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Multitasking – the overrated resume booster

At any given time in an average workday, there are e-mails to be answered, phone calls to return, and projects to manage. Multitasking is the art of working on a little of this and a little of that with a little more of that other thing in between. It’s not literally doing two or more things at the same time – which is not technically possible – but rather juggling multiple things in the same block of time (say, writing two e-mails, writing some of a report, and updating a spreadsheet all within 30 minutes). Read more

Are You Memorable to Your Audience?

Odds are, if you’re making a presentation, you’re speaking to an audience that has seen dozens and dozens of presentations in their lifetime. Some of these presentations have likely faded in their memories, or perhaps never were a memory because they weren’t even paying attention. We’ve all been to boring and unmemorable presentations, however well-meaning they may have been. Due to past experiences – having to spend time in mediocre webinars and lackluster sales pitches – some audiences may have low expectations for your presentation. How do you overcome this hurdle to gain a positive reputation and earn a spot in your audience’s memory?

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A Little Self-Awareness Goes a Long Way

Spending weeks preparing the materials for a presentation will have little effect if your delivery isn’t spot on. Stuttering, fidgeting and other quirks usually driven by nervousness distract from the key message of a presentation and draw more attention to you than to your material. During your presentation, it’s important to take a moment every once in awhile to be self-aware of your voice, body and facial expressions. Are you playing with your pen while you talk out of boredom, or is your face stone cold due to public speaking anxiety? The more you can identify what your particular bad habits are, the better you’ll be able to amend them for future presentations.

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Videoconferencing Improves Corporate Culture – Here’s How

The workplace is no longer just one place but many, with employees working virtually from home, on the road, and in multiple offices across the country and globe.  According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of telecommuters grew about 80% from 2005 to 2012.  Clients are also scattered, as businesses target those that would most benefit their services, and they may not be just across town.

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How To Use Webinars for Banking

Webinars are online seminars where an unlimited amount of information can be presented to a participating audience. Webinars offer many benefits to various brands in many industries, which, includes banking. They have multiple purposes that fall in line with a variety of industry needs. Read more

What “Game of Thrones” Can Teach Us About Presentations

Is your webinar a snooze-fest? Maybe you’re stuck with a boring subject: standard deviation of monsoon rainfall in East Jabib. Too bad you can’t use racy subjects like those on Game of Thrones — intrigue, mayhem, betrayal… ah, the good-old days. Lurid topics may be out of bounds, but it’s not all about topics; certain presentation techniques can spice things up. You’ll need know-how and a bit of practice. So let’s get started.

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