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4 Reasons Remote Work Arrangements Save Businesses Money

2016-06-20 - waving money with virtual work

Working virtually has its perks for employees – more flexibility, more time at home, no stressful commute, and freedom from distractions are just a few. Most employees, when given the option to work virtually one or more days a week, won’t pass up the opportunity. Often when benefits like these are given to employees, the cost falls on the businesses. However, when it comes to the perks of working from home, businesses actually benefit, too – especially when it comes to money.

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5 Ways Telecommuting Reduces Stress

2016.06.13 - 5 Ways Telecommuting Reduces Stress

Stress is an ever-present influence in our daily lives. There’s meetings, projects, and clients to keep up with at work, family members to care for and a household to manage. Everything can pile up all at once and when that happens, stress takes over. Higher levels of stress can cause a decrease in health, happiness, and overall quality of life – which ultimately impacts your work productivity.

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How Virtual Meetings Are Saving the Planet

2016.06.06 - Virtual meetings environment

Responsible businesses big and small are making efforts to reduce their “carbon footprint” and become more environmentally conscious. These methods range from implementing a sustainable supply chain to encouraging group commuting or using public transportation. The planet will stay healthy a little longer if more businesses work toward being green.

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