just an hour and you could easily miss important messages that require immediate attention in order to keep the ball bouncing.


How Long Does it Really Need to Take?

head-clockWhen you begin working in a team environment, your inbox can quickly get flooded, leaving you tied up as you try to keep your head above all the replies you need to make. Enter the videoconference. Not only do you get the fun added bonus of being able to actually see the people you are working with, you get to clarify key points of the project at hand, answer any apt questions, and express your intentions. Using videoconferencing to get your projects off the ground can make that critical difference as to whether it takes one month or three months to complete a project.


On the Same Page

For a select few, being able to express yourself through writing comes naturally. This isn’t the case for most of us. The thought of having to write out anything can turn into a nightmare, with the end result becoming a correspondence that falls horribly short of expressing everything that needed to be covered.


togetherWhen you take on a project, having the team on the same page is critical to getting everything completed. When you videoconference you get to experience somebody first hand. That means that you can rely on nonverbal gestures to help clue you into whether or not somebody understands something. We’ve probably all had that person on a team that replies to emails stating that they understand the task at hand only to later find out that the person really had no clue at all as to what they were doing. Avoid this annoying time leak by shifting the way the team communicates. An environment with greater opportunity for communication gives you more chances to make sure there aren’t any team members that aren’t living up to their job responsibilities.


Say Cheese!

Just like some folk don’t like to email, there certainly are those that can’t stand the idea of being on a webcam. Obviously for the sake of the job, they will need to overcome this. But the one thing that might help someone overcome this is that, unlike one-on-one video chat services, a videoconference involves multiple team members. This can help take away some of that added stress of feeling like the spotlight is turned on you and leave you with more energy to focus on the group as a whole.


153694647Feeling like you are part of a group that is actively accomplishing its goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated to work harder and more efficiently. You don’t get that sort of sense of belonging through emails alone. To keep things moving forward, start each work day or work week (however you split up), with a simple quick meeting. The amount of communication that can be accomplished in even just fifteen minutes is going to be ridiculously more than just through playing phone tag or sending out email after email.


Different Time Zones, No Problem

With the ability to record conferencing you can allow those on your team that are on the other side of the globe to still participate in videoconferencing. Sure, it might not be the same as being able to participate, but the team member can still gather information. Just like in school, if you have a question, than odds are several other people in the room have the same question. This is where watching a recorded videoconference can get you up to par without having to take away the time that you have to dedicate to the project. Save the emailing for quick responses and use it sparingly. Instead, be prepared with questions and take notes during a videoconference.


Freedom at Last (From Emails at Least)

gesturesEmail correspondence is quick on its way to becoming a second-rate form of communication. Videoconferencing lets you get issues addressed and resolved without pulling you out of your work day. When you get in the zone working on a project, you want to keep yourself there. Don’t let the email chain keep you shackled to your inbox.

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How To Extend The Reach Of Your Business Presence Online with Webinars Fri, 11 Apr 2014 12:43:13 +0000 Read more

How To Extend The Reach Of Your Business Presence Online with Webinars is a post from: ClickMeeting

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As a website owner, brand or online entrepreneur, integrating webinars to your business can greatly benefit you in a lot of different ways. No matter whether your business is solely online, or brick and mortar and online, the use of webinars has been proven to bring impressive results. Not only do webinars enable you to effectively train your affiliates and sales team, but they can also help you generate more leads and reach a wider global audience and also build a list of subscribers for email marketing. Best of all, webinars can be used to launch your new offerings.

Starting with webinars, however, can be a bit overwhelming for some marketers, especially the ones who are relatively new to the world of internet marketing, where specific goals and methods need to be used to reach the widest possible audience.

Luckily, this guide features effective tips that will help you successfully engage new leads, as well as, launch your products by using webinars. Without further ado, let’s get to it.


Tell A Story In A Well Structured Manner

When planning the webinar you must first decide on the topic you will discuss and this is of utmost importance, because your goal is always to engage and impress your potential audience.

There are two aspects of reach when using webinars for online promotion:

  1. One is the engagement of new leads to your brand via the webinar.
  2. Two is converting those leads into loyal followers or customers, should your business be selling a product or service.

