ClickMeeting Mobile App Stats Reveal Success!


It’s been almost six months since we launched mobile apps for tablet devices. Today we want to share with you the latest statistics, which prove that our increasingly mobile society likes the convenience of apps. And, of course, what better day for cheering than Friday?


Mobile Lifestyle

In today’s mobile world, getting even greater mobility with ClickMeeting could not be easier. You can meet while commuting, while traveling, or even when your taxi is stuck in a traffic jam.


Our mobile customers enthusiastically agree with this statement, proven clearly in our latest figures, representing ClickMeeting Mobile Application Downloads across three main mobile device brands.


Mobile App Stats

Quick update on latest figures:


  • 2183 happy users accessing meetings via Apple products
  • An impressive 855 app users in the growing Android community
  • 402 fans using their BlackBerry in ClickMeetings, wherever they are and whenever they want.


Feedback Request

Do tell us how you found it so far.  And if you haven’t tried it yet, check out our previous blog post that explains further what you need to know.

And try it. It’s free!