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Jarek is the Content Manager at ClickMeeting. He is responsible for providing educational contents for current and prospective users.

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Shorten Your Meetings and Still Get the Job Done

2016.07.06 - Shorten Your Meetings and Still Get the Job Done

We spend a good portion of our work hours in meetings – perhaps too much. Meetings are an essential part of getting the job done. The act of collaborating with colleagues to make decisions, plan projects, and present data deserves its due. All the same, meetings should never last longer than they need to, but consistently that is exactly what happens. Some meetings tend to linger on well after they should have ended, and others are dragged out without ever reaching a conclusion – even those that are held online through videoconferencing, which tend to be more efficient.

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4 Steps to a Profitable Webinar

2016.06.27 - 4 steps for profitable webinar

We believe anyone has the power and resources to deliver a webinar using high-quality videoconferencing services like ClickMeeting. However, not every webinar is a profitable one. What’s the difference between a webinar that garners the attention of thousands of followers and one that can’t seem to pick up speed no matter how strong the content?

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