For educational webinars where you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche or industry, the content needs to be highly useful, usable and relevant. The key here is to provide value. This can really create a viral effect online, which, in turn can have positive results in targeting many new potential customers.

ideasFor example, if your company is in the real estate industry, a detailed tutorial webinar on how to sell a home is very useful. And since webinars are highly media based tools, video, images and action based steps can be illustrated in the most optimal ways.

Storytelling is downright essential, as far as presenting your new product to your audience. As you launch your product through webinars, you must be able to tell a good and appealing story in a very structural manner.

  • Ideally, you should start the story by stating the problems that consumers normally face.
  • Continue telling the story, until you have connected with them.
  • Pitch your product and show how it solves their problem.
  • Foresee any of the potential objections that might occur to them, which, might prevent them from purchasing, and explain those before they have a chance to object.
  • Focus on benefits, and how the product features help the audience. Potential customers don’t want to hear how great it is, instead you have to show them how the product could make things easier, better and more convenient for them.

Promotion Of Webinars

contentA few weeks prior to the actual webinar promote it through blogging, email marketing, social media and guest posting.

This is where the reach potential that webinars bring is even more beneficial because you will be creating a highly targeted list of leads since only those interested in your topic will attend and sign up.

Of course, prior to planning any webinar you should consistently be building a solid following on social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These sites provide the largest potential for building a following of well-targeted traffic to whom you can promote the webinar.

Social Media Statistics:

  • 1.15 billion users on Facebook.
  • 1 billion+ users on Google+.
  • 645 million + Twitter users and growing daily.
  • 70 million + users on Pinterest with 5 million daily pins.
  • 93% of marketers use Social Media for business.
  • 33% of consumers credit social networks as main sources to find new brands, products or services.
  • 52% of brands say social media is the top driver for building customer relations and brand engagement.
  • 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases.
  • 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads.
  • 47% Of People Who Follow A Brand On Twitter Will Visit The Company’s Website.

The above statistics are really just the tip of the iceberg, and when used effectively in conjunction with a webinar that holds the utmost appeal you have a real recipe for success.

Build Buzz

Create buzz about your upcoming offering by taking advantage of major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. On social media sites, you can create a video that contains a short preview of your webinar or upcoming product or you can share some snapshots of the product.

audienceUse a social media tool like Viral Buzz, this is a website where you submit your social site updates and other people submit it to their social media sites to create buzz.

The reach here can be unlimited as many members have thousands of followers, its category based so you will only get the most targeted potential followers and this type of social media buzz can result in the news of your webinar reaching hundreds of thousands of targeted leads.

Furthermore, you can write a press release that could spread the worked about your webinar. Press releases can be very effective when they are well written and submitted to only the highest quality press release sites.

Solo Ads

Another very effective way to build an audience for a webinar is through solo ads. This is where you buy advertising from marketers with large lists of niche targeted members. When you purchase an ad your offer is sent to their list, with a link to the landing page that includes your webinar information and opt in form.

Make sure to only use the most reputable solo sellers and that their list is related to your niche, this is also a great way to build an email list for your newsletter marketing.

High Converting Landing Page

paint_yellowSpeaking of landing pages, is yours designed for high conversions? This is of utmost importance. The landing page needs to clearly convey the benefits of attending the webinar.
Make it irresistible.

Define the problems the webinar solve, how it can help people in the niche and/or how the product will solve problems, make it so there is no other choice than to opt in.
By the way, landing pages with videos convert 85% better than text alone.

Trial Runs

To be successful in your webinars, make sure to perform a few trial runs using your hosting service. That way, you will ensure a more seamless presentation when it goes live. Furthermore, it helps you fix any glitches as well as eliminate technology incompatibility problems.

Final Thoughts

One of the most effective ways to extend your customer base is to extend your reach, and valuable content does that. People love video, it converts about 85% better than text in online sales copy. And webinars are just the kind of media that people crave.

