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Jarek is the Content Manager at ClickMeeting. He is responsible for providing educational contents for current and prospective users.

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Enhancing Your Webinar Experience With YouTube


In order for your webinar to entice instead of bore, it has to be visually appealing. The best way to make sure that you’re on the right track is to integrate a couple elements into your webinars – slides, images, writing on an interactive board, and showing video clips. Most leading webinar platforms offer the ability to upload videos that you can then show during your webinar. However, platforms like ClickMeeting take videos a step further – by giving you the opportunity to integrate YouTube into your webinar routine.

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Addressing The Webinar’s Audience Questions: Can You Pass Their Test?


The Q&A session in a webinar can be one of the best ways to connect with your audience. However, it can also be one of the moments that webinar hosts fear the most. This is probably the only part of the webinar presentation that you can’t 100% plan for. Probably one of the biggest concerns when addressing the webinar’s audience questions is what do I do if I can’t answer a question?

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5 Criteria For Choosing The Perfect Title For Your Webinar


Having the perfect title for your webinar can mean the difference between having a large audience for your webinar or not. In about 30 seconds or less, a person will decide if the webinar topic is interesting enough to register for and attend. The perfect webinar title should be catchy enough to capture a person’s attention and specific enough to make it relevant to them.

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5 Tips To Make The Webinar Experience Easier For Attendees


One challenge that many webinar hosts face is to maximize attendance figures for their online presentations. It can sometimes be difficult to know the best strategy to boost the number of attendees at your webinar. The problem arises because you can’t always predict or know how registrants respond to your marketing techniques or how proficient they are with their technical skills.

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