When a truly useful webinar comes along, no matter the industry or niche, it is sure to entice a well-targeted audience that can truly do wonders to extend the online reach of your brand.

How To Extend The Reach Of Your Business Presence Online with Webinars is a post from: ClickMeeting

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[Infographic] The Video Revolution in Education and Training Wed, 09 Apr 2014 13:31:37 +0000 Read more

[Infographic] The Video Revolution in Education and Training is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Is your organization struggling with the cost of education and training? You’re not alone. Education costs have grown to $1.4 trillion in the U.S. alone — and still rising. Today’s educators are flocking to online solutions with great results: an average 40% reduction in costs. Our new infographic reveals the trends and leads to an inescapable conclusion. The videoconferencing revolution has begun.


You may remember your college days as a succession of classrooms and lecture halls. Today, 1 in 3 students will attend a virtual classroom in the coming academic year.

And if corporate training makes you think of a dull Powerpoint lecture in a crowded, uncomfortable training classroom, think again. Almost all HR professionals (91% of respondents) say they’re planning to increase virtual training.

Today, 99% of students have AT LEAST one mobile device, so education can take place anywhere, anytime. Already, 41% of respondents say they’ve attended school-related activities using a laptop or mobile device.

Our new infographic gives you the entire picture, with statistics to back it up.


Have you joined the videoconferencing revolution in education and training?

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Breaking Down the Wall Builds Team Dedication Mon, 07 Apr 2014 12:59:21 +0000 Read more

Breaking Down the Wall Builds Team Dedication is a post from: ClickMeeting

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The business world is fast-paced and it takes considerable effort to keep projects moving forward and everyone on track. The time it takes to videoconference with employees and team members can almost seem like a waste of time that could be used for more productive opportunities. After all, most of the time you can basically cover everything you need in a short direct email.


But there is certainly one thing, that no matter how many emails you write, you won’t be able to achieve without putting your pretty smile in front of a webcam. So long as you are relying on emails and other forms of long-distance communication you aren’t going to be able to achieve the sort of personal connection that fosters long-term growth and commitment on behalf of your team.


Getting To Know You

handGetting to know the people that you work with isn’t really about knowing all about their personal life. But you should at least be able to put a face to a name, or at the very least be able to give them a face to put to your name. You don’t just want to be the person behind the surveillance camera that is watching how well performance ranks. Long distance monitoring of work environments can be creepy and take away from the amount of respect that you receive from your employees or team members. It may seem wise from your perspective, but should always be accompanied by some sort of actual face time.

If you don’t really feel comfortable speaking in front of the camera yourself, then use videoconferencing to help give your team members a platform to express their own concerns to you. This way you don’t have to really do the bulk of the talking, and it gives you the air of actually caring. Whether you do or not, is completely your own private feelings. But showing up and presenting yourself definitely helps establish a better working environment, and we all know that leads to increased productivity.


What Really Motivates?

pytanieContrary to what people think money isn’t the prime motivator. A wide array of studies and surveys have shown that long-term successful productivity rates are boosted in the workplace through encouragement and written or verbal appreciation. That’s not to say that a fair pay rate with bonus opportunities for increased financial gain aren’t important, they just aren’t the only thing necessary to keep your team members motivated to provide the kind of work you expect from them.

It’s not necessary to go all out of your way to dish out the compliments, that might make you come across as a little over the top, but taking the time to appreciate the work, dedication, and simple fact that your team members are individuals too, will help you keep that company morale in the sweet spot of optimum productivity.


Bridging The Gap

153681171Clearly, in this day and age, it is entirely possible to work from a home office where you never even really get to meet the people involved in the projects you are working on. For some people, this really isn’t an issue and doesn’t effect their work flow, but for the majority of people out there, there is still something missing.

It’s that basic human element of being able to look somebody in the eyes, hear the voice, and build even the most basic of working relationships. A simple monthly or even quarterly videoconference can help convert those names in an email into actual living, breathing people.


Keeping It Professional

Using videoconferencing to get to know your team members is a great way to keep things professional without getting too personal. Clearly you could use social media to stay in touch with team members, but you probably don’t want to see a string of selfies that your new intern posted of their night out when they should have been working instead. Also, you got to be careful how much of your own self you put out there.

185589568Social media is great for certain projects, but there should always be some sort of strict line between business and personal life when it comes to coworkers. This makes sure that when it comes to your relationship it is clear the point and focus of the communication. Small talk is fine, but stepping too far into the personal realm can be more disastrous then never getting to know your team members at all. With such diversity in the work environment you don’t want to paint yourself into a corner where you are at odds with political, personal, or religious views of a team member. In a videoconference you get to meet your team, focus on the task at hand, and then get back to work. Social media should be for your friends and family, not coworkers.


Break It Down

Break down the wall that separates your team by using a few strategic and routine videoconferences. It helps the team realize that they are working with real people without jeopardizing working relationships from getting too personal. Long-term commitment and target productivity rates are achieved by more than simple financial motivation. It takes a little bit of interpersonal nourishing too.


Breaking Down the Wall Builds Team Dedication is a post from: ClickMeeting

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7 Steps To Effectively Use Webinars To Train Company Sales Teams Fri, 04 Apr 2014 09:16:42 +0000 Read more

7 Steps To Effectively Use Webinars To Train Company Sales Teams is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Webinar, also referred to as web conferencing, has truly changed the way businesses communicate and train their sales team. With the advent of webinars, traditional businesses, as well as, online business owners have the luxury to train their affiliates and sales teams without having to travel or even use a teaching facility. This, in turn, can save them a great deal of money and time. What’s more, webinars enable anyone to train and learn from the comfort of their home or office. 

Webinars can be recorded and the archives can be used on an on-going basis to train new employees, which, is very time and cost effective.

Webinars can be very beneficial in improving the marketing skills and knowledge of your sales team. But when done poorly, it can have the opposite effect. But, just like any other tool, when webinars are used correctly they can yield impressive results in outfitting your sales team with the knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively.


Before you hold a training webinar for your affiliates and sales team, make sure to consider these tips and suggestions.

Step 1: Choose A High Quality Webinar Platform

To make the most out of your webinars, the first and foremost step is to enlist the services of a top-notch and trustworthy webinar service provider, such as, ClickWebinar.

With a good webinar service, you will be able to enjoy these perks:

  • Easy Access For Trainees As a trainer, you must use a webinar service that provides a quick login process and easy access for your attendees.
  • Polling A good webinar service allows you to measure your attendee’s interest through polling. In addition, it makes your trainees feel like they are an essential part of the training or meeting by allowing them to give their input on various topics. This type of data can also be useful in creating future training, because the audiences’ reactions can be the best measurement of the training’s effectiveness.
  • High Quality Video Having a webinar platform that allows for high quality video ensures that any media you will use in your training will look great and provide for more appealing presentations that will increase the interest and engagement of the trainees.
  • High Quality Audio The quality of the audio presentation is essential in providing a seamless training session, the last thing you want is for the voice of the presenter to fade out, or not be heard, all of which can be issues with inferior webinar software.
  • Document sharing A superior webinar service allows your trainees to upload and download important files like presentations, agendas, spreadsheets and brochures.
  • Webinar Recording Capabilities A good service enables you to record the training sessions. Again, this is invaluable as archives of training can always be accessed by existing team members and also can be used on an on-going basis to train new sales team employees.
  • Reach Make sure the service you use allows for the most reach by providing mobile apps that can allow team members to access the training from anywhere.
  • Excellent Customer Support This is one of the most important elements of a good service provider, they should be readily available to resolve any technical issues and to assist with usage advice whenever it is needed, and it will be needed.

Step 2: Set Goals And Objectives

businessWhether you are training them on how to use a new tool or presenting a new product, make it a point to define your objectives and desired results prior to the training session.

As their manager and trainer, you cannot expect your webinar training to be fruitful, unless you have a goal or objective in mind, which, will enable you to effectively plan out the content of your training.

Step 3: Create A Well-Researched Lesson Plan

Take care and time to devise a lesson plan for your training webinar. Start by building a short outline that focuses around the objectives and goals that you have devised in the previous step. Then expand the outline with detailed steps within each topic that you will address.

Rework and edit the outline until you have a concise and well-targeted focus on the subjects that will be taught in the webinar.

Step 4: Enlist An Expert

meetingHave a qualified specialist present a few helpful tips to your audience. This can be the company’s top salesman who has a proven track record and exemplifies all the best that you want to convey to a team. A great choice is someone who has real life knowledge and specific experience and expertise within the company and can convey a mass amount of knowledge to the people being trained.

Step 5: Show Real Life Examples

One of the most effective methods in sales training is to show real life examples of sales scenarios. This is where webinars can really be helpful because video can be used to record a scenario and then shown within the webinar. And, the video can be repurposed many times over and used in various training sessions.

Although the methods will differ from one company to another, this applies to all industries, and all types of sales techniques, whether for products or services, online or off.

Step 6: Anticipate Questions

bulbGet ready to be bombarded with a lot of different questions from your attendees. As sales personnel, these people want to know all the ins and outs of specific training topics. With that said, make sure to prepare answers to some of the questions you can anticipate.

Step 7: Record The Webinar

Record everything in the webinar, so that your trainees will be able to review the topics and contents shared in the training. In addition to that, the recorded webinar can be used to train new affiliates or members of your sales team for as long as it remains relevant.

7 Steps To Effectively Use Webinars To Train Company Sales Teams is a post from: ClickMeeting

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[Guest Post] How To Stand Out In A Guru-Filled World Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:40:35 +0000 Read more

[Guest Post] How To Stand Out In A Guru-Filled World is a post from: ClickMeeting

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Do you ever get the feeling that if you just closed your eyes and swung a stick that you’d probably take out a few gurus, experts, and mavens without even trying?




The bad news: You are right.

You’re perceptions aren’t wrong. Some of you might remember this story about the bazillion gurus on Twitter. The world is, indeed, a noisy place.

The question on everybody’s lips, then, tends to be, “So I do work hard and I do have something valuable to bring to the table, but how do I get the word out?”


The revolution: The situation isn’t hopeless

promoteIn just a very few years the nature of “getting the word out” has turned upside down. As social media expert (really!) Jay Baer put it in his latest book, Youtility;

“In 2010, shoppers needed 5.3 sources of information before making a purchase decision. In 2011, just one year later, shoppers needed 10.4 sources before making a purchase decision.”

It’s not that you can’t get known and get business. It’s that the old model of shouting louder isn’t working anymore.


The answer: Content + conversation

Content is the fuel for having a conversation with your market…it’s not an either-or. It’s the sum of what you do both onsite and online.

It’s also why online meetings and webinars are such a powerful part of any organisations’ strategy. They’re not only a great way to scale your message, they uniquely enable live, real time discussion that gives you the chance to listen, respond, and influence. Try that with a white paper!


The Bottom Line

The power of your voice should not be underestimated. Marketing automation, white papers, and something you post on SlideShare all have their place, but there’s nothing so powerful as being a real person responding in a real way with other real people in real time.

And it just so happens that doing so without spending real money traveling is a bonus.


Roger-2012Roger Courville speaks and writes about connecting authentically in a digitally-extended world. Catch up with him at

[Guest Post] How To Stand Out In A Guru-Filled World is a post from: ClickMeeting

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10 Tips For Selling Products With Webinars Effectively Wed, 26 Mar 2014 14:19:46 +0000 Read more

10 Tips For Selling Products With Webinars Effectively is a post from: ClickMeeting

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If you have never heard of a webinar it would be surprising because they have been around for quite some time, and are immensely popular right now. A webinar is simply a seminar that is held online. Really anyone that has a message, product, software, service, or some type of expertise to convey to others. The webinar can be free, where you will pitch the audience regarding your product or service, or you can charge for attendance if you are an expert that is teaching something in a particular subject. Here are some great tips for conducting webinars that sell products in order to create a successful product launch.


Tip 1: Consider Sources For The Webinar Audience Carefully

The first step to a successful product sale with webinars is to have an audience. Of course, this is elementary and very important, but what is critical is to have the right audience, meaning that they are targeted to your specific niche and what you are selling.

Most people promote their webinars to an email list of subscribers that they have acquired through their sites, via blogging or social media. If you do not yet have such a list then you need to find others in the same niche who will promote you to their lists. Most marketers use affiliates for this, where they get a percentage of every sale you make from the webinar for promoting it for you.


Social media is a great venue for engaging audiences, look Facebook, Stumble Upon and Twitter ads, since these will be clicked only by interested parties, this will create a very targeted audience.

Solo ads and e-zine advertising is another great way to build a list of targeted subscribers to whom you can then send webinar invitations.

Tip 2: Create An Effective Webinar Registration Page

A clean and precise sales page is best, there should be no other content except a description of the webinar, which, is easy to read with a bullet list of what is being offered and what one can expect to learn and gain. The problem that you will solve can be highlighted here.

Make sure to include a clear call to action to register for the webinar with an opt-in form clearly visible on the page.

Tip 3: Timing Of The Webinar

zegarAn effective webinar that is selling a product normally should not last more than one hour. People are busy, and you really do not have much time to capture your audiences’ attention and make the sale. An hour is plenty of time to present your pitch and demonstrate the product in action. Make sure to leave a few minutes for questions and of course, leave enough time for the actual final pitch of the product to the audience.

Tip 4: Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

Make sure to add social media buttons within the webinar and let the audience know of their existence. This is a great way to promote yourself and your product and to stir up more interest for your business. With ClickWebinar you can easily integrate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sharing icons into the presentation.

Tip 5. Introduce Yourself

handWhen the webinar first starts it’s important to introduce yourself, who you are and a little history of what you do that makes you qualified in the particular topic or niche.
This will build rapport, and allow people to feel secure that you are someone they should like and trust.


Tip 6: Detail The Benefits

Following your introduction, take a few moments to go over what will be presented in the webinar, mention the problem here quickly and what the audience will learn.
Remember that you want them to stick around to the end when you will pitch them for the sale, so it’s important to entice enough interest and urgency to make the audience wait for it.

Tip 7: Specify The Problem

Presentation of the problem is one of the most important elements of the webinar copy. This is where you get to introduce and show what the problem is, and it should be what your product will fix when you do introduce it later on in the pitch portion of the webinar.

Points That Should Be Made About The Problem

  • What It Is The Problem Define in detail the problem that needs to be resolved.
  • The Impact of The Problem Again, illustrate and discuss the impact that the problem has and the type of damage it can cause if it is not resolved, this will of course, vary depending on your niche. If, if there are no alternatives to solving the problem other than with your solution mention that too.
  • Pinpoint an Enemy – This is something to blame for the cause of the problem, the last thing you want to do is to put blame on the audience or in any way have them think that it’s their fault that the problem is occurring. Using terms, like, “it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of blank” will help to steer the blame towards the real culprit and then when you pitch the product you can make the connection for it being a solution.

Tip 8: Give Them Your Best Secrets

153778573It’s important to “wow” your audience, establish yourself as an expert while conducting the webinar and give them something they can use, this includes, all your best tips, secrets, strategies, whatever applies to your niche, service or product. By giving your best stuff you will engage them and convey that you are an expert and they will trust you and want to buy from you.

Tip 9: Use Visuals

People learn and comprehend material visually much better than through listening, so make sure to include a lot of visuals in the main part of your presentation. If you’re product is software, show it in action.

You can use video, or slides, both of which are easily incorporated with the ClickWebinar platform, as well as desktop sharing that you can use to illustrate your points. Show how the product solves the problem discussed in the previous tip.

Illustrate real life example whenever possible so the audience sees it as something they must have.

Tip 10: Wrap It Up

Before sending them to the sales page, make sure you do a concise wrap up. Summarize the problem once again and detail the solution that you offer with your product. Now is a good time to mention the results that one can expect, and/or how their work will be easier, whatever points pertain to your particular product.

10 Tips For Selling Products With Webinars Effectively is a post from: ClickMeeting